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Furthermore, all the hustlers were playing elsewhere in big-money tournaments, thanks in part to the success of the movie that Ames helped bring to life. I know CBGB got jacked up to ( if I recall correctly ) 8K p/mnth. A. (It was not.) Oh, the things you see at night… Gone forever…. has vanished – so have many of the old relics I grew up around that defined the Old Eastside.

He was quiet & unassuming & a plain guy. Gelmart is still around. When I miss, you can shoot.”. But if you actually watch the movie, you’ll plainly see it’s Ames.

This place was a vintage “Template” for the old eastside. The Ames Billiard Academy has been gone for years. In 1970, Helaine Garren began to … That stretch of road is now a pedestrian alleyway.

By. But he gets drunk and cracks under the pressure and weight of winning, losing all his winnings and most of his stake. And now, gone as well, is Mosconi. "I just got tired and quit.". He didn't die. Such impossible stories were told of Willie Mosconi as well, but with Mosconi there was a difference—the stories about Mosconi were true.

The Cue Lounge in Forest Hills, and many other Pool Halls in the city. 2 Alabama roars back for win over No. “Old school” is the way ex-customers describe it. This is Ames, mister,” the owner says, as if he was speaking of a national monument that wouldn’t be sullied with anything else except pool. All Rights Reserved. That place was pretty much a “money” place and getting a table you had to be able to defend keeping it, and that meant playing for real money. here for reprint permission, Washington makes Thomas Davis healthy scratch in defense shakeup, Ozuna mishap costs Braves as World Series wait continues, Washington’s benching of Haskins contrasts with Giants’ backing of Jones, Rivera on possible Haskins trade: “We’ll cross those bridges as we get to them’. Click to Read More

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'', If the mother was unwed, the authors noted, the lapse had to be her first, and she had to demonstrate victimhood: ''evidence of having borne a good character until the dark shadow of him who ruined her fell across her path.'' Until Julian’s shut its doors in 1991, it was New York’s oldest billiards room and once one of hundreds across the city. Went there a few times back in the 80s and most of the pool & snooker tables looked like they were original. You play that game in a way that nobody has ever played that game before.”, That quote, sports fans, from the 1961 classic “The Hustler,” starring Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason, perfectly captures what it means to be “in the zone.”, TOP STORIES The premises now houses Bricco, an Italian restaurant, but you can still recognise the twin brick arches of its frontage. The big tables with leather net pockets…the fans blowing…and the “no alcohol” signs at the entrance, but if you put a dollar in one of the coke machines, and pushed the unmarked button at the far right, an ice cold bud would come out. It was just typical day in Julians.

( Log Out /  Click - Church leaders sell their souls to the Democratic Party, In final stages of Trump Derangement Syndrome, Dems lie down like little shorn lambs, “When I am really going, I feel like … The pool cue is part of me. One might have called Julian’s grubby, or one could consider that it had acquired a patina over the years.

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The movie is about the cost of both, capturing the joy of winning and the agony of defeat as powerfully as any other sports film. (For some players, three-cushion is to pocket billiards as Dom Perignon is to Night Train.).

(By the way — thanks, Mick. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Pool lost a legendary last week. Steve … Have I given myself away — that I really miss Julian’s? The epic pool game between Fast Eddie and Minnesota Fats (Jackie Gleason) was filmed in the old Ames Billiard Academy, a second-floor loft in the Claridge Hotel on West 44th Street, at Seventh Avenue, in Times Square, which was deliberately scruffed down to look more down-at-heel than it actually was.

When I learned that he had been sentenced I breathed a sign of relief. The pool scenes were shot in the Ames Billiard Academy, near Times Square. It is among the reasons why “The Hustler” is one of my favorite films and, for my money, the greatest sports film ever made. His eye was so sharp, it was said, that he could pitch a key into a lock from across a room and shoot bullets through washers flung into the sky. it was great. One if my favorite guys up there was a one-legged, one armed shooter whose name I have long forgotten, who could beat the pants off you every day of the week – and always by “just one ball”, be it 8-ball, 9-ball, Chicago, Pill pool, or straight 100 point pool. : Mourning Edition « NYC Real Estate News,, A pool hall and automat share space on 14th Street | Ephemeral New York, Real Estate News NYC via Tigho | EV Grieve Etc. Julian’s pool hall was always there. I remember the old man at the desk really watched the younger guys who were always putting their cifarettes on the rails, sometimes burning the cloth…oh man he would get hot if he saw you doing that…he’d kick you out and not let you back for months.

My “buds” and I always played pool up in Julian’s during the late 50s early sixties. Wow, I've lived in Manhattan for 35 years, and Times Square never looked like that since I've lived here. Again, ugh! Just off camera during the weeks of shooting was Willie Mosconi, then the national pocket billiards champion, who shot for Newman in the close-ups (Gleason, a hustler himself, did his own shooting). Ames Billiard Academy Submitted by gene on Mon, 06/08/2009 - 12:13am. Are there any references to Elkins and or 7-11 both great rooms. In the 1970s he disappeared into Europe where he killed a French cop and was put away for life. For those of you who really miss certain things about NYC, like the Palladium mural, a before and after photo is here: I may write a memoir if I can get another Memoir done I have been working on for ever. Manipulative chancer Bert Gordon (George C Scott) persuades Eddie to take part in the pool competition in Louisville, Kentucky, and here’s one location which remains. Nominated for nine Academy Awards, the American Film Institute named it the sixth greatest sports movie ever.

Learn how your comment data is processed. The block that contained the bar-pool hall has been replaced by a glumly featureless factory, but you can still see the unmistakable building which now houses the Kawasaki Railcar company in the background. Q. The classic 1961 pool movie, starring Paul Newman as Fast Eddie Felson and Jackie Gleason as Minnesota Fats, used the Ames Billiard Academy in Times Square, a second-floor loft at 160 West 44th Street, at Seventh Avenue, for its on-location pool hall. A young guy too, by the name of Red, and always carried his pool cue just ready for a game. According to ''Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898,'' by Edwin G. Burrows and Mike Wallace, it became the country's first institution devoted primarily to day care, taking in the children of working women so their mothers, including wet nurses, could ''go out to service. They set much of the movie in two now-defunct New York City pool halls, McGirr’s and Ames Billiard Academy, that were great establishments of the time. Newman enters the pool hall where Fats plays — New York City’s legendary Ames Billiard Academy — like a ballplayer stepping inside Fenway Park for the first time.

Making images was an opportunity to rekindle, in a new and nuanced way, her interest in billiards, pool, and the people that play. Standing & looking around was like watching a movie & the characters there, were more authentic then in any movie with pool rooms.. also, this was where The Clash’s iconic cover shot for “London Calling” was taken (Paul Simonon smashing his bass)…a shame. If someone considered it seedy, that someone probably had misgivings about all of 14th Street. The Tevis novel had been optioned several times, including by Frank Sinatra, but attempts to adapt it for the screen were unsuccessful. Gleason fancied himself as a pool shark and performed all his own shots. Was Paul from Poland? According to a biography prepared by the church, Watts's grandson John Watts de Peyster, a general, wanted to have a visible memorial to the Colonial record-keeper. ⦁ Hear Thom Loverro on the Kevin Sheehan podcast Tuesdays and Thursdays. And that was the East Village, not Times Square. After the film's release Wanderone began calling himself Minnesota Fats … Absolutely. Q.

Runyon is gone. Q. Director Rossen's daughter Carol Rossen speculates that previous adaptations focused too much on the pool aspects of the story and not enough on the human interaction. Eddie asks the owner if there is a bar in the hall. I own it.”. Julians was just a great part of it. Ahh….

We adolescents played there starting in the 50’s. NYU needs to slow the f*#%k down.

When the curtain rose on Rose, Mosconi was in the audience, reading his playbill. On Valentine’s Day 1978, 20 million people tuned into ABC Wide World of Sports to watch a pool showdown between Wanderone and Mosconi, who won the five-set tournament in three sets.

Anybody that was a regular knows who I am talking about. He laid some of it on one the tables & a few guys were looking & dickering on price. I wonder where losers end going up nowadays? HUSTLER Was FILMEd AT Elkins? He was a fixture at Julian’s then, and pretty good too, but not nearly in the class of Boston Shorty at the 7-11 club (on 52nd and Broadway) in those years. New games at 2020. “The Hustler,” directed by Robert Rossen, is the game at its best and worst, the exhilaration of being unbeatable, of being in that winning “zone.” And the sheer desperation and sweat of losing. […] An Ephemeral reader did, and he sent this photo, from 1933, showing the original location of Julian’s upstairs from an automat. Until Julian’s shut its doors in 1991, it was New York’s oldest billiards room and once one of hundreds across the city.” [Ephemeral NY] […]. The Seelbach has plenty of history of its own.

I played in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, and I wasn’t a very good pool player but at least it was a place to go when you had nowhere in the big city to go to. Never mind all the shows I saw at the Academy and the Palladium… including Zappa’s “In New York” Halloween shows, Neil Young, Jeff Beck, Alvin Lee… and on and on… my first show was The James Gang (with Joe Walsh), Vanilla Fudge, and BB King… 1969…. “George” ,who ran straight forever. The Big Apple was still the old NYC I grew up around and loved – not sanitized, not regulated to death; just a great place that was what it was.

Mosconi learned to play pool (elegantly, he always called the game "pocket billiards") in a South Philadelphia dance academy run by an uncle. The largest effigy in the Trinity Church graveyard is of an obscure Revolutionary War-era politician, John Watts.

Cover your eyes. I saw Onofrio Lauri get so frustrated playing Willie, he flung his cue across the table into the pack.

With a clutch of nominated performances, Oscar-winning monochrome photography, full-on widescreen and authentic locations, The Hustler was pretty groundbreaking. There are many variants such as 8-Ball and 9 Ball Knockout. © 2020 ABG-SI LLC. A. Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS).

The loge and balcony were great places to get to know your girl friend . "I never did miss," Mosconi said. Pass blocking? I learned to play pool there in 1968 when I was 8… with my dad, who was a “mad Man”- a copywriter at Ted Bates under Jerry Della Femina… draw and follow, my friends… See my comment above from Sep 18, 2013. i used to hang out there when i was a kid in the early-to-mid 80s. There was a local hustler there who went by the moniker Pablo or Paulo, memory fails me now, but in actuality he was Polish.

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