asael bielski death

Asael was one of 12 children—10 boys and two girls.He was quieter and more reserved than his brothers, and was conten… In early July 1941, a German army unit arrived in Stankiewicze, and Jewish residents were moved into a ghetto in Nowogródek. By: Meir-Joseph Itzkovitz. 56 years have now passed since the fall of Asael Bielski on the field of battle against the Germans. 56 years since Asael completed his last revenge and fell as a fighter of courage and daring, seeing … When Operation Barbarossa broke out, Tuvia, Zus and Asael were called up by their army units to fight against the Nazi German occupiers. Owing to so much chaos the units disbanded and they returned to Stankiewicze, where their parents lived. THE HEROIC FALL OF ASAEL BIELSKI. Asael was the third son of David and Beila Bielski, being about two years younger than his brother Tuvia who later commanded the Bielski Otriad. The Bielskis were the only Jewish family of Stankiewicze, a small village in pre-war Poland, currently Western Belarus located between Lida and Navahrudak (called Nowogródek in Polish), both of which later housed Jewish ghettos during World War II.

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