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focus on Hillsborough Stadium Disaster, Sheffield, England, 1989. [5] Merchants concerned over the effect of such disturbance on trade called for the control of football as early as the 14th century. London rivals West Ham United and Millwall, "Another sorry outbreak of the English disease", "Football violence in Europe: A report to the Amsterdam Group", "Fact Sheet 1: Football and Football Hooliganism", "The Old Firm story: When fans joined forces to riot", "Riot may close ground: Newcastle faces tough FA penalty", "A sad night for English football: Leeds United & the 1975 European Cup Final", "England's first black international footballer", "Will Swansea go bust in the top flight? Over 200 preventative arrests were made in Stuttgart, although only three people were charged with criminal offences. [90] More arrests followed, after post-match fighting between supporters and police. Missiles were hurled on to the pitch, a rocket flare was released in the stands, and there were scuffles in nearby streets. [106][107][108][109][110], During Euro '96 the CCS, along with Celtic's CSC, Dundee's Utility, Partick Thistle's NGE, Motherwell's SS, St. Mirren's LSD and Aberdeen's ASC organised a well publicised fight with Chelsea, Millwall, Rangers and Airdrie's Section B Hooligans in the Centre of Trafalgar Square. [87] In the 1970s, the political Troubles in Northern Ireland spilled onto the terraces of the football stadiums. [54], Football violence in British stadiums declined after the introduction of the 1989 Football Spectators Act, and in the 2000s much of the trouble occurred away from stadiums or abroad at major international tournaments. [103][104][105], In the 1980s and 1990s these Hibernian hooligans had documented clashes across the UK with various mobs including notorious hooligan followers from such teams as Aberdeen, Leeds United, Millwall and Chelsea. [34] However, a 2016 inquest found that the 96 victims unlawfully killed due to failings by police and ambulance services [35], Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher made a high-profile public call during 1985 for the country's football hooligans to be given "stiff" prison sentences to act as a deterrent to others in a bid to clamp down on hooliganism. Leeds United were banned from Europe soon after, when their fans rioted after the 1975 European Cup Final [37] Daniel Taylor, writing in The Guardian in 2015, described the revelations as "a reminder about how hopelessly out of touch the establishment were when it came to football".[38]. ", This page was last edited on 18 October 2020, at 00:57. [98] Most Scottish football fans are against this behaviour, and authorities have taken several measures to reduce football hooliganism. [53] Fight participants sometimes posted live commentaries on the Internet. [67] Fernando Torres received death threats from Liverpool fans. [42], A riot on 15 February 1995, during an aborted England–Ireland friendly at Lansdowne Road in Dublin, resulting in 20 injuries and 40 arrests. Rio Ferdinand and Peter Ridsdale were targets of death threats from Leeds United fans. This incident attracted worldwide media attention with footage of both sets of casuals attacking each other and police. At the 2008 UEFA Cup Final when Rangers reached the final, Rangers fans and the ICF rioted in Manchester with a huge media spotlight[99], The oldest rivalry in Scotland is between Hibernian and Heart of Midlothian and contained a sectarian hatred from the outset as Hibernian were initially an Irish Catholics only club and Hearts represented the Scottish Protestant establishment[100] – however, this aspect of the rivalry is now almost non-existent. firm) fought with hooligans from the Newcastle Gremlins in a pre-arranged clash near the North Shields Ferry terminal, in what was described as "some of the worst football related fighting ever witnessed in the United Kingdom". [58][59], The English reputation improved as a result of good behaviour at the 2002 FIFA World Cup and the 2004 UEFA European Football Championship,[60] despite reports of the arrest of 33 England supporters in the latter tournament. The Hibernian CCS story has been told in books such as 'These Colours Don't Run' and 'Hibs Boy', and online by former notable members. Aberdeen, under the name Aberdeen Soccer Casuals (ASC), becoming the best known. Casual firms were attached to clubs such as St. Mirren (Love Street Division), Clyde (Shawfield Shed End Boys), Aberdeen (Aberdeen Soccer Casuals), Dundee and Dundee United (Dundee Utility), Hibernian (Capital City Service), Morton (Morton Soccer Crew), Motherwell (Saturday Service), Partick Thistle (North Glasgow Express), Falkirk (Fear) and Dunfermline Athletic (Carnegie Soccer Service). [66] Reading players Ibrahima Sonko and Stephen Hunt also received death threats from Chelsea fans in 2006. Stott, Clifford John T., and Geoffrey Michael Pearson, eds. Famous Glasgow Ranger Fans That Would Kick Your Heed In – Mike Tyson and Stone Cold Steve Austin Just the type of fellas you would want on your side for the Old Firm derby, wrestler Steve Austin as well as boxer and all round nutcase Mike Tyson, seen here donning Rangers shirts, no question about the vital passion and aggression that they’d bring to any Ibrox occasion.

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