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Gymnastics are cool because the only people who can successfully do it have essentially transcended humanhood and pushed through to evolve into something other, something better. The latest news delivered directly to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. (Public Domain), 24. "What'd you get up to today, man?" By signing up to the VICE newsletter you agree to receive electronic communications from VICE that may sometimes include advertisements or sponsored content.

Kévin k., Ice climbing – Symphonie d’automne, CC BY-SA 2.0 FR, 5. Eastern European dudes in unflattering leotards lifting something so heavy that their elbows flip backward and break is the coolest thing in the universe. Two people take a ride on one of the new cliffside coasters that follow the path of the Olympic bobsled run. Columbia. Andrew Cuomo put out an eviction moratorium executive order back in March when the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown started in the US. Imagine taking the joy out of beach volleyball.

You're just bouncing, get over it. How embarrassed would you be going to the bar with your friends with real jobs? I'm a millennial #thoughtful writer with a not-even-low-key America obsession, of course I think basketball is cool.

But if you like the idea of not only rock climbing up a steep mountain, but also sleeping in a tent that's literally hanging by an anchor that climbers nailed into the side of that mountain, then this might just be for you. Floorball is essentially Hockey without ice. Right at your fingertips. It hasn’t been accepted by the I.O.C. Other sports can be learned. If you started training today, which sport would be the easiest in which to score a gold medal and which would be hardest, with all the other ones ranked in between. DO YOU GET TO KICK PEOPLE FULL ON IN THE FUCKING FACE WHILE PRACTIcING THIS SPORT, AND THEN PEOPLE GIVE YOU A FUCKING GOLD MEDAL FOR IT, FOR KICKING PEOPLE IN THE FACE, KICKING PEOPLE IN THE FUCKING FACE. Everyone remembers the 5 D’s of Dodgeball: Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge. The Olympics' hardest sport is one with history and stats to back up that status. The ride offers expansive Adirondack views as it winds its way down the mountain; riders can use handbrakes to slow down the bobsled car or let it go as fast as they can handle. We've climbed a step here from "you have a 0.001% chance to medal" into the "you're not winning a medal unless you've untapped some heretofore unknown talent like amazing upper body strength or an imperviousness to lactic acid buildup" category. The horse is doing all the work here, so it's not a sport. Tennis is good because it's dominated by people who have played the sport intensely since they were, like, five years old, and they live tennis and they breathe it, and they adhere to all the little rules and etiquettes of tennis, tennis, tennis, tennis, like they dropped out of school to be taught lessons by their mom so they could get more tennis in, tennis is their life, tennis is their blood, they are finely honed athletes with incredible twitch speed and reaction times and strength and power and stamina, and yet also, Serena aside, I feel like I could get pretty much put every tennis player into a headlock and give them a humiliating titty twister, and they wouldn't be able to do anything about it. Bravery, skill, and speed will be in abundance in the men’s and women’s tournaments. Imagine for a moment your life is a professional judoer. Water polo is just pool hijinks you play with your dad when you're on vacation, only here it's turned into a team sport where everyone has to wear ear protectors to stay safe. Do Not Sell my Personal Info. Now, good luck. Palmount45, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleading squad, CC BY-SA 4.0, 2. Who says we all have to wait for warm weather to go sailing? Well anyone who has jumped into the deep end with their snorkel and mini stick to play the game of octopus has.

The bronze-medal time in London in the 20K - just under a half-marathon - was 79 minutes. And the fact that it's a one-on-one game helps with the theoretical ease of advancing in an Olympic tournament. Your dad's turned the garage into "his dojo" and put a poster of Karate Kid up on the wall. Basketball actually ranks easier than volleyball because of the disparity between Team USA and the rest of the world. As the video shows, the sport requires a lot of flexibility, so make sure to stretch beforehand. Likewise, Billiards bring up images of smokey, poorly lit bars, Dave and Busters, or again, college dorms. Now we're getting into a very difficult territory because going really fast on a bike is definitely a good thing (and, as before, was really cool when you were a kid), but now domestic cycling is dominated by 40-year-old agency heads in full lycra and a special $800 3D-printed helmet and little yellow sunglasses and a whole mess of chamois cream slathered on their junk, thus making road cycling the nerdiest thing on earth. There's a general parity between Olympic volleyball teams and the game is more inclusive of all players on the floor. If you're competing at the Olympics in fencing, then you're basically admitting to the world that you are your boarding school's most underwhelming graduate. ALBANY — Over the past decade, more than 700 reviews of child deaths in New York were kept hidden by a state agency, decisions denying the public … He later signed the "Tenant Safe Harbor Act" protecting renters from eviction who have experienced financial hardship during the coronavirus state of emergency. Sorry, athletics, because while running really fast over 100 meters is really, really, really cool, the weird muscular dudes in sleeveless vests and wraparound shades doing an above-the-head clap to ghee the crowd up before they pole vault are exceptionally uncool, and they are looped in under the term "athletics," too. Essentially, the raider is thrown into a lion's den and is forced to duck and weave to their home side to get points without any help from teammates.

Using a ball made of dry palm leaves, players pass the thing around using anything but their hands, trying to kick it on the other side of a dividing net for points—much like volleyball. Like, these people spend every day, day after day, for four years, training to do exactly one thing, and that thing is, like, judo. Say it out loud. All rights reserved Well done. There is no such dividing of the field in tennis. It's a hell of a lot of fun, so stop being "too manly" to play it. Same idea as modern pentathlon (becoming good in three sports rather than great in one) except that triathletes are far better in their three sports than the MPers are in their five.

Divebombing: extremely cool. The track and field staple at every Olympics from 1900 to 1912 saw competitors seeing how high a bar they could jump over from a standing position. If you're not from Australia or New Zealand and aren't named Clint, that's harder than you realize. Yeah, it's pretty similar to normal bodyboarding—except a hell of a lot more extreme. Example: IS THIS AN ACTUAL SPORT, LIKE, WHEN IT'S NOT THE OLYMPICS? That was your weekend.

Before, you could theoretically figure out some savvy footwork, build some punching strength and hope to have the same judges that screwed over Roy Jones in Seoul, all while the headgear protected you, a little, from getting punch drunk. One of the more unusual events in the history of the modern Olympic movement, Rope Climbing was part of the gymnastics programs in 1896, 1904, 1906, 1924 and 1932.

Team USA’s Ray Ewry (pictured) was the undisputed master of the discipline, winning gold three times from 1900 to 1908. The discipline is as old as time and would make sense to be included, but the Olympics has rejected it as “too violent.”. Most of the reasons for these sports' rankings are mentioned next, but we put these two a step lower because there are less people taekwondoing out there than boxing. Go to the nearest bar, 15 miles away, where all the locals hate you. So, why not let those athletes have a shot at the Olympics? But unless you're the size of an NFL offensive lineman you could work all your life and not come within dozens of meters of the world's best shot putter and hammer thrower. the coolest era ever on earth, and also it's very viable that whoever wins gold in this event can and will say the word "gnarly" with aplomb and ii. Riley Bathurst, Wakeboarding, CC BY-SA 3.0, 18. This is just an underwhelming bachelor party activity. An aside: We averaged the different disciplines of cycling rather than split them up into their many categories because, well, it's cycling.

The question isn't how long it would take to become one of the world's top three athletes, it's what threshold you have to reach to not become a complete on-field liability. It’s probably safe to say Ice Swimming is an extreme sport. The whole sevens part of Olympic rugby makes this pursuit more difficult for the obvious reason that there's fewer players on the field than in a regular game, but provided you could toughen up a bit and be willing to lose some teeth, you'd be able to hang on.

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