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Aelita stops the process, thanks to Ulrich and Odd. However, after starting to live on Earth, fragments of her past began to resurface and she exhibited several traits that would indicate she was not simply a highly intelligent artificial program but a human. takes control of Jeremie, destroying the diary, while kidnapping Aelita and sending her to Lyoko for the Scyphozoa and is again rescued by the others. This was because XANA was dying. Aelita doesn't have most of her usual powers in this game, due to hardware limitations. Her bravery is beyond measure; at multiple points, Aelita was willing to shut down the supercomputer (and herself along with it) for the sake of her friends and the world. Nur die drei Freunde Ulrich, Odd und Yumi können als „Krieger von Lyoko“ mithilfe ihres Freundes Jeremie, eines Supercomputers und eines Scanners nach Lyoko gelangen, um dort X.A.N.A. However, Kolossus managed to destroy Skid in the process. When the men in black began pursuing Franz, He took Aelita to Lyoko with him, which, according to Hopper, was a world without danger, but something went wrong. Ulrich and Odd, however, get devirtualized and Aelita is almost attacked by the Scyphozoa again, but Yumi arrives just in time. With two of them arguing, team travels back to the Replika they discovered, finding a copy of Forest Sector within it. Aelita finds recruiting Jim a mistake, which Jeremie corrects as "a huge, colossal mistake". Her inability to adapt to life on Earth caused her great unease and worry, and there were times when even her friends' support wasn't enough to convince her that she belonged. Also, some things weren't restored when she got her memories back, such as her birthday. Jeremie sends Aelita to decode Hopper's diary, which X.A.N.A. So, the time to infect and destroy X.A.N.A had finally come.

As Franz sends Yumi, Odd, and Ulrich to Lyoko, Jeremie finds out that Franz is an impostor and helped Aelita to send a clone of her to Lyoko, where the Scyphozoa attacked and destroyed it. Despite some rough tension, in Rendezvous, as Laura leaves to return to Kadic from the Factory, Aelita thanks her for her help.

After some obstacles, Aelita is the only one left to plant the virus, only to find out her long-lost mother Anthea Hopper is working for Tyron for reasons unknown but insists to destroy X.A.N.A.. Jeremie, not allowing Aelita to destroy the only way to contact her beloved mother, devirtualizes her back to Earth and explains that as long X.A.N.A. Returning to Cortex, Aelita and others see Jeremie's new creation, MegaPod. This is not available at the start, and must be unlocked, in the Ice Sector. Jeremie interpreted this connection to be a virus given to her when she was materialized back on Earth after a decade and sought on various ways to fix it, until discovering she was human and she was missing a fragment of herself. Even so, Aelita was always the one who told the team that they needed to rescue him. To activate this power, stand over an ability hologram and press C. Aelita's wings will appear, and when she glows pink, swing the Wii remote and Nunchuk down and up together. He explains that he was a prisoner, but managed to escape and that he was there to help the Lyoko Warriors rid of X.A.N.A.. Height sending his monsters to attack Kadic, Aelita deactivates the tower and decides to stay in Lyoko in case X.A.N.A.

When Odd loses all of his source codes, Aelita and Ulrich are unable to return to Lyoko for 12 hours, leaving them under Odd's protection while Yumi and William go deactivate the activated tower in the Desert but they are faced wih an evil clone of William, who plays on the original's feelings. and begins having disruptive daydreams. With Jeremie's advice, Aelita registers for a social networking site where she puts out a call for her mother.

When they don't have enough power to run it and Odd gets devirtualized, Franz Hopper arrives and gives all the energy for Aelita. French voice actor(s) 's power level is too great for the team to overpower in their last mission to infect it and the Cortex. Aelita visits the Earth, where Jeremie and the others had prepared a surprise for her, which was her being enrolled to Kadic again with a room and everything. During the first conflict against XANA in Code Lyoko, Aelita went through a number of stages, from the creature prisoner in the virtual world, to Odd's cousin rematerialized by Jeremy, before completely regaining her memory about her past. Together, they all visit Sector Five and get Yumi's DNA codes back.

She can make a shield Energy Field by holding 'Z'. She can fly in certain cases, but it requires energy. leads Ulrich and Odd to confuse the real world with Lyoko and vice versa, Aelita had to keep an eye on them while taking them to Way Tower.

Feeling the pulsations from the red tower, Aelita heads to the Ice Sector through a way tower. During Season 4, Aelita is William's main target as he is possessed by X.A.N.A for the whole time. Being possessed, Aelita surrenders herself to the Scyphozoa, forcing Odd to shoot her to the point that she could die, which then again forces the Scyphozoa to let her go. Additionally, Aelita is prone to jealousy and usually follows it up with a cold shoulder. She loves music and is a great D.J because her father used to play piano for her. These keys were stolen in The Key when X.A.N.A. Jeremie and Aelita reprogram the Skidbladnir and they inform the team about it, however they meet up with William, who's grown suspicious with teams behaviour and suggests that X.A.N.A is back, despite Odd trying to cover it up. On that night, William appears, claiming that he woke up in the factory. Jeremie informs the others that X.A.N.A. Aelita also gets devirtualized like others, making Jeremie realize that Aelita doesn't need Code: Earth anymore to materialize. Later, Chris from the Subdigitals arrives to Kadic in order to find a mixer for the opening act for their next concert. The Lyoko Warriors decide that Aelita would visit the Earth occasionally to visit for them. Soon, news of Peter Duncan, a notorious criminal, has escaped the police and Aelita is having serious headaches and passes out during the class and is sent to the hospital. They have a good friendship and rarely fight, with the exception of the instance in the episode The Pretender.

Aelita tries to shut down the supercomputer and kill herself in the process, but Jeremie prevents it from happening and everyone goes to Sector Five in order to find Aelita's missing fragment. with two towers, attempts to attack the group with spectres again fail, Once the virus is fully ready to destroy X.A.N.A for good, waits nonstop for an answer and when another mission to the Cortex is made,, Border Code - which had to be entered into four towers of four sectors, so Aelita could recover virtual memory lost, as seen when she does it to save Jeremie after his failed virtualization.

She also has light green, maroon-edged sleeves cut off from her shirt (in fact, they only cover the lower arms). Aware Tyron will come back for Aelita now that he's her stepfather and legal guardian and X.A.N.A. Aelita's hair is pink on Lyokó and in the real world as well. Aelita is later possessed once more to delete the Mountain Sector. Aelita's primary attack is Energy Fields, which can be made more powerful by holding the B button to charge them up. In, When Aelita was a child, she had a doll named, Aelita is an excellent DJ, and may know how to play the piano, thanks to, Aelita's health is restored every time she enters a, Aelita's nickname is Princess, which is often debated by some fans to be more than just a nickname.

As Jeremie virtualized himself to save the others, Aelita used her abilities to destroy the illusion, freeing the others from X.A.N.A's mercy. When Aelita and Jeremie try to do more tests on materialization, Aelita accidentally does some preparations that Jeremie had already done, causing Jeremie to get mad at her. She is quick-witted and resourceful, as well as supportive and encouraging. sabotages the supercomputer, making it impossible for Aelita to deactivate the tower or Jeremie to reboot the system. In Cruel Dilemma, Jeremie managed to create the correct program because of Odd dropping candy on random buttons of his keyboard. The Megapod and the group, except Yumi, are all destroyed by the Mantas' lasers, forcing the five Lyoko Warriors to wait 12 hours to try again. had given Aelita a virus that connects them both. Aelita with the others in Evolution poster.

However, the real Aelita manages to deactivate the tower in Sector Five, thus saving Jeremie from near death.

Later, Jeremie obtains a corrupted video help them figure out the creator of the Cortex but before it is de-corrupted, an activated tower is located in the Desert Sector but X.A.N.A.

Aelita later wonders if it's possible to bring her father back, causing her to argue with Jeremie about it. Lyoko Warriors however dont let William rejoin them because of him being captured by X.A.N.A out of recklessness. But now that I met you I actually enjoy it." aufzuhalten. Aelitas maturity progresses throughout the series, becoming a de facto leader along with Jeremie while on Lyoko. Her true identity (as well as the actions of her father) made her believe that she was 'nothing' and that her life had been 'robbed from her' by her father's experiments and betrayal. During her first couple of weeks on Earth her feelings were easily hurt and she was easily swayed by others, most notably Sissi. With X.A.N.A. This outfit wasn't on season 1 on TV. In the second season, she wears a dark pink jumper dress over a light pink hooded long sleeved shirt with two fuzzy pull strings and pink knee boots. However, Jeremie finds a way to virtualize everyone directly to Sector Five and they also added William Dunbar to their group as he has proven himself trustworthy enough. Franz Hopper, however, uses all of his powers to revive Aelita, who finally gets her past memories back. During a trip to the island in the middle of a lake, X.A.N.A. However, she can't wait much longer and goes outside, where Hornets were attacking her father. They fail to destroy the supercomputer though, but thanks to Aelita's hard work, Jeremie's program and Odds laser arrows, William is devirtualized and freed from X.A.N.As control. In False Pretenses, it is revealed that she calls Jeremie "Proxy-Pie" when they're alone together. Jeremie wanted to materialize Aelita on Earth, so they can shut down the supercomputer and told Odd, Ulrich and Sissi that they could do it if they could get Aelita into the red tower (a tower which X.A.N.A.

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