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To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. - horrorview.com, "Paul Etheredge-Ouzts’ high-octane "Hellbent"... takes the slasher movie and gives it a clever and sexy gay twist." - Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times, "Pulsating with a kind of heightened fear tinged fascination The film starts off with an excellent, tense opening scene that will please any gorehound. Using plenty of familiar locations, the director even intermingles some genuine footage shot out on Santa Monica Blvd. Kevin Thomas, Times Staff Writer. However, he does take a bit of liberty regarding the actual geography of the city, surrounding it by a deep, dark woods (--albeit an appropriately creepy one.) This movie puts the “queen” in scream queen, but despite its marketing campaign HellBent has a lot more going for it than the cachet of being “the first-ever gay slasher film.” Besides, homicidal homosexuals and homophobes aren’t exactly new in cinema (see High Tension, Basic Instinct, Scary Monsters, Cruising, et al) — what makes HellBent so damn much fun is that its heart is in the right place (even if it does get brutally ripped out of its chest!). Take away the gay, and HellBent is still a funky-fab standalone in the Slasher 101 genre. Films and Regent Releasing. In fact, in several places the film itself pays homage to John Carpenter’s landmark “Halloween”, as well as to a few other similarly themed ‘classics’. So begins “HellBent”--the very first gay horror/slasher movie from Writer-Director Paul Etheredge-Ouzts and Sneak Preview Entertainment, in association with here! This movie is gay horror based on the halloween films. Eddie hears tell of the gruesome, possibly homosexually motivated crime that took place the night before from his sister, who’s carrying on the family tradition to protect and serve. Hellbent played the gay and lesbian film festival circuit throughout 2004 and 2005 before a limited theatrical release in September 2005. Sunset rolls around again bringing with it the big annual West Hollywood Halloween carnival, and four friends prepare for a night of raucous revelry on the streets of ‘Boys town’--just blocks away from the previous nights’ murder. As the young men grapple and pant, we’re shown a shadowy figure skulking ever closer. He also uses his location, especially the actual footage of the Carnival, to great effect, as his antagonist walks the streets unnoticed amongst the other costumed revelers, creating a sense that, even in a crowd of thousands, our heroes are very much alone. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books.

Proving Halloween in WeHo truly is a night of tricks and treats, “Hell Bent” hits selected area theatres on September 16; for more information, check out: www.hellbent-themovie.com. The director should have made a sequel to this given the way it ends but for whatever reason chose not to. While Hellbent adheres to all of the basics of Slasher 101, the characters and locales make for a refreshing change of pace. You can bet though, Jason, Michael, Freddy, and the rest didn’t have nearly the red-hot physique that this guy does! Etheredge-Ouzts stages some great kill scenes here, and the impact of them is heightened by the fact that we grow to care about these likeable characters, as these aren’t the one-dimensional victims we’ve grown accustomed to. They should.

The fab four decide to cut through the woods from their apartment, when they unwittingly play a prank on the devilish dispatcher (they think he’s just another hottie in costume). Reviewed in the United Kingdom on November 1, 2017. I also liked the fact that there is no backstory explaining the killer’s motives, nor is there any sort of revelation as to who he is or why he does what he does; this is just a silent killer who kills because he likes to, and that is fine by me. Hellbent (Here! The figure emerges in the moonlight, showing us a glint of scythe, a Mephisto-style devil mask, and some wicked six-pack abs before he strikes a fatal, tryst-ending blow.

I've always liked scary/slasher flicks, but with strong gay overtones? It's Halloween eve in West Hollywood, where a stalker, a scythe-wielding muscleman (Luke Weaver), zeroes in on four young roommates (Dylan Fergus, Hank Harris, Andrew Levitas and Matt Philllips) as they enjoy the revels. The film got a brutal reception, with many theaters refusing to carry it, while activists protested outside of the ones that did. It’s clear from the get go that Etheredge-Ouzts set out to direct a fun and scary slasher film in the vein of Halloween and Friday The 13th that boldy dares to set itself apart from all the other teeny bopper horror films by making all the leads homosexual. Should you see the film? Absolutely. So, if the thought of this sort of thing bothers you, then you should probably skip over Hellbent when it opens in theaters on September 16th. Reviewed in the United States on September 29, 2011. Flash forward twenty five years. Life is weird sometimes!

A wild, relentless ride that combines winning and appealing characters, unexpected surprises, and shocking scares, HELLBENT is a refreshing new classic for the horror genre. Other than that, I did enjoy it, plus the seller was very quick, it arrived on Saturday and I'd just ordered it last week! A gay themed scary movie? "Hellbent" (2004) is billed as the "first gay slasher film", and it is mostly a very good effort. - Staci Layne Wilson, Horror.com, "HELLBENT will most certainly set the standard for many gay themed horror films to come." the Death scenes are bruthel and sylishly done, the acting is good and script has well balanced hummour and all in all, it doesn't look, sound of feel, like a low budget fim. - Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times, "One of the most entertaining and ferociously original slashers to come along in quite some time." Video availability outside of United States varies. However the film makers have not let gay element drive the film or detract from its essence, which is horror. Having seen this film shortly after the first 2 seasons of Dante's Cove, I had a feeling that here!tv films was gonna revolutionize the normalization of the GLBT community and overall, I have yet to be discouraged. Pulsating with a kind of heightened fear tinged fascination one might experience from a hot, sexy hook-up suddenly turning ominous, it makes for one eye-popping thrill ride! Just as "Queer as Folk" brought the lives of gay couples home to mainstream audiences and lasted a nice healthy five season run, Hellbent will most certainly set the standard for many gay themed horror films to come. They could have picked up where Eddie and Jake left off...or better, they could do a remake of "Cruisin'"(the 1978 Al Pacino thriller), with Kirkwood as the villian. Visit my site for a full review! It’s "Queer Eye for the Dead Guy" in the first gay-themed slasher film Hellbent, written and directed by Paul Etheredge-Ouzts and executive produced by Joseph Wolf of Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street fame. - Leo Buck/ OC Blade, "This movie puts the 'queen' in scream queen... a pitch-perfect homage to old school horror... full-on gasping-for-breath horror... a funky-fab standalone. Slasher movie aimed at a gay audience but as a straight guy I had no problem with it. Paul Etheredge-Ouzst's high-octane thriller "HellBent," which screens tonight as part of Outfest, takes the slasher movie and gives it a clever and sexy gay twist. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on December 2, 2019, Pure camp cheese fest but worth a watch I really enjoy it, Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. In 1980, Al Pacino and William Friedkin teamed up for that decade’s most controversial film; the crime drama, Cruising, in which Pacino portrayed Steve Burns, a rookie cop recruited to go under cover into the New York “rough trade” community to flush out a serial killer preying on young gay men. There is murder, gore and some very funny momments. A group of four gay friends will have to fight for their lives to make it through a night where flamboyant costumes, beautiful people, drugs, music, dancing and sex are everywhere. Taking place at the famed West Hollywood Halloween Carnival, there is a serial killer on the loose.

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