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My Inner Demons- One-Shots & Scenarios Fanfiction. I spun the bottle first, it landed on Noi.

"She's not leaving. #asch All you could think about was him. No one is stabbing anyone!" Where Pierce grabs the Soul, and Asch casts a ring of fire around Pierce, while everyone bows while Asch checks on them.

Against everyone's shock, he apologized for his actions to Ava. My Inner Demons Theory. I chuckled before I spoke,"Is it true that you have a crush on Lorelai?" "Is it ice cream!? Nothing else is gonna happen.... Asch wiped the saliva trail from our mouths before I turned around slowly to see red faces. #noi I could hear Ava taking pictures of us. My Inner Demons by Secret~ 5.3K 77 8. But something about Earth has made me change my mind. Reader] Growing up, till you turned the age of eight, your parents have grown further apart and no longer feel any love for one another.

"Whatever! "...I guess I'll give him a try..but if I see him touching you like that ever again, I'll keep you two apart for good.". Asch, Leif, Noi, Pierce, and Rhys hunt down the last human soul on Daemos. She said cocky. #rhys I sat back where I was originally sitting. My theory is that Asch was a prince so he had to have men and it was rhy's ffor the smarts , leif as an assasin and Noi as a distraction / powerdrain? We have been watching Net-flix all day" Rhys said as he turned to you "um alright but what do you guys wanna do?" #daemos You stuttered in embarrassment. You still did... You lay face-down on your bed burying your face in the pillows.

Magic began to flow through his hand as you felt the alcohol leave your body. Then look no further than this oneshot book! (Pronounced "E - erth" by Asch) And Asch, followed by Pierce, Leif, Noi, and Rhys, go into the new world.

He sighed before carrying you inside. "Oh ok.." Wair if he was in here for that long does that mean he watched me change!? In the episode "A Spa With Daemos" this is also shown when Ava trips in the spell pool (which Ava believes is a hot tub) and he laughs, which is one of the only times he's seen genuinely happy. Lovely one-shots and scenarios! I just want to stay. ""Of course not!" ——————Boss: "hey y/n!


"I push away from Pierce quickly. #leif Ask your worst Noi." Ava thanks them for taking care of her, to which Asch responds "Don't flatter yourself, human. He's already so close.. "ugh let's get this over with" I heard from the voice near me"W-WAIT WHA-" is all I could get out before I got cut off by Leif kissing me, I don't know what to do but soon I melted in to the kiss, After some time I heard a SNAP I felt Leif pull away and we both looked at [y/n] to see her giggling with her phone facing us, It was so cute so I couldn't resist to take pictures. All the Daemos boys x Ava so its a 5 boyfriends, 1 girlfriend thing lol This is book has be Discontinued. Humans are way more evolved than us Daemos and from my observations, they truly value education, peace and doing things in a way that magic isn't necessary. Face-to-face with the daemos prince, his hand grazing your outer thighs, he whispered in your ear: "as you wish, princess..." as his lips connected with yours. It never works, so now he's using the advantage of us being on steps and him being on a higher step to look taller still. But Asch doesn't really seem to like that, he always glares at Leif and Pierce. #demons #ava ...I want to stay. Asch whined,"You watched me change!?"

Your both tomato's!" She and Noi then use the soul to open a portal to Earth. Asch wears black skin tight armor, along with a fluffy red and cream robe that is hooked on by a silver clip around his neck. He whispered back while sitting on my bed. I dare you to wear your maid outfit" Leif said while STILL holding Noi You had once gotten a maid outfit for a cosplay of a anime character but never wore it since it was 'revealing'You blushed but got up and went to your room, "that'll teach her.. " Leif said Noi was basically dying at this point Leif noticed that Asch was slightly blushing "you can't wait to see her in that outfit huh?" I didnt realize that." Asch's personality is demanding, rude, and harsh. He likes to do everything his way. "Y/N I dare you to make out with Asch right here right now.

Read Asch x Werewolf Reader from the story •My Inner Demons•Various x Reader by slipquiziq (slipquiz) with 5,483 reads. #mystreet I whispered loudly,"Yeah so what?

Leif blushes even more and stays silent as he still holds Noi, After 5 minutes or so you come out of your room with the outfit on as you sit back in the circle as you see Asch covering his face from blush, Leif laughs at your embarrassment as you stare daggers at him "Noi truth or dare" you ask while still blushing"U-um Dare?" As we're all eating, I feel a warm hand rub up my leg.I look over to Pierce and he just has a smug look on his face.He runs his hand up to my thigh and keeps rubbing it.I accidentally let out a small moan. X reader oneshots are my specialty! ! I don't want to think about it. I especially want to leave my past behind. I want to be here.

"YOU TOUCHED HER! Or perhaps you wondered what it could be like to court the Demon Prince? How they ask you to be their girlfriend/boyfriend, Leif x reader(Meeting your other friends). I refuse to play with myself... my dreams are often dirty enough of my thoughts of him. Asch does seem to somewhat have a soft side, revealed when Ava grabbed his horn to see if it was real or not - he began to blush like crazy.

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