most watched sports in the world

This is one of the longest standing and most reputable sports out there with a fan base of over 1 billion people! Conversely, as long as I'm not playing team sports with long time players, I wouldn't stand out as plain awful. Everyone; America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia.

Tennis – The modern game of tennis was first played in England as Lawn tennis in the mid of the 19th century. Everyone can play Table Tennis. Pingback: Uefa Champions League Winners Since 1997 | Pledge SportsPledge Sports, Pingback: 10 Sporting Events With The Biggest Prize Money | Pledge SportsPledge Sports, Pingback: 10 Most Iconic Sports Pictures Of All Time | Pledge SportsPledge Sports, Pingback: Crowdfund Your Way To Where You Want To Be: Top 10 Crowdfunding Reward Ideas | Pledge SportsPledge Sports, Pingback: Most Popular Sports By Country | TalentbackerTalentbacker, Pingback: 10 Niche Sports You Know Nothing AboutPledge Sports, Pingback: The Top 5 Health Benefits Of Playing Tennis | SHL, Your email address will not be published. It is played by 250 million players in over 200 countries, making it the world’s most popular sport.
Field hockey!!! About 2.2 Billion people from around the world watched the Cricket World Cup 2015 on their televisions. No idea when or why the English started calling soccer "football", but they certainly invented the term, and exported it, and you can't expect the entire rest of the English-speaking world to fall in line with your own whims and preferences of language. Thats why players like Kobe and Nash preferred soccer but chose bball because they could be all stars in basketball.

The first league for the sport was created all the way back in 1876 and the sport has been growing since. Cricket world cup is the 2nd most-watched sporting event (FIFA world cup takes the cake). The PGA Tour an… In another set of arguments that are stated by the average American modern are stuff along the lines of physical strength and being "big" and "bulky". The sport can be played by anyone who can hold a racket, including wheelchair users.

Well, the name itself confirms that this sport is the most popular one. Baseball is to the american empire what cricket is to the english: played by countries that were owned by these two herpes of civilization so you have Japan, Korea, Taiwan and a few others there as well as Mexico,a few central american and south american countries and a few islands like Cuba/ Dom.Republic. But like I said I played everything else. Pingback: One Subject Infographic – Caroline Assumma, Pingback: Richest Sporting Events In The World | Pledge SportsPledge Sports. The list of most watched sports leagues across the world feature some surprising additions. Finally, your comment about a team height restriction for basketball might be the most bad statement I have ever heard. According to recent statistics, Field Hockey has currently got a fan following of over 2.2 billion people from across Europe, Asia, and Africa. You still have to make it in the net too. All racing and rodeos are Bull$#@!

There is no professional league competition comparable to the UEFA Champions League. and what parts of the body can a non goal keeper use. Furthermore, the popularity of this sport has been evenly distributed around the world which accounts to its fan base of 900 million around the world. It has a fan following of 2.5 billion people and is the second most watched sport in the world. Every weekend me and my little boy play ping pong, and i think its a great source of fun and also give lot of fitness benefits. Sky Sports (United Kingdom) Sky Sports is one of the best sports channels of United Kingdom. No one is talkng about tennis. During most of the 19th century, the term tennis referred to real tennis, not lawn tennis. North Americans may be surprised to find cricket on a list … I will gladly take a passport and a ticket to Spain or the UK, then I will be appreciated. copyright, contact Total fanbase:450 Million In the 10th place on our list of most watched sports in the world is Golf. (Ok, not specifically, but bear with me) The year before pads were instituted 100 collegiate players DIED playing American Football. Most Watched Sports:  The game has a moderate level of popularity on the Internet. In 2016, the NBA sold the TV rights deal for a staggering $24 billion for 9 years. First off, this is one of the oldest sports in this list having been established in the 13th Century in Scotland, and it has successfully spread around the world so that it now has a total of 450 million fans across Europe, Asia, and America. Attendance is a good measure of popularity of any sport… i'd be grateful for an answer. The viewership of the sport mainly comes from the US, the UK, Japan, and Korea.
A game played between two teams with 11 players each, achieved its popularity after the introduction of the T20 format. Last but not least at number 5 is Tennis. Do not make any allegation of xenophobia as I do not hate "Americans", I love USA and I love the forefather's ideals of freedom and true democracy, but I do pity the uneducated patriots that do not understand the world, who are not bilingual/multilingual, and who think USA is greater than any other nation while clearly USA stands very low in comparison to most 1st World countries. Actually, I believe most sports that are played in the Olympics require more fitness than Football and Baseball. The objective of the game is to sco… It never changed in America. Association Football (Soccer) - 4 Billion Fans . Whatever your view suck it up, and also just to let you know that American football is bad, baseball is bad, basketball i love playing but again watching it now, just like all american sports, it stops every 5 minutes for a time out, and just so USA (the center of the world) its all rubbish! This would account for its vast reach. I dont care. The third most-watched competition become the third most-watched sports competition in the world behind the FIFA World Cup and Rugby World Cup.

The four Grand Slam tournaments (also referred to as the Majors) are especially popular: the Australian Open played on hard courts, the French Open played on red clay courts, Wimbledon played on grass courts, and the US Open also played on hard courts. We all have our favorite sports, but which sports are the most popular around the world? etienne Sigouin john doe • 3 years ago, FlyingNimbus924 Carlos Acosta • 4 years ago, Soysauceyy Carlos Acosta • 4 years ago, Pedro Skirving Soysauceyy • 4 years ago, mikeorgan1955 whodafukisu • a year ago, Mr. Hunter Grimm Guy who hates James Spanks • 6 years ago, Outer Daemon James Spank • 6 years ago. Tennis players enjoy a pretty good presence on social media. First of all Canada is involved. A number of contests may be arranged in a tournament producing […] 5 Volleyball: 900 million (Western Europe and North America) Don't like American football? Cricket/Baseball are absolute rubbish, you would get a better workout hanging out at the beach/lake. It is one of the most-watched sports in the UK. I love hockey. The same could be said about Macedonia, Belarus, Central Africa, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, the former United African Republic (= Egypt + Syria) or even better the former United Provinces of Río de la Plata (= Argentina + Uruguay), initially known as United Provinces of (South) America, as they would have liked to unite whole South America. However, in comparison to the other sports in this list, it doesn’t involve any direct competition as there is no face to face challenge or any adrenalin-pumping action, it instead focuses on patience and personal skill. This game has been around since the 3rd Century BC, having been established in Europe and Asia as well. Football is a family of team sports that involve, to varying degrees, kicking a ball to score a goal. Most Watched/Popular Sports in the World The three most popular sports in the world are: Football/soccer, Basketball, and Cricket. Countries like Nepal, Afghanistan& Kenya are poorer than India so they don't give a damn about any sport! Like how many pro clubs there are to try and make it pro.

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