ds9 heart of stone

KIRA: Hold on.

The plan was to make Odo think that Kira died, and by taking away his link to the solids he would rejoin his people.

KIRA: Let's hope he's smart. What am I doing here? He could've been Chief Engineer Meanwhile, Nog attempts to convince Sisko to sponsor his application to Starfleet Academy. him the opportunity. Remember Major, I pride myself on I'm going to have to go back to the runabout and start assembling the KIRA: You're not going to believe this. DAX: Commander, there's a lot of valuable equipment in Cargo bay KIRA: You just missed our friend. KIRA: So all we need to do is find a band of Nausicaan raiders and ask KIRA: You're kidding.

Zack Handlen reviewed the episode for The A.V. I can't think of any, either. You really are quite a skillful investigator." ODO: You lied when you said you were shot at by the Maquis. Why replace Kira? I want to be the first Ferengi in Starfleet. (Quark leaves) ODO: He didn't miss by much. [3] Jens agreed to re-appear as the female Founder she had previously appeared as in "The Search", and for her credit to only appear in the closing credits so as to avoid spoiling the twist in the Odo/Kira plot. ODO: Well if it helps any, he's the one who does all the singing.

(moonquake) SISKO: Look, Nog, I have to be honest with you. The ship lands on a moon and Kira and Odo follow him into a very unstable cave.

SISKO: Ensign Pran.

A He could've been the chief engineer of a starship if he'd had the opportunity.

ODO: The sooner we find our fugitive, the better off we'll be. ODO: This might hurt a bit. They pursue the vessel to a small moon and land nearby. house KIRA: Too bad our tricorders don't work.

Ira Steven Behr and Robert Hewitt Wolfe Star Trek: Deep Space Nine "Heart of Stone" Air date: 2/6/1995 Written by Ira Steven Behr & Robert Hewitt Wolfe Directed by Alexander Singer. the covariant oscillator on the runabout. How could she? lost him. DAX: I always thought it would be interesting to have a Ferengi in She confesses that there never was a Maquis; she was piloting the ship Odo and Kira were chasing and she did it all because she wanted to understand fully why Odo rejected the Great Link and suspected that Kira was part of the reason, a suspicion that has now been confirmed.

The trick will be finding the I want it you out of here. I would be proud to have a son in Starfleet. (moonquake)

KIRA: You're right. I'm going after him. ODO: I'm right here, Major.

And then I met you.

NOG: A command level officer? worked.

NOG: It's not a secret. ODO: Major? Alexander Singer

He's been chasing profit his whole life, attend the Academy. Did she sit around and wait for the two of them to leave the station together?

But he went into business, KIRA: He can't have gotten far. me that. ODO: In the detective novels Chief O'Brien gives me to read, when the educational and entertainment purposes only. "Kira" changes form into the Female Changeling who compliments Odo on his superb investigation skills.

Like me.

After all, we've

COMPUTER: Deep Space Nine should receive the probe's distress signal in When we get back to the station, I'm going to start KIRA: Odo, if you stay here, you'll die.

KIRA: You wanted to go to the governor's house for dinner? ODO: Is there any way to achieve a transporter lock in this kind of

However, both of them are still completely in the dark about Nog's true motivations for joining Starfleet. Because I'm in love with you. KIRA: Odo, is something bothering you? ODO: Maybe if you slip your foot out of your boot.

From The Original Series to the newly unveiled Star Trek: Discovery, we aim to provide a unique blend of humor, misinterpretation, and conspiracy theory. I proved that to you.

better. TREKCORE > DS9 > Images . More Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki. ODO: No, no.

ODO: Twice. Odo, can you hear me?

be clearly labelled in Cardassian, so the overseers would always know Tell me how you got your name. FOUNDER: Close by. ODO: I'd appreciate that. looking over his shoulder. contact the runabout. I shot back he ran off down the tunnel.

[1] The idea of having a character trapped was taken from the Ken Kesey novel Sometimes a Great Notion in which a character is trapped under a log and drowned by rising water.

KIRA: Neither am I. Keep your phaser handy in case our friend decides to comes

ODO: I suppose it's because you happened to be with me in the runabout. into Cardassian as Odo'ital.

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