deenie summary

Deenie is named after the character Natalie Wood played in Splendor in the Grass. It was decent! The passages that are most frequently cited as reasons for removing the book from libraries are: I never wanted to put the book down. I have two metal bars in my back and when I was 15 I had to have corrective surgery because one of the bars fell off. Physically larger than most of the other seventh grade students, she is self-conscious about her size and the fact that most boys ignore her because of it. Thelma, upset that her plans for her daughters are coming undone, has Joe fired and exhorts Deenie to resume the pursuit of a modeling career once she stops wearing the back brace. Deenie used to not want to touch her, because she was afraid she that she would catch her rash. This book is about a teenage girl named Deenie. Maar opeens verandert alles in haar leven. Janet also has a crush on him. Deenie is a great story. I remember the brace I had to wear after my surgery and I hated it! 10 Apr. But the hot water [in the bathtub] was very relaxing and soon I began to enjoy it. Ableism is briefly touched on when Deenie's guidance counselor recommends that Deenie take the "special bus" to school simply because her back brace "qualifies" her for such. this book is about a girl - Deenie - who had scoliosis. But it felt great being able to throw it in the trash. ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Mine actually did hurt because the most sensitive part of my spine stuck out a little and the brace dug into it roughly. I read it in about an hour and a half so it's very short and an easy read. Judy Blume spent her childhood in Elizabeth, New Jersey, making up stories inside her head. I think she sums up my youth really well! I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was fourteen. At fifteen I had corrective spine surgery. I was actually reading this book, in secret, right when my mother heard about it being "nasty" from some other PTA lady. I'm probably going to pick up some more. I think that this book is so great because of the authors abiltiy to get the story and main idea across in an exiciting manner. I hadn't read any before and I know they were a big deal to a lot of people growing up and I wanted to know more about them. Picked this one up and read it in one evening sitting at the library -- it's a young adult novel that's under 200 pages. The topic only comes up by name once, and that in the context of girls' gym class discussion with their teacher. This book is very good and has a really interesting and ending. Fearful that Helen hates her because Thelma's excuse for letting Joe go was because of the family's doctors' bills, Deenie is astonished to learn that Helen refuses to blame her for Joe's departure, and the sisters close ranks. I feel like I understand her better now even though its about 15 years too late. Deenie Fenner — The main character. She is selected for the cheerleading squad instead of Deenie. I reached down and touched my special place with the washcloth.

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