haunted hotels in california

Henry was accidentally shot by a drunk man in the hotel lobby before they could marry. I’m also a member of other affiliate programs. To see a spirit of California’s Gold Rush days, try the Sierra Nevada House in Coloma or the Groveland Hotel; or if you’re looking for a celebrity ghost, spend a night at the Chateau Marmont or Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Room 101 seems to have the most mysterious history of guests’ personal items disappearing, only to turn up in unusual places. As many as 150 spirits are said to haunt it, and is the site of 49 deaths (not including any that happened during the war).

After many years in service as a troop transport, refugee carrier, and regular passenger ship, the Queen Mary has picked up a staggering array of paranormal entities. Your email address will not be published. After William’s death, Sarah moved out west and purchased the San Jose home, and quickly set to work ghost-proofing it. Unusually cold rooms are reported during warm weather, elevators go up and down without being prompted, doors open and close, and one guest has even reported having a personal encounter with the ghost of Robert Keig, the second owner of the once working mill. The Hollywood Roosevelt is one of the famous haunted hotels in Los Angeles.

Killer Jack Unterweger had a history at the Cecil as well. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles. This post contains affiliate links. Icing on the cake is American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy’s statement that the hotel was the inspiration for the show’s latest season.

The upper floors of the hotel are known to be “hotspots” of paranormal activity. Let us know! Box 903, Brookdale, California 95007, 831-338-6433. A series of bizarre deaths tarnished the place’s reputation, and its fate was sealed when not one but two serial killers chose to make their home there. Flo was so heartbroken by the death of her fiance that she would be often heard crying day and night in her hotel room. This Titanic-lookalike rests in the Long Beach Harbor, where’s she’s … There have also been many late-night noise complaints of loud voices, stomping, and running down stairs near the bakery, which was once two apartments housing two women and two men. A little girl — possibly multiple children — have been heard running up and down the halls, laughing, on the second floor. The hotel remained in operation until it was destroyed by fire in 1902. The property was eventually turned into a hotel and renamed the Queen Anne Hotel in 1980. There are also reports of ghostly sightings of women dressed in 1930’s bathing suits hanging around the pool.
The Cecil is conside… Adding a business to Yelp is always free. That’s the floor where most of the paranormal activities have been known to happen. Ms. Morgan has often been spotted in the room that she stayed in – 3327, and upon the grounds of the resort. The Grande Colonial was once a popular hangout and temporary residence to the late Groucho Marx, and is said to be haunted by him as well as a a few other ghosts. This swanky Southern California hotel is known to be haunted by the restless spirit of Kate Morgan, the wife of a card shank in the 1800s who was allegedly murdered. Banning House Lodge, 1 Banning House Rd. The ownership was later passed to his son, Frank who began to add various architectural designs to the hotel from Spanish Gothic architecture to colonial architecture. After waiting five long days for her husband’s arrival, Kate committed suicide on the beach just outside the hotel – her cause of death ruled a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Sarah was the widow of William Wirt Winchester, founder of the famous gun manufacturer. This establishment was built shortly after most of San Francisco was burned by a fire after the great earthquake of 1906. Fact, or fiction, these Californian hotels no doubt have spine-chilling stories to tell. The rich and famous, and political elite during those days have waltzed around its lobby. Beverly Hills Hotel – Presiding majestically above Sunset Boulevard, the Beverly Hills Hotel has been welcoming royalty, legends, world leaders and luminaries to its luxurious accommodations since 1912. Today, a number of spirits are said to haunt this historic building.

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