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For people who like to socialize and have as much fun as possible, Madrid is going to be very appealing. Check out the latest prices for—> Posada del Dragon. The city’s name comes from an Arabic word meaning place of many streams. In many ways, it is comparable to New York City, as it is a place that is always bustling with activity. That said, Madrid still gets very hot summers and beautiful spring days. One of the interesting facts about Madrid is that even if you don’t hear many people talking about it, but the altitude in Madrid is actually incredibly high. Madrid's name is derived from the Arabic word 'magerit' which translates to mean a 'place of many streams'. Madrid is the capital of Spain, and the 3rd largest city in the European Union, with about 6.5 million people.It is located on the Manzanares River in the centre of Spain. One of the cool facts about Madrid is that some people aren’t aware that Madrid isn’t just a city. Because Real Madrid is owned by thousands of people, so the club is automatically become the most valuable sports team in the world, which worth €2.5 billion ($3.4 billion) and the world’s highest-earning football club for 2013–14, with an annual revenue of €549.5 million. Despite this, there are others who think that the name was derived from Romans.

You will experience the full breadth of the seasons in Madrid and the locals really appreciate that. You might not know a lot about these Madrid facts yet, but if you take a look at these interesting facts about Madrid, it’s likely to stoke your interest in the area.

Madrid is an absolutely beautiful city with a history that is quite intriguing. Madrid's airport Madrid-Barajas Airport is the world's 10.

This museum is chock full of Madrid fun facts in regard to bullfighting. Madrid’s mascot is a bear feasting on berries from a tree, which represents the city’s wealth and growth. These districts are then further divided in wards. One of the most interesting facts of Madrid is that this city certainly has one of the most unusual ones, as their symbol is a bear feasting on some berries.

It had some advantages that made it a good location to start a settlement, such as its proximity to the Manzanares river and its elevated position. These art galleries are known as the golden triangle in many circles and they house some of the most important works of art in the world. Most of the city is around 700 miles above sea level.

The Reina Sofia modern art museum contains one of the world’s most famous paintings, Guernica by, The Royal Palace is one of Europe’s largest and has the world’s largest collection of Stradivarius. 3. This statue is located at a place where the city is at 666m above the sea level as well. 69 Trips, excursions and things to do in Madrid. It is one of Europe’s highest capitals at 650 metres above sea level. This means both cities have larger populations than New Zealand. The club’s huge stadium, Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, can easily hold almost 90,000 football fans. While the city of Madrid has approximately 3.14 million residents, the metropolitan area of Madrid has more than 6.7 million residents in total. The first documentation of Madrid dates to the mid-9 th century. Your email address will not be published. You see, Romans had a settlement by the Manzanares river in antiquity that was named Matrice, and some historians speculate that this is the origin of the name Madrid. Madrid has Spain’s largest and busiest airport. People have been arguing about the origins of the name Madrid for a very long time. Taxi drivers in Madrid tend to disappear when it starts to rain. If more information comes to light over time, it is possible that the true origin of the city’s name might be found. It became the capital of Spain in the 17 th century. This is meant to represent the growth of Madrid and ownership and possession of wood (required for building). Information about Madrid:: Interesting fun Facts about Madrid. The type of tree that the bear is trying to snatch berries from is a strawberry tree. After spending 5 years as digital nomads, and living in many countries in the world, we decided to make Poland our base. Posada del Dragon is a very unique, modern and colorful hotel. The altitude of the city means that you will have to watch out for the weather in the winter. It is the second-largest city in the European Union (EU), surpassed only by Berlin, and its monocentric metropolitan area is the second-largest in the EU, surpassed only by Paris. Ariel's Guide to Madrid. Madrid has fewer cloudy days than most cities in Europe. Madrid Facts.

Depending on your feelings on bullfighting, this could either be an interesting attraction or a detestable relic of the past. Churros dipped in chocolate are one of those popular snacks commonly found in Spain. Interestingly, the scientific name for a strawberry tree sounds kind of like Madrid in Spanish. null Montenegro Podgorica San Marino Warsaw Vilnius A N Ireland ... We Cross the Mountains - I Revisit My Island Summary, Madrid is the capital city of Spain, located along the Manzanares River, in the center of Spain, bordered by Castile-LaMancha and Castile and Leon.

Do you know any other Madrid interesting facts? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you don’t have the stomach for an actual bullfight but would like to learn more, then going to the museum is going to be a sensible option.

Madrid, Spain’s capital city’s pull is unquestionable. They may open at 9am and then close at 1pm for the siesta, and then open again at 5pm. So Madrid is also the name of a region that is not unlike a state or province. Another fun fact about Madrid is that you will find plenty of interesting things to do in Madrid if you are seeking some nightlife.

Madrid is home to one of the most successful football clubs of all time, Real Madrid. Of course, it is also possible to find good churros during the daytime and some of us will even eat it for breakfast.

Madrid has a very high number of trees per resident, and everyone lives within a 15 minute walk of a park. The Madrid Safari Park houses approximately 500 animals.

Find all facts and information about Madrid. In the European Union, Madrid is one of the most popular places to go for a University education. The bear is reaching upwards, standing on his hind legs, attempting to eat the berries. The rooms are original, different and quirky. One of the fun facts of Madrid is that the largest bullfighting arena in all of Spain is located in Madrid.

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