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Just me then. I thought this was going to be another unpopular opinion of a classic from me. Two women, the frail and demure wife of a boarding school headmaster and his mistress, conspire to divest themselves of the brutish, abusive man in their lives—permanently. Simone Signoret Véra Clouzot Paul Meurisse Charles Vanel Pierre Larquey Michel Serrault Jean Brochard Noël Roquevert Georges Chamarat Thérèse Dorny Jean Témerson Jacques Hilling Robert Dalban Jacques Varennes Yves-Marie Maurin Georges Poujouly Jean Lefebvre Camille Guérini Madeleine Suffel Henri Coutet Henri Humbert Michel Dumur Jean-Pierre Bonnefous Jean Clarieux Christian Brocard Johnny Hallyday Jimmy Urbain Zappy Max, Henri-Georges Clouzot Jérôme Géronimi Pierre Boileau Thomas Narcejac, De bezetenen, 室情杀案, 魔鬼双姝, Dábelské zeny, Rædslernes hus, The Fiends, Oi diavologynaikes, Demoni, Shayateen, Sheytan sefatan, Akuma no yôna onna, 悪魔のような女, Apsėstieji, Demonen, Det onde spill, Zlobnici, Demona, The Devils, 117 mins   But even now their relationship is on the rocks as Michel beats her. When, shortly after, the pool is drained, watched in anguished expectation from a window by the women, no corpse is there. I am currently working towards my ultimate goal of a 1001…, Films that leave you visibly shaken; masterclasses in building tension that make you truly feel anxious for whatever is happening…, Tobias Andersen 8,202 films 16,299 754 Edit, Rules: Generate a number (from 1 to x) via: www.random.org, See how many number of films there are in the…, Laaaadies and Gentlemen, from the birthplace of Gene Kelly, George Benson, Charles Grodin, Greg Nicotero and Mark Cuban, This is…, Updated: October 16, 2020 Created: January 19, 2013 View More Lists Follow Me, The Criterion Collection is a video distribution…. It’s an LGBTQ+ world and these are my other LGBTQ+ lists on Letterboxd: ➡️Minor Interest Films: In the Closet: A…. Together they work out an elaborate plan to rid themselves of their common tormentor. Other strange things happen with regard to a missing Michel which belie what Nicole and Christina believe to be reality. | It premiered at SXSW in March 2015 and, after being released internationally, received a limited release in the US in October 2015. Rather than antagonism, the two women are shown to have a somewhat close relationship, primarily based on their apparent mutual hatred of Michel, who is physically and emotionally abusive to both. Classic movies, literature, and popular culture - welcome to my world! Nicole arrives, and it is revealed that she and Guy had planned the series of events to scare Mia to the point of heart failure. Though it opened to somewhat mixed reviews, the box office receipts were overwhelming from the onset. Film #8 of 31 for Hooptober Se7en___________________________________________________________________. In the stress of … Mia flees downstairs, and Guy tackles her to the ground in front of the pool and attempts to drown her. As Nicole attempts to revive Mia, Guy pulls her into the pool and tries to drown her. More details at Just brilliant! [3][4] It currently holds a 'rotten' 18% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 28 reviews. This is one diabolical, autumnal thriller. Directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot. Michel…. This loathing extends to his wife, Christina, and his mistress, Nicole Horner, both of whom work at the school. Diabolique is very interesting in the fact that a movie released in 1955, 58 years ago, is still making its audiences keep quiet about the ending. Nicole manages to stop him by driving a garden rake into his head, and he falls into the pool. I was surprised by this movie. Stone was nominated for a Razzie Award for "Worst New Star" (as the new "serious" Sharon Stone) for this film and Last Dance, where she lost to Pamela Anderson for Barb Wire. Are their minds playing tricks on them? "(Christina Delassalle), THE GREATEST MOVIE THAT HITCHCOCK NEVER MADE. That night, Mia finds Guy floating in her bathtub, and witnesses him rise from the water. While overlooking Mia's body, Nicole realizes she is in fact not dead; when Guy realizes she is alive, he attacks both women, knocking Nicole unconscious. Honestly, everything was phenomenal. juliodogpit 1,001 films 9,973 449 Edit, UPDATE--------------------------------------------------------------------------, Check out also: The 100 Greatest Documentaries, ranked as objectively as possible The 100 Greatest Directors The 100 Greatest…, A list that is trying to contain every horror film made that is not lost and is found on the…, Peter Stanley 1,222 films 39,870 1254 Edit, All the films from all the editions, including those subsequently removed, presently totalling 1222. © Letterboxd Limited. Michel Delassalle is the principal of a boarding school, and widely loathed. This movie also features a couple really fun twists, one of which seems kind of obvious in retrospect, but it shocked me! Christina Delassalle (Véra Clouzot) may have something to hide but her see-through nightie reveals all! It is a good time. TMDb They carry out the plan...but then his body disappears. Even when they're dead they're a pain in the ass ;), Part of HOOPTBER 7.0: “Stay Inside (the Salt Circle)!” challenge.18/31---------------//---------------. I was engrossed the whole time. Edit, Niort, where Nicole maintains a residence, is about 250 miles (an 8-10 hour drive) southwest of Paris, about halfway between Nantes and Bordeaux. Just Kill Him", "Movie Reviews : 'Diabolique' Attempts to Replicate the Mystique", The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Diabolique_(1996_film)&oldid=981984040, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 October 2020, at 14:59. Even though it may not look like a horror movie these days, by watching "Diabolique" it becomes clear the influence that it had on so many more famous horror classics like "Psycho", "Rosemary's Baby" and even "The Shining" (the typewriter scene). Plot. Their marriage has long been over because of Michel's brutish behavior toward her, although Christina, a devout Catholic, refuses to get a divorce. Although Christina officially owns it - she bringing it into their marriage as part of her dowry - Michel effectively makes all the decisions, partly because he wants to show everyone involved that he is in control as the man, and as Christina is a frail woman with a delicate constitution, the primary problem being a weak heart. | Christina, who has a serious condition, is terrified especially after one of the students says he saw him. Guy is abusive to the weak Mia, a former nun who suffers from cardiomyopathy; his mistress, Nicole Horner, a fellow teacher at the school, is protective of Mia. They just don’t make em’ like this anymore. Loosely based on the 1952 psychological suspense novel She Who Was No More by the two-man writing team Boileau-Narcejac, Diabolique revolves around the uneasy alliance that develops between Christina Delassalle (Véra Clouzot) and Nicole Horner (Simone Signoret). Taglines I was scared and that image did not leave me for a while. A becomes very suspenseful! However, the body never materializes in the pool, even after the pool is emptied on a pretense. The first 20 minutes of this movie took me three days to get through, then the story took hold and I was in it. Or is there another reason they just have not thought about as a possibility? After several days, his body fails to float up to the surface and when the pool is drained, his body is nowhere to be found. The women lure him there, and Mia drugs him before they successfully drown him in a bathtub. But I cant. It starts off as a slow burn! Oooooh those twists! The movie was a box office bomb, grossing $17 million in the USA. With a few required modifications and a few hiccups along the way, the latter largely due to Christina often losing her nerve, they are able to carry out the plan successfully... or so they believe. Well, thats a little extreme, but I feel its justified in this context. There, she attracts the attention of Shirley Vogel, a retired police officer-turned-private investigator who offers to look into Guy's disappearance. Later, while investigating the school's basement, Shirley is attacked and knocked unconscious. $52 400 266 in total. The wife and mistress of the sadistic dean of an exclusive prep school conspire to murder him. The plot follows the wife and mistress of an abusive schoolmaster who find themselves stalked by an unknown assailant after murdering him and disposing of his body. The plot follows the wife and mistress of an abusive schoolmaster who find themselves stalked by an unknown assailant after murdering him and disposing of his body. The movie was compared unfavorably to the original movie, and received overall negative reviews. An easy way of seeing how…, hamburger splash 1,812 films 10,144 98 Edit, Chris Vandenberg 1,000 films 4,697 92 Edit. Edit . Shirley confronts Mia with the accident report from Guy's car, and surmises that Guy was en route to see her in Pittsburgh on the day he disappeared. Blending together the elements of horror & mystery in a seamless manner, cleverly using its available resources to provide a sense of dread & uncertainty, and efficiently sustaining its tense atmosphere from start to finish, Diabolique (also known as Les Diaboliques) is one of the finest examples of its genre(s) that simply refuses to age despite being nearly 60 years old. Michel has openly been having an affair with Nicole Horner, one of the teachers at the school. Check it out! EDIT: Thanks everyone for the great feedback so far. What a wonderful dawn for psychological horror! Their fears of a blackmailer are confirmed when Mia discovers the shower curtain used to conceal Guy's body hanging in her bathroom window. Mia Baran is a devout Catholic schoolteacher at a boys' school outside Pittsburgh where her husband, Guy, is schoolmaster. I regret not seeing this one sooner! this was so suspenseful, the last 5 mins was fantastic. She inherited the boys boarding school they run but it's clearly Michel who is in charge. my 100th film of the year! Men. When asked how he got his slingshot back, the boy says that Christina gave it back to him. still a solid watch, but some moments really started to drag for me after a while, 50’S/FRANCE/BEST FILM FROM THE FIFTIES THAT YOU CAN ACCESS.

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