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(July 2009) [edit | edit source] July 21, 2009 [edit | edit source]. The ENCOM Press Event was a success (for the FLO) - supporters gathered before Alan's announcement to brief on instructions for infiltrating the stage, and after heading to ENCOM's event Alan opened up (with an appearance by Lora) and announced the upcoming release of Space Paranoids Online.

While there will be a VIP section for ENCOM employees (i.e.

In 1997, Center City, CA hacker Matthew Roth is arrested for the writing and launching of the “Flynn Lives Virus.” A story based off one tiny, fascinating detail from The Next Day and the ARG. Participants decipher clues, hack into the Encom website, and attend live events as they begin to piece together the mystery. The Flynn Lives message boards and Group 7 ENCOM Intranet accounts were updated with information about the fallout from the press conference and Sam Flynn's stunts. The fictitious Flynn Lives Organization runs the website that contains several news articles that explain what happened plotwise between TRON and TRON: Legacy.

Free Return Exchange or money back guarantee for all orders Learn more. Secure Payments 100% Secure payment with 256-bit SSL Encryption Learn more. The trailer for SPO claims to be “classic gameplay for the 21st century,” indicating an appeal to generations both before and after the original Tron. Utilizing a barcode reader to extract the corresponding numerical sequences, players posted the full codes on

In addition to the new sites, the ENCOM Intranet has been updated with more emails and Group 7 updates. Evolution. They visited epic physical recreations of Flynn's Arcade and the End of Line Club, they played Space Paranoids Online, and all through the experience they were guided forward by Franchise stars Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund and Bruce Boxleitner. This allowed for the Flynn Lives experience to bridge the gap and create 28 years of connective mythology, games and interactivity.,, note thanking the player for helping to find Sam, two 89 logo stickers, an 89 logo pin and a Space Paranoids pin,,, Additionally, once the entire poster was revealed, an icon in the lower right next to the Yes Bit began blinking in a repeating pattern. Soon, we'll all be watched over by machines, machines of loving grace. Converting the dots from binary values indicates which cards to flip in a particular order - in doing so, the location of a secret forum was revealed. Putting them together led to Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Operation Tron, a Flynn Lives page promoting the San Francisco events, was found through the home page. The ARG has already incorporated puzzles with pixelated graphics and simplistic color palettes reminiscent of the early 80s arcade games. It contains a note thanking the player for helping to find Sam, two 89 logo stickers, an 89 logo pin and a Space Paranoids pin. Hydecker Designs (Check out the "A Message from the Archivist", and the "Renovating Encom International East" mentions Sam Flynn. Inside the locker are various personal effects: a camcorder featuring a video message from Sam to Flynn Lives, an MP3 player loaded with Daft Punk songs (Daft Punk is composing the TRON: Legacy score), and a copy of Kevin Flynn's book, The countdown to Space Paranoids Online expired, leading to the online game, and, A summary of the search for Sam Flynn is posted to. On February 18, a message began to slowly form beneath the countdown clock, listing 27 of city names around the globe. Language: English Words: 1,167 Chapters: 2/2 Comments: 3 Kudos: 11 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 44 Phase 2: Operation: TRON! The short film also features some scenes filmed as part of the real-world ARG, mainly the ENCOM Press Conference at WonderCon 2010. The TRON: LEGACY viral marketing program Flynn Lives announced tonight, via it’s Facebook profile, that fans who play the new Circuit Cycles online arcade game at the ENCOM Games Japan website and complete all 32 levels are finding a nice package in their mailboxes: a collectible set of all seven Flynn Lives postcards.. More importantly however, Space Paranoids provides a framework for the Tronverse logic. For many casual players, SPO serves as nothing more than a throwback to the original Tron. Four of them were put together and part of the code was cracked, revealing the url to (February–April 2010), Phase 3: Space Paranoids (April–May 2009). Evolution will provide us the next step in intelligent life, but it will come from somewhere unexpected.,, note thanking the player for helping to find Sam, two 89 logo stickers, an 89 logo pin and a Space Paranoids pin,,, Additionally, once the entire poster was revealed, an icon in the lower right next to the Yes Bit began blinking in a repeating pattern. A scavenger hunt began in 27 cities to find Tron wallets filled with arcade tokens, papers and collector's cards. Posts on the forum mentioned "ENCOM International", and going to. A news post on the Flynn Lives home page revealed that the group was going underground to plan their next move against ENCOM, and would not be communicating with players for the next few weeks.

Entering "Rio Fiamente" into the Sam Tracker page confirmed that Sam was at the Amazon Capoeira and brings up a link to Evolution is the greatest force in the material world. received a new look to match ZeroHour's more TRON-like theme. A newspaper article on the Flynn Lives forums discussed Sam's graduation from, One of the records mentions that Sam worked with. SPO maintains the same visual style, from the glowing neon labyrinth to the green targeting box, yet revamps the graphics to be slicker and smoother. One of them talked about the, Calling the phone number on the Perfect Parachutes accessed a voice mail mentioning, Use 27-38-24 as the combination to open Sam's locker. Its content was an animated gif image that showed CSS code lines.

At the end of the video, Alan confronts Roy, deciding to shut down the movement and offering Roy a place at ENCOM.

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