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But she wasn’t in great form.” Others point out she’d been suffering from menopause symptoms. The Princess of Monaco was 52 when a stroke caused her … The 1982 death of Grace Kelly in a car crash ended on the surface a charmed life!The charms, may have included however, some occult in nature! Kelly plays the role of Holden's wife. The Kelly family sold the property in 1974. As a result, she lost control of her 1971 Rover P6 3500[69] and drove off the steep, winding road and down the 120 foot (37 m) mountainside. She was eager, but public outcry in Monaco against her involvement in a film where she would play a kleptomaniac made her reconsider and ultimately reject the project. The costumes, designed by Helen Rose, were "safari style". [76][77] One author describes her as the "elegant glamour girl of the screen". You have a place in this world. "[81] Her daughter, Princess Caroline, took over as president for both the Foundation and AMADE Mondiale after her death, with Prince Albert as vice president. Following a car crash in Monaco in the 1970s, she was heard to swear off of driving forever. As Grace Kelly she became a big star in a relatively brief career of 11 Hollywood films.

[90] Her fashion legacy was even commemorated at the Victoria and Albert Museum of London, where an exhibit titled, "Grace Kelly: Style Icon" paid tribute to her impact on the world of fashion. "[60] The organization currently has cooperative branches across Europe, Asia, South-America, and Africa, and retains consultive status with UNICEF, UNESCO, and the United Nations Economic and Social Council, as well as participative status with The Council of Europe. Hitchcock brought her elegance to the foreground by changing her dresses many times, including: "glamorous evening short dresses, a sheer negligee over a sleek nightgown, a full-skirted floral dress, and a casual pair of jeans". You’ll get chills reading about these people who literally came back to life. Princess Grace of Monaco died in hospital last night of injuries suffered in a road accident in the hills near her home on Monday morning. She hadn’t stopped going places and doing things all summer long. [66], Grace and Rainier worked together in a 33-minute independent film called Rearranged in 1979, which received interest from ABC TV executives in 1982 after premiering in Monaco, on the condition that it be extended to an hour. Frank Sinatra was invited but did not attend. The story, based on the novel by James Michener, is about American Navy jet fighters stationed to fight in Asia.

Lauren Cahn is a New York-based writer whose work has appeared regularly on Reader's Digest, The Huffington Post, and a variety of other publications since 2008. [5] Her father, Irish-American John B. Kelly Sr.,[6] had won three Olympic gold medals for sculling and owned a successful brickwork contracting company that was well known on the East Coast. [9], Kelly had two older siblings, Margaret and John Jr., and a younger sister, Elizabeth. Logically, you should have died too,’ ” she said. Can't get enough of PEOPLE's Royals coverage? The purse, or Sac à dépêches, was likely a shield to prevent her pregnant abdomen from being exposed to the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

He photographed her without makeup in a naturalistic setting, a departure from the traditional portrayal of actresses. Her early acting pursuits led her to the stage, and she made her Broadway debut in Strindberg's The Father, alongside Raymond Massey. Her daughter Stéphanie, who was in the passenger seat, tried but failed to regain control of the car.

Said Kelly, "All through the making of Dial M for Murder, he (Hitchcock) sat and talked to me about Rear Window all the time, even before we had discussed my being in it.

[26][33] Director Alfred Hitchcock, who had also seen the 1950 screen test, would become one of Kelly's last mentors. [26] Kelly signed the deal under two conditions: first, that one out of every two years, she had time off to work in the theatre; and second, that she be able to live in New York City at her residence in Manhattan House, at 200 E. 66th Street, now a landmark. Others point out that perhaps Princess Grace had not received the best medical care. She also advocated to preserve the Belle Époque-era architecture of the principality. As for his dad, who died in 2005, Albert says he never recovered from the death of his iconic wife. Some family members claim Princess Grace had been suffering from high blood pressure, which is a risk factor for stroke. Princess Grace of Monaco died on this day 38 years ago.

One rumor suggests Stephanie, not Grace, was the driver, which would have been a problem because Stephanie did not have a driver’s license. At the Golden Globe Awards in 1955, Garland and Kelly both won awards for their respective performances. The palace also celebrated American Thanksgiving annually. [35] Eva Marie Saint, who replaced her, won an Academy Award for that role. Kelly and Rainier had three children: Princess Caroline, Prince Albert, and Princess Stéphanie. [44] At the time of her initial meeting with him, she was dating the French actor Jean-Pierre Aumont. [14], Despite her parents' initial disapproval, Kelly decided to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress.

[8][9] Margaret had taught physical education at the University of Pennsylvania and had been the first woman to coach women's athletics at Penn.

Princess Grace Died in a Tragic Car Crash on This Day in 1982. In this film, she stars opposite Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Celeste Holm. [9] After marrying John B. Kelly in 1924, Margaret focused on being a housewife until all her children were of school age, following which she began actively participating in various civic organizations.

First published on Wed 15 Sep 1982 11.32 BST.

The following day the church ceremony took place at Monaco's Saint Nicholas Cathedral, before Bishop Gilles Barthe. Brand said Grace's Roman Catholic faith "modeled, indeed sculpted, not only the public person, but the deep personality of her being" and that her accident "results in stupefaction, and provides no answers to the questions of life, suffering, separation and death". [1][2], Princess Grace's body was taken by a funeral cortege led by her husband, Prince Rainer, and her children, Prince Albert and Princess Caroline though the streets of Monaco-Ville from the palace to the cathedral. [100][101] Prince Albert of Monaco purchased the property, speculating that the home would be used either as museum space or as offices for the Princess Grace Foundation. Her daughter, Princess Stephanie, … American actress Grace Kelly starred in such movies as 'Dial M for Murder' and 'The Country Girl,' before leaving Hollywood to marry Prince Rainier III of Monaco. [56] As princess consort, she became the patron of Red Cross of Monaco and Rainbow Coalition Children, an orphanage run by Josephine Baker. If the brakes hadn’t failed, but the car was accelerating, then it’s possible whoever was driving the car had somehow confused the brake pedal with the accelerator pedal. [34][26], Kelly began filming scenes for her next film, The Bridges at Toko-Ri, in early 1954, with William Holden, for Paramount Pictures. In addition, she wasn’t overweight, which is another important stroke risk factor. Best known for her roles in the Alfred Hitchcock classics Dial M for Murder and Rear Window, Kelly won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in The Country Girl, the year before her fairytale wedding to Rainier in 1956.

[63] In 2003, the Henley Royal Regatta renamed the Women's Quadruple Sculls the "Princess Grace Challenge Cup." I don’t know.” We may never know the truth. [12] To start her career, she auditioned for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, using a scene from her uncle George Kelly's The Torch-Bearers (1923). Warhol made a portrait of her for the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia as a limited edition silkscreen in 1984. She won an Oscar for her performance in Country Girl, in 1954.

Before more scenes could be shot, Grace died and the film was never released or shown publicly again. As a result, it was speculated Grace had suffered a stroke while driving, rendering her incapable of hitting the brakes. Decades after her death, though, Monaco's royal family continues to honor Kelly.

[6] The representatives of several reigning and non-reigning royal families and governments were in attendance at the funeral. She went on to have three children with Prince Rainier: Caroline, Albert and Stephanie. [94] In 1992, Conant published Grace, a book of photographs that he took during her 26-year tenure as Princess of Monaco. In October 1953, she gained stardom from her performance in director John Ford's African-filmed adventure-romance Mogambo, starring Clark Gable and Ava Gardner, which won her a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

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