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The scenes with the people talking to the doctor were so funny, I almost wet my pants.

A huge fan of Creepshow (1982) and Creepshow 2 (1987), Alex Wesley shot Creepshow 3 (2001) on his VHS camera just for fun as a tribute to his two favorite films. A huge fan of Creepshow (1982) and Creepshow 2 (1987), Alex Wesley shot Creepshow 3 (2001) on his VHS camera just for fun as a tribute to his two favorite films. Stay away from this DVD as if it were the black sludge in Creepshow 2.

I was truly horrified . Creepshow III plays like a bad fan film shot at some guy's house for a couple hundred bucks.

Patient Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (1990) is often considered the "true" Creepshow 3 because of George A. Romero and Stephen King's contributions to the film. Professor Dayton (segment "The Professor's Wife") (as Emmet Mcguire) There are some things that are missed, but I was able to get past them. / I couldn't laugh with it, I couldn't laugh at it, I only rolled my eyes at how grotesquely nonsensical it was getting.

I loved the first Creepshow, I accepted the second Creepshow, but I truly detested the third. I just viewed this movie, and it was what I had expected. I'm an avid fan of the first film, and I have a soft-spot in my heart for the second one (I watched these movies repetitively as a teen). comics ironic ending to it). Since the original Creepshow and Day of the Dead are owned by Jim's family, he really must hate his family, cause those franchises are worth a lot less now... Don't buy Creepshow III, don't rent it. The rest are just goofy wastes of time. I laughed harder watching this then I did watching an Adam Sandler or Jim Carry movie. Creepshow III was made by filmmakers who hate horror films and just want your money. It isn't scary, it isn't funny, it isn't even trying to be good. The second Creepshow had only three stories, but they were decent.

Whenever the acting is awful (happends quite a bit) take a drink.

It was more a comedy than a horror film.

Horrible acting, direction, story, everything. I will just start by saying that I have always enjoyed the "Creepshow" anthologies, especially as I watched parts 1 and 2 while growing up, and remembering that there were some pretty good segments in those two first anthologies.

Story number one: a self-absorbed teen drama queen hates her family so much that when a magical universal remote control(yes, acquired from a mysterious street vendor)changes them for the worse, she gains a new appreciation for her old life. The third, however, feels as though a group of teenagers got together and wrote the stories, and then invited their friends to act for them. Containing no feel from the original, an obvious bare-bones budget, and thoroughly disappointing actors, Creepshow III (it should not be able to use the name) simply stinks. I loved the Creepshow movies, I thought they had great creativity and scary stories that are always fun to watch. This is a tragically dumb movie. / (as Derek Schacter), Legless the Homeless Man (segment "The Radio"), TV Executive (segment "The Radio")

Creepshow is an American horror anthology web television series that was released on Shudder in 2019. I didn't check out the rating first on IMDb, I actually watched it first, after finishing it, I didn't think it was that bad if you held it away from the first two creepshow movies. (Very cool concept by the way) The rental cost only one dollar. It was definitely different compared to the last films, but I think it still worked over all.

Creepshow III, unlike Creepshow (1982) & Creepshow 2 (1987), has no involvement from either Stephen King or George A. Romero - the series creators. This film does not compare to the original by George Romero or its sequel.

What a complete waste of time. Something this film actually manages to do and I've heard people give it credit for this is how the stories manage to intertwine with each other, this was unique for the time, but, new and better horror anthologies like "Southbound" have managed to do it way way better, here it never really helps the plots of the tales.

(as Pablo Pappano), Professor Dayton (segment "The Professor's Wife") It may not be King or Romero, but cheesy 80's feeling fun all the same. Some of the stories make absolutely no sense whatsoever and are merely there to fill time. which why there are so many negative comments and reviews for this film, many people had very high expectations for this film. I've noticed from every comment that people hated this movie. "Creepshow III" has a messy screenplay with five stories intended to be of the horror genre, but actually they are so silly and cheesy that become funny. chevron_leftClose menu. It's like beating yourself in the head with a rock for 104 minutes.

(as Jordan Russell). Another So Bad It Was Good!" "Alice", "The Radio", "Call Girl", "The Professor's Wife", and "Haunted Dog". Grudge 2 the ring 2. not only is there no good remakes there's no good sequels.Cgi does not help horror movies. I rented this from an automated Redbox unit. I feel if horror movies like these keep being made there will be no more horror movies because they will stop making money period! Then, I saw the trailer, which was terrible. Seriously, i hope these writers and directors never get work again.

When I first heard that a new Creepshow was being made, I thought that might be cool, but then I heard the original players were not involved.

Slash Film I guess mostly I just liked the second story involving the talking radio. etc.

this movie sucks.its not scary plus the stories seem short. There's no style, no real EC comics homages, and no involvement from Romero or King.

And my answer is no it was crap in 2006 and its crap now. And it was a lot of cheesy humor. This movie is a herald of the end times, I'm sure. And if they're thinking about making a "IV" - please don't.

I can't account for how else well over 100 people involved in the execution of this movie got together and not a single one of them set the film negatives aflame to save the rest of the world from experiencing it. After an opening which includes some of the most piss poor animation available we then get into five tales. Occasionally the movie jabs you with its elbow, as if to say "Isn't this wacky and fun?"

It beat most of the horror flicks of this decade, but I suppose it is not a must-see by any measure of the word. I was drawn to watching it only because I'm a big fan of the King/Romero "Creepshow"'s and even though I knew they had no part in this one, I figured that it would still have to be at the same calibre.

I'm more on the fence. They probably would have been more successful if they had decided on a completely different title for this film. Extremely weak.

But nothing redeems this truly awful movie. Horror fans, beware of this one! This is easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen to this point in my life. . Wedding Guest The dumbest story of all of them was "Haunted Dog". This is not to say that the movie didn't have it's elements of creepiness, which is why I rated it a "3" instead of "awful". Creepshow 3 is a 2006 American comedy horror film, and a sequel to Stephen King and George A. Romero's horror anthology classics Creepshow (1982) and Creepshow 2 (1987). And even though I've watched "I" and "II" numerous times, I'll watch them again when I want another "Creepshow" fix. Then sadly I rented it (yes kids from a video store) and remember being super disappointed.

(as James LeGoy), Hospital Staff Lewis kind of way) and "The Radio" (actually had an E.C. true horror fans know what I'm talking about. The Trial of the Chicago 7 stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Eddie Redmayne share their five reasons not to miss Aaron Sorkin's courtroom drama on Netflix.

I understand the concept of linking one story to the other, but this was so mixed up, that I found myself quickly trying to piece together the common thread of each story as I went along.

This installment doesn't have a single even mediocre story.

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