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This was 1968. #FIREGARRETTNOW.

(1 ) Creches and childcare centres; drugs rehabilitation centres (syringes and methadone have also been co-financed); advisory centres for families in difficulty or the elderly; combined library and swimming pool complexes; sporting and cultural activities; dance classes, fishing lessons; cafeterias; a centre for the integration of ethnic minorities; public showers; educational, (1 ) Crèches et foyers d'enfants; centres de lutte contre la drogue (les seringues et la méthadone ont également été cofinancées); bureaux de conseil pour familles à problèmes ou personnes âgées; biblio-piscines; activités sportives et culturelles; cours de danse, de pêche sportive; cafétérias; centre d'intégration de minorités ethniques; douches publiques; appui à la, The evening of the hit friendly meeting between Germany and Brazil marks the passing of two significant milestones on the road to the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011: the 44,825 crowd at the. The stadium experience has been degraded by greedy owners. The tickets are expensive, the snacks and beverages are expensive, and the parking is expensive. Where my body stays warm and my beer stays cold. In 2004, 66,328 attended each game, on average. And when you flex games for tv ratings, you’re losing in attendance because many people won’t be bothered with changing all their plans. tableau d'affichage électronique situé dans l'atrium du siège du Conseil à Bruxelles.

That’s not including food or parking! I think the NFL is at a crossroads, they have to admit that prices are too high and lower them ir continue to watch stadiums sit at far less than capacity every week, then there are these PSL’s where fans have to shell out thousands of dollars before they even can buy a ticket. well ok, so this article is saying that attendance is at a 15 year low. If … The hosts went into the match only needing a draw to win. Set the PVR, start watching at about half-time and catch up by the time the game ends all in the comfort of your jammies. Unlike basketball and hockey, football is far more enjoyable when watching on a TV. I personally find attending games to be a bit draining with too many dislikes. It’s house parties hosted by those who can’t get into the game. We went early to another Dallas game recently but won’t go back and this is why – too much loud frigging hip hop music. The NFL should raise the cost of attending games and hire some refs who make ridiculous calls. Sheffield United supporter • Oh, and that pesky thing about teams moving to places without stadiums (cough chargers cough), moving to a market that doesn’t care about having a football team (cough rams n chargers cough). If you're looking to take a trip to Mardid, you should be able to get a ticket for a Real match. According to David Broughton and Andrew Levin of Sports Business Daily, the NFL averaged 66,648 attendees at home games in 2019. However, so tired of hearing people complain about food/drink prices. is very small compared to what they get from the TV deals, yet the teams act like they’ll go broke if they offer reasonable ticket prices. The NFL better wake-up and wake-up fast, their plane is spiralling out of control. They famously did this with a white police horse called Billie - giving the game the nickname of The White Horse Final. It came to over 900 dollars.

By the time you drive 5+ hours to the stadium, the traffic jam after the game along with the 6+ hour drive home, I’ll take the in home relaxed experience with my big screen any day! It wouldn’t bother me in the least. There is also talk of a return of standing sections in the coming years. What we do know is that clubs like Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester City have plans to either develop their stadiums further or else completely re-design them. But now I find myself more and more watching less of it and not caring. It works the other way around too, of course.

“It’s really dangerous,” says Thomas Huard, chief clinical laboratory advisor at the Texas-based Campus Health Project. This was set at the 1984 Olympic Games Football Final played at the Rose Bowl in LA where France beat Brazil 2-0. Parking and ticket prices are valid complaints, however concession prices are NOT. For Power 5 programs, the primary revenue-generators are ticket sales, donations and television contracts, oftentimes each accounting for 25-35% of a department’s budget. Will we ever record 100,000+ attendance again? FIXXXXXXED. Have you seen the price of a ticket lately? Brutal cold in upper decks. Who wants to pay good money to watch 17 minutes of action crammed into 3 hours? 23 interesting things to do to pass the time until the football season restarts, The Blizzard has a great in-depth article, Football Grounds To Visit While You Still Can, Surviving football boredom - a football fans' guide. If you don’t care then why are you here daily posting multiple comments? If I lived in Ohio, and was a Homer, there’s absolutely zero reason to spend $200 per game day on a pair of tickets, parking, etc to see the hot garbage of either ends of the state. I usually find myself watching most of the plays on the jumbo-tron. Concourses are different widths and seating is a different size.”. Over priced food. Coffee, Coke, popcorn, peanuts, hotdogs (no, not bratwurst) were pretty much all the concessions available.

Now its around 250 plus over-priced drinks and below average food at top dollar. ), glac1 says: Sigh. Real are unlikely to better the attendance anytime soon - the modern day Bernabeu currently holds just 81,044. That other item about teams and the league trying to extort the public for a new stadium after they can’t even fill the one that they modified 20 years ago to fit more (cough raiders cough)… This generation doesn’t remember that Al Davis hustled the city of Oakland to put some crappy bleachers with “luxury” suites under them that totally wrecked the stadium – lost the nice view of the hills, killed the baseball experience, and the Raiders NEVER sold out when that section was open. Stop flexing games every friggin week. No issues with fans other than the normal unruliness of a few, but the cost was a joke. And anyone that believes the drop is ONLY 15% needs to take in a few Wash, TB, Cincy, Jax, LAC or half a dozen other teams games and you’ll see that a lot of those stadiums are LUCKY to be 30% full, so that 15% drop is an out & out LIE, I’ll bet it’s more like a 25-30% drop but the NFL and the media will never admit it because that’s their bread and butter. My son is a Pittsburgh fan, so he’ll drag me to western Pa. when my team plays there this season. The product is getting worse by the week due to the brutal officiating and league who can’t figure out their own rules (agree with WWE comment). I guarantee the 5% increase in TV is more eyes on the product the 15% drop of butts in seats. I went to Arrowhead with my then 9 year old son and my dad 4 years ago and had a moron behind us throw up all over the back of our seats in the 1st quarter. recherche de l'UE, les résultats du vote ont été annoncés et présentés sur un. The games are too expensive and the home experience is better for many fans. January 3, 2020 at 3:43 pm

Yet teams are still spending billions to increase capacity and upgrade facilities, all the while increasing ticket prices.

Less people see movies these days and ticket prices have gone up, but Hollywood continues to set new records hand over fist. Again, five clubs have been chosen at random: You can tell from that information that football clubs have turned the screw on supporters in remarkable fashion over the last three decades. It’s been like this for about the last 3 years now. $460 for the cheapest seat in the stadium. No coincidence that Spygate was revealed approximately 15 years ago and things have gone downhill from there. Tony Incenzo has been to over 2,000 football grounds - is he the world's barmiest football fan? “OH and how is gambling going to save anything, if someone makes a $100 bet on a team with Vegas or a bookie the NFL doesn’t see one penny of that money, PERIOD!”. We made great memory for my son and I’m glad we went, but it really is a better product at home on your HD big screen. Plain and simple. Now you can see a game clearly on a 65″ screen, why venture out if you don’t have to? It’s your only vote and voice, use it! == BTW they can continue to believe that the new TV contract will more than make up for it but in reality the new TV deals won’t as those suppliers aren’t going to bid as much as they used to if they have to share coverage with other stations, the only way the TV contract will increase is if the NFL grants each bidder exclusive rights to the game slot they’re bidding on and that’s never going to happen. The NFL is just fine. If you go back into the 50’s and 60’s and even into the 70’s and 80’s when I was growing up, there were not as many options for entertainment as there are today. The rule changes have turned some people off and to me while I prefer the NFL game to college football, it is hard to deny how great the gameday atmosphere is at college stadiums. Everyone hated getting flexed into night games this year.

The stats for QB’s and WR’s are so overblown because of the rules and officials, it sucks. Geez, the solution to this isn’t rocket science. Flags, commercials and too damn expensive for most people. Parroting the same tired “reasons” for attendance dropping when you’ve never been to a stadium really is dishonest. The rules suck. We look back on a time when footballers were ‘real men’ and could crunch into tackles, practically destroying an opponent’s career and simply call it a ‘proper tackle’.

It backfired for them when clubs refused to allow them to film in their stadiums and the Football League demanded an increase in player appearance payments. And what they aren’t telling you is that over a 10yr period viewership was down over 20% so its still is nowhere close to what it was at its peak and I’d bet that most of that 5% increase is from new overseas markets. Being there in person to see just how much standing around goes on while networks are going to 2-3 minute commercial breaks constantly is what makes at game experience the biggest scam. People do not want to spend big money to be inconvenienced, hassled and threatened. “It will challenge our system, but we’ve been actively involved in this since March,” says Karen Landers, the state’s assistant health officer. Not a member? The product unfortunately isn’t that great. My extended family travels to a Packers’ game every year. Many fans wearing some kind of sportcoat, even ties. Would it have been preferential to delay? A Populous survey earlier this summer found that 87% of college basketball and college football fans and concert-goers want to return to live events, but only 47% of them were “comfortable” in returning, the survey said. While the school encouraged fans to keep on their masks throughout the game, it permitted them to be removed while seated.

But what are those reasons?

I prefer watching the game on the comput’n machine.

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