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Hello Mr. He then scored an acting coup by being cast opposite acclaimed veteran actor Song Kang-ho in Jang Hoon's spy film Secret Reunion. Kand Dong Won oppa! Januar 1981 in Busan) ist ein südkoreanischer Schauspieler Leben. Been always a great fan of him. You're the best;)....mwah! Now starting to watch all his movie. hi everyone i want to watch the x but i cant find link. Now i'm waiting for him return in drama fater he finish military luckychi888 Oct 14 2012 3:04 am Kang Dong Won is tremendously hot !!! I accidentally watched his movie (the secret reunion) when i visited my friend’s house and like him ever since (I wasn’t a kpoper tho back in 2010), and a year later, when I’m into kpop and have a crush on many idols, but still he is my most favorite one! Gorgeous Gang Dong Won May 16 2019 3:07 pm Passerby Apr 30 2019 11:33 pm patoche1212 Apr 15 2012 9:11 pm Anyway 1987 is must watch movie. And i got goosebumps while watcing his scene from 1987 movie . His father, Gang Cheol-woo, was an engineer and later vice president of SPP Heavy Industries. He should play more movie /drama like the Duelist. venusseo Oct 01 2012 11:29 pm W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); Sakura Jul 02 2019 4:46 pm hope he can play a movie or drama with them. Cherry Feb 13 2018 2:24 pm Privacy policy i think he’s a cool kid. Happy 29Th Birthday To Dong-Won Kang! One of my favorite Korean actors who love to challenge himself with every role he takes and does not want to rely on his looks alone. shakespeare Aug 12 2013 4:25 am you can do all the roles you portrayed very well. jules Aug 22 2013 5:59 am I'm sure you will continue to become more and more successful & I'm looking forward to it. Tp Jun 22 2016 12:05 am After watching violent prosecutor last night i instantly fell in love with him. When I think of my first love, I can clearly remember the weather and smell of my high school days. He was then discharged November 12, 2012. Kang Dong Won (born January 18, 1981 in Changwon, South Korea) is a South Korean model, film and television actor. vivi Aug 28 2013 7:04 pm Words fail to describe all the emotions that I felt while watching his films. Sussy Oct 20 2018 10:27 am Letters must be adjacent and longer words score better. Kang dong won-ssi's face looks like a mix of Joo won-oppa and Yoo chun-oppa :D anyone with me here? I picked 3 movies that I really liked and made me feel a lot of things while I was watching. Definitely, I am your new fans♥. Without a doubt, he is a pure talent. keep it up. English thesaurus is mainly derived from The Integral Dictionary (TID). FIGHTING Dongwon Oppa :*. I dont know why but just feel so peaceful? great acting................really enjoyed all his acting .. but heis educated too.. good ... keep it up. I've watched every single of his works. im mistaken him to Jo woon lol, they are look a like❤️. I wish to see you more on small screen. Just watched his movie SECRET REUNION. Fighting! Oppaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! do you have Facebook or twitter or instagram account ? It's a must watch movie. Couldn't agree more about Song and Bae. If your reading these comments to judge if you should watch Woochi or not -YES - watch it! tomo Mar 24 2009 7:13 pm Give contextual explanation and translation from your sites ! I don't blame him for not wanting to do any kdramas anymore. sonsarae Jan 11 2016 9:49 pm Yesterday I just finish watching you're movie "M" (2007) . I hope nextime you will play Action Movie with GONG HYO JIN (QUEEN GONGVELY) please. :D, camellia Aug 01 2011 4:13 pm  | Last modifications, Copyright © 2012 sensagent Corporation: Online Encyclopedia, Thesaurus, Dictionary definitions and more. I want to see him on drama, DianaImnida Sep 28 2018 5:11 am I feel that I grow up steadily whenever Dong won repeats a performance very much! I just watched a duelist movie and instantly fell in love with him. Pleaseeee play a drama with song hye kyo. Everyone involved must have had so much fun making this film. I hope he's happy through thick and thin. Kang Dong Won is so sweet hot..His songs are good great,Kang Dong Won is so cute..

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