mgs3 stamina kill reward

When she rushes you, quickly put your gun away (or she'll take it from you) and fight CQC with her to knock her down. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You can also do a balance of the two. I've seen a lot of videos recently of people playing at the end doing Foxhound runs that seem like they either snipe The Boss with the Mosin, or try to CQC her to death. If I tranquilize one he will crush... and die. I beat The Pain & The Fear on my second try, and The End on my first. Plus you might get bonus things which make your next playthrough easier to do exploring with. Let's Play Live - It's Metal Gear Monday With MGS 3: Snake Eater! Instantly run off into the distance and go prone. Get your answers by asking now. So the first time, you can focus more on the story than exploring everything. Usually on her initial run at you when the battle starts I can get that one right. You're definitely going to want to go lethal on a couple of boss fights. Maybe the controls for Vita are a little off compared to if I was using PS3, Both offer advantages and disadvantages. But this technique looks like something fun to try. igotsodaxp 11 years ago #1. how do u get the reward? but if you want to not kill there's a cqc move that throws guys to the ground and you can hold them up. for me, it finally worked when I started pressing the CQC button when the ! Should I trade my PS4 pro for the new PS5. I'd like to add a fun and stupid-easy way to beat The Fear for those struggling. Wow that's a pretty perfect method. Where can I find a Dreamgear Lava Flow Wirless PS3 controller? This is when you want to hold the shoulders buttons L2 and R2. appeared above Snake's head. If I get burned twice, I'm dead, and I only get 3 Life Meds. Still have questions? You should naturally boost your body up above the flowers so you can see The Boss quite easily, while still possessing the 95% camo index. I was playing through MGS3 today and I was hit by a bunch of The Fear's crossbow bullets. (MGS3) Easy Stamina kill on The Boss. Shoot her with the tranqs only. Anyway with this tactic we were able to Stamina Kill him on Hard mode in under a minute and we took no damage! Its harder because you need to be a good shot. Why doesn’t my mom want to travel anywhere this year? Mookiethebold 11 years ago #2. I've seen a lot of videos recently of people playing at the end doing Foxhound runs that seem like they either snipe The Boss with the Mosin, or try to CQC her to death. It's rather easy. _Dura_ 8 years ago #2. Shoot him with the tranq pistol.

The best advice I can give is use the tranq pistol with the suppressor & shoot him when he's at the end of the hallways or just shoot him when his back is turned so he has a hard time finding you. The main problem people have is the flowers are meant to be in your face, obscuring your vision. EDIT: Dunno if anyone will see this, but didn't wanna make a new topic. The shot shouldn't be that hard, in my experience the most difficult part of the process is switching from the RPG to the Nagant. I was just wondering how to get a stamina kill on volgin when he is stood on the top of the shagohod. User Info: igotsodaxp. I'm sorry, I don't think there's one unifying strategy to beat this guy non lethal on extreme.

The greater it is, the faster he heals. If I get burned twice, I'm dead, and I only get 3 Life Meds. So tranq where you can, but don't worry if you don't do it perfectly. Ex-WH lawyers: Contract Melania's aide signed 'bizarre', Oscar winner explains why Trump 'must win' election, Manchester City's Aguero grabs referee in win, Former education secretary advocates year-round schooling, $421M in debt: Trump calls it 'a peanut,' but challenges lie ahead, John Leguizamo slams Latinx support for Trump, Florida coach's confidence couldn't beat COVID, Schools adopting trendy activity amid pandemic. This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time-Tyler Durden. Just wait until he starts chasing Eva. Mookiethebold 11 years ago #2. (MGS3) Easy Stamina kill on The Boss. Having low stamina (less than 50%) causes Snake's hands to shake while holding weapons. Is Vita not the best way to be playing this? The one verse in particular that wows me, and the main difference maker, is "You're headed for disaster, cuz' you never read the signs". I usually beat The End in a similar fashion actually. I have the Mosin Nagant and am using the Splitter combo. Either way just food for thought for anyone wanting to play the game a different way. stamina kill reward? Since there are many sighs about the boss fights, I thought it was a good idea to give a short guide as to how to prepare for and defeat the several bosses while holding a no kill streak. After finishing Raging Raven and Crying Wolf via stamina kill I got their unique camouflage face pattern. The initial burn does most of the damage but you can avoid some extra with this. Took me many days of attempts. Hope that confirms for ya. Otherwise he's going to prepare to blast off, you have some time to shoot him before he does. (ideally for the insane ppl aiming for Foxhound rank XD), Boss Fights Stamina Kill Guide and no kill tricks. Shoot her with the tranqs only. Answer Save. As long as another guard doesn't find them they will stay down I'm pretty sure. I've heard to hit the button when he grunts but never got the feel down. Is there any news that ps5 will be backwards compatible with ps1, ps2 and ps3 ? But Freddie's voice on chorus... mind blowing. User Info: DemonReacher.

The rest though I'm shaky at best. When the battle starts have the Snow camo, body and face. Best bet is to use snow camoflauge, thermal goggles, mosin nagant and mk22 as backup... Gain distance from her, crouch in the grass and shoot her in the eye with the mosin nagant.
Also make sure you're not too far from her on the last shot so you've got time to collect the snake camo :).
AmonSaulot 12 years ago #1. Enjoy the Snake Camo you get for the stamina kill.

U.S. answers. With CQC it's all timing, which I don't have any. Favorite Answer . Although first time players should stick to CQC since it makes for a great experience with the story. You can get one shot off on her when she is walking around trying to find you. (MGS3) Stamina killing The Fury on Extreme. 1 decade ago. But I'm trying. I thought that all you needed to do to counter the Boss' CQC moves was to press the CQC button right at the moment Naked Snake grunts when she grabs him. I have to be doing something wrong here. Relevance. I've died to this guy probably 50 times. Other than that, it was lots of perseverance, luck and learning his patterns, especially at the beginning of the fight for good headshot opportunities. Is learning how to use controller hard with Playstation? Before I could fill it up and it would stay up for a while. It's irritating because I imagine it'd be much easier if I'd just killed them and been done with it, wouldn't have had to worry about them waking up. The End was the legendary "Ancient Sniper" of the Cobra Unit. I've heard about laying by the north door and sniping him, but that only works until he gets near me, and even when switching to the Spider camo, he'll still see me. User Info: Mookiethebold. When she gets to her feet she wouldn't hear the shot like she would the Mosin, and instead have the questions marks (Where are you?). When this happens face him then shoot him quickly while holding the L1 button (there's no time for first person aiming unless you wanna get fried.) At that point, I'm trapped. If he's going to use his flamethrower, you will see a little fire out of the nozzle first. It is a brutal fight but at least it makes you feel THE FURY. It makes for a more fun second playthrough to do your exploring then. With CQC it's all timing, which I don't have any. _____ Spoiler! I cured as many as I could but I saw one left in my arm. Maybe I should've just not worried about kills for my first run, since I don't know where anything is and it's probably easier doing a no-kill run if you know where everything is already. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the metalgearsolid community, Press J to jump to the feed. Didn't realize until the Volgin fist fight trophy that it was having to deplete the boss' stamina. I thought snake's stamina had to be full while the boss died in order to get the stamina-kill reward. It's harder and usually rewards you for it. Mosin Nagant, or Mk22. What do you guys think, should I have saved the no-kill run for my second playthrough? In MGS3 why is my stamina all of a sudden dropping so fast? i kn User Info: kamikaze135. He can't seriously be this hard. I have no idea how to tranq him to death. With the Mk.22 or Mosin, you can speed up the rate of fire by firing, then unequipping and reequipping the gun. I don't know if it's just me but sometimes I like to use the Cigarette Gas Spray against those 2 as well.

He's unpredictable and I can't tell where he is half the time. When you use non-lethal means to KO a boss, you can get a special camouflage from them. Well after every Mosin shot she hears you cause it lacks a silencer and will shoot at you.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Use the cardboard box to fan the flames out more quickly than rolling or changing camos.

I fill it up then it would be back at zero within a minute or two of me doing nothing at all. Eating food replenishes stamina. Don't forget to immediately change your clothing when you catch on fire. Hey guys, I think I'm maybe halfway through MGS3 (first time ever) I'm trying to do a no-kill run but I've definitely killed a ton of dudes anyway. PlayStation 2 Sale Kicks Off on PAL PS Store, Send a private message to Moonwalker Morris, (including a funner boss fight late game, if you kill). You can watch the stun grenade method here. I am Shalasashalashsashsashmeya Sashalashasaka.

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