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Your email address will not be published. I like to hear from hackers who are breaking things for either fun or profit and researchers who've uncovered nasty things on the web. Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP) News, Analysis and Cybersecurity Research. Backstory claims to "Extract signals from your security telemetry to find threats instantly," by combining log data with threat intelligence. Despite all its links to Google, Chronicle is keen to distance itself from the search giant. The company began as a product by X, but became its own company in January 2018. [3] Chronicle announced "Backstory" at RSA 2019 in March,[4] adding log capture and analysis to the family of products that include VirusTotal, and UpperCase which provide threat intelligence (Known Malicious IPs and URLs). Dig deeper! Analyze massive amounts of security telemetry to gain visibility and insights, at the speed of search. Backstory has separate legal and privacy agreements. Backstory should be considerably quicker than other products, at the speed of a normal Google search, according to Chronicle’s calculations. And in Alphabet’s Mountain View offices, Chronicle is taking advantage of some of the best minds in next-gen tech, sitting alongside artificial intelligence trailblazers DeepMind and Google Brain, Gillett added. Alphabet's Chronicle, the cybersecurity division that was spun out of X (formerly Google X), has just announced its first commercial product — a security data platform called Backstory. Chronicle sponsored this SANS white paper, written by Matt Bromiley, with the mission of exploring advanced threat detections at enterprise scale. Chronicle’s inaugural service, Backstory, does the same with business’ network data. I'm associate editor for Forbes, covering security, surveillance and privacy. I’ve been breaking news and writing features on these topics for major publications since. Join this session to learn all about what’s new in Chronicle and see it in action with a live demo. Chronicle, now part of Google Cloud, is designed for a world that thinks in petabytes. Under parent Alphabet, Chronicle launched Backstory in March 2019 at RSA Conference in San Francisco. An unparalleled global storage and compute infrastructure for analyzing threats in your network without limits. Detecting Malicious Activity in Large Enterprises. Rick Caccia, Google Cloud Security Products marketing lead, and Sunil Potti, VP of Google Cloud Security, explain. Google quality but without the privacy problems. Take advantage of our proprietary data and research with Uppercase. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. That means customers won’t have to worry about Google or other partner companies mining their data or sharing it for some commercial benefit. All contents © 2020 MSSP Alert and After Nines Inc. The Chronicle is inspired by the military field watches of World War II. No products have arrived until now, as Alphabet’s Chronicle announces Backstory. Chronicle gives you insight and visibility on a global platform. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. The overall SIEM (security information and event management) market is evolving rapidly — moving legacy client-server systems to pure cloud services. Chronicle creates tools for businesses to prevent cybercrime on their platforms. Chronicle, Google’s moonshot cybersecurity startup that was supposed to completely change the industry, is imploding. by Dan Kobialka • Sep 23, 2020. The product was built on top of Google infrastructure, benefiting from the Mountain View giant’s epic storage and compute capacity. It’s similarly slick and easy to navigate, even for relative neophytes. Using our Google-scale platform, security teams can send their security telemetry to Chronicle at a fixed cost so that diverse, high value security data can be … I'm associate editor for Forbes, covering security, surveillance and privacy. Enterprise-class Unified Endpoint Security (UES) paired with massively scalable, cloud-native security analytics. No products have arrived until now, as Alphabet’s Chronicle announces Backstory. “We are distinctly not Google,” said Gillett. Associate editor at Forbes, covering cybercrime, privacy, security and surveillance. The path to stronger, more affordable cybersecurity starts here. Our products combine intelligence about global threats in the wild, threats inside your network, and unique signals about both. Chronicle Detect is a threat detection solution built on Google infrastructure to help you identify threats at unparalleled speed and scale. Thanks to Chronicle’s mass of historical information from other Alphabet sources, in particular from malware repository Virus Total and Google resources, it has a good chance of pointing out whether something really is a threat or not. Learn more about the latest available with Chronicle! To take those folks on, the Alphabet company is also going aggressive on pricing. The Chronicle platform allows security teams to cost effectively store and analyze all their security data in one place to investigate and detect threats at Google speed and scale. As a freelancer, I worked for The Guardian, Vice Motherboard, Wired and, amongst many others. Join this session to hear directly from organizations about why they chose Chronicle, the impact and metrics they are transforming with Chronicle, and their experience with the rules engine. Moreover, SIEM tools have been gaining user & entity behavior analytics (UEBA), security operation and automation response (SOAR), and forensic analysis capabilities. “You dump everything in Google Photos, they structure it, they recognize faces, they give you themes, they store it in the cloud and allow you to understand it,” he told Forbes. Get to know us better. Get unique threat signals for earlier warnings. The move should be good news for MSP and MSSP partners that want tighter integration between Alphabet’s cloud and cybersecurity services. Understand what happens when malware runs, and uncover the relationships between the pieces involved. Google Cloud will absorb Chronicle, a sister cybersecurity company, Chronicle CEO Stephen Gillett confirmed today. Learn more about where we've come from and where we're going next. At the RSA Conference this week, the company is revealing a small batch of Backstory users, including truck manufacturer PACCAR; energy infrastructure giant Quanta Services; and Oscar Health, a health insurance startup. Rather than linking costs to the amount of data used like other cloud services, the product will be charged depending on the size of the company. The Google Cloud-Chronicle pairing isn’t surprising, especially since it aligns against Microsoft Azure Sentinel — another new SIEM-like offering. It’s like Google Photos but for business’ network security, says Stephen Gillett, Chronicle’s CEO. There’s a good amount of Google in Backstory outside of the analogy. Chronicle connects the dots across machines, IP addresses, and user identities, automatically. Google Chronicle has launched Chronicle Detect, a threat detection solution built on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) infrastructure.. Security teams can use Chronicle Detect to send security telemetry to Chronicle at a fixed cost and map it to a common data model across machines, end-users and threat indicators, according to a prepared statement. So when those Russian spies, digital gangsters and bottom-feeder cybercriminals already have network access and are mining data, Chronicle will cut them off before IT has to lift a finger. I’ve been breaking news and writing features on these topics for major publications since 2010. Global malware intelligence about threats in the wild. You can also subscribe without commenting. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In the future, Chronicle will look to take beneficial actions based on all that information and to automate protective measures on behalf of the user.

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