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There are some terrible script moments, like when the kid is orphaned and eckhart's character says "you're my little marine now" etc. [13] In 1983, the U.S. Office of Air Force History concluded that an analysis of the evidence points to meteorological balloons as the cause of the initial alarm:[12], During the course of a fireside report to the nation delivered by President Roosevelt on 23 February 1942, a Japanese submarine rose out of the sea off Ellwood, a hamlet on the California coast north of Santa Barbara, and pumped thirteen shells into tidewater refinery installations. If a craft is floating over US soil that isn't [believed to be] of US origin, of course they're going to fire on it because that's their job. Pilots of the 4th Interceptor Command were alerted but their aircraft remained grounded. Harnisch commented, "if the publicity campaign wanted to establish UFO research as nothing but lies and fakery, it couldn't have done a better job. haha must be a 2/10 now. After the firing started, careful observation was difficult because of drifting smoke from shell bursts. When I saw it in theaters I liked it... then when it came onto home video it was just really boring. [18], Representative Leland Ford of Santa Monica called for a Congressional investigation, saying "none of the explanations so far offered removed the episode from the category of 'complete mystification' ... this was either a practice raid, or a raid to throw a scare into 2,000,000 people, or a mistaken identity raid, or a raid to lay a political foundation to take away Southern California's war industries. During the night of 24/25 February 1942, unidentified objects caused a succession of alerts in southern California. At the same conference he admitted that attacks were always possible and indicated that vital industries located along the coast ought to be moved inland. There were reports, to be sure, that four enemy planes had been shot down, and one was supposed to have landed in flames at a Hollywood intersection. An alert was called at 7:18 pm, and was lifted at 10:23 pm. [15], Within hours of the end of the air raid, Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox held a press conference, saying the entire incident had been a false alarm due to anxiety and "war nerves". Wendell Willkie, speaking in Los Angeles on 26 February, assured Californians on the basis of his experiences in England that when a real air raid began "you won’t have to argue about it—you’ll just know." The New York Times on 28 February expressed a belief that the more the incident was studied, the more incredible it became: "If the batteries were firing on nothing at all, as Secretary Knox implies, it is a sign of expensive incompetence and jitters. The Battle of Los Angeles, also known as the Great Los Angeles Air Raid, is the name given by contemporary sources to a rumored attack on the mainland United States by Japan and the subsequent anti-aircraft artillery barrage which took place from late 24 February to early 25 February 1942, over Los Angeles, California. An editorial in the Long Beach Independent wrote, "There is a mysterious reticence about the whole affair and it appears that some form of censorship is trying to halt discussion on the matter." Nah, I reckon people shit on Battle LA becasue it didn't have much of a style to it. In either case, the enemy’s purpose must have been to locate anti-aircraft defenses in the area or to deliver a blow at civilian morale. Renewed activity began early in the morning of 25 February. Others speculated that the incident was either staged or exaggerated to give coastal defense industries an excuse to move further inland. "And what of that sequel? [21][22] Los Angeles Times writer Larry Harnisch noted that the retouched photo along with faked newspaper headlines were presented as true historical material in trailers for the 2011 film Battle: Los Angeles.

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