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The move towards becoming a couple is a slow process for them as they try not to acknowledge their growing feelings for each other at first. Meanwhile, Reggie's 16-year-old sister Samantha "Sam" argues with their stepmother Doris, who Sam implies is cheating on her father. [16], In October 2018, Orion Pictures hired Roxanne Benjamin to write a sci-fi-horror remake of the 1984 cult classic. Personally, I would prefer Zhang Yu Jian’s partnership with Janice Wu in Le Coup de Foudre than with Lu Zhao Hua in this rom-com. [6] Author Neil Gaiman wrote in 1985 that the film was "one of the most amusing, witty, imaginative, and thought-provoking films I've seen that was made with no budget and is also cheap exploitation. They harvest their untainted blood to keep the disease at bay while they search desperately for a cure. Title: The Night Of The Comet II (彗星来的那一夜2) Hui Xing Lai De Na Yi Ye 2Episodes: 20 Release Date: July 12, 2020 Film Location: Hainan Summary: The drama tells the story of the male and female lead who change their life trajectory due to the coming of a comet and search for true love amidst the changing of time and space. Audrey White, a disillusioned scientist, offers to dispose of Sam, who she diagnosed as having been exposed to the comet due to her developing rash and to wait for Hector to return.

[8] MGM released the film on DVD in the US on March 6, 2007. [13] Keith Phipps of The Dissolve wrote that the film's cult following comes from how matter-of-factly it treats its weird premise. Even the 16-episode Well Intended Love Season 2 has a secondary couple.

Mystery; They are cute together but that cuteness fades pretty fast for me once I got used to seeing their interactions.

His thugs killed Xiao Xin’s mother and then burnt his father to death. For the Season 2, the main couple ends up together. The consensus reads: "Valley Girl culture satire Night of the Comet gets lots of mileage out of its slapstick sci-fi zombie approach.”[4], Variety wrote that Eberhardt "creates a visually arresting B-picture in the neon-primary colors of the cult hit Liquid Sky as well as pointing similarities with Five, The Day of the Triffids, The Omega Man, Dawn of the Dead and Last Woman on Earth. For the women, he was inspired by Ginger Rogers. She is annoyed to find the initials DMK have the sixth highest score on the theater's Tempest video game, on which all the other scores are hers. Zhen Zhen is Xiao Xin’s aunt from his father’s side.

She has to live stream her dive at Blue Cave and she will be joined by the CEO himself which is Sen He. Alas, tragedy strikes and as Lin Sen He tries to save Bai Xiao Xin from an accident, he is pulled into an ever-changing time and space., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Thomas Coleman and Michael Rosenblatt Productions, Peter Fox as Dr. Wilson, one of the researchers, Chance Boyer as Brian, the young rescued boy, This page was last edited on 4 October 2020, at 04:38. Hector leaves to check if any of his family survived, but promises to return as soon as possible. Then, Xiao Xin and Sen He are seen on the beach for some sweet talk to end the drama on a happy note. Having said that, I also have to mention that this rom-com isn’t exactly up to my taste either. The comet was producing intense electromagnetism which engulfed the Bin Jiang Tunnel causing Cheng Hao to collide with another car driven by a woman. She heads home to find her sister and they surmise that because they both spent the night in steel containers, they were saved from the comet's effects. Alors que Cheng Hao sort du véhicule accidenté, il s'évanouit. While the romance itself isn’t anything extraordinary, I would say watch it for the laughs and cute moments as it is essentially a stress-free drama. No Annoying Sub-Plots And Side Characters. After Reggie pairs up with Hector, and takes parental roles with the kids, Sam feels left out. She is now a divorced woman with a son, Lin Lin. The main attraction of Sanming Island that Sen He wants to promote is scuba diving at Blue Cave. Back at the base it is revealed that the researchers had suspected and prepared for the comet's effects, but inadvertently left the ventilation system open and the fans running during the comet's passage. Mr recommendation is to give it a go if you have nothing better to watch while waiting for something else that is more interesting. On the scheduled day, Sen He gets mad when he finds out that Xiao Xin has lied. But his close relationship with Sen He remains unchanged. Her best friend is Dan Dan. His henchman is Huang Wei De who used to work for Lam Group and one of the crew listed as dead in the shipwreck. It originally aired on Thursday, September 17, 2009. With only 20 episodes in total which is considered short for a C-drama, The Night Of The Comet 2 does have the ingredients for a short and sweet rom-com. [2] The film is also noted as one of the first mainstream films to carry the MPAA PG-13 rating. His parents died in a shipwreck when he as a kid and he was brought up by his grandfather.

It has a Rotten Tomatoes approval rating of 77% and has since become a cult film, influencing the creation of Buffy Summers. Hence, if you like such cute couples whereby the girl is short and petite while the male is tall and good-looking, then you might enjoy this immensely. Her parents died while she was very young and she lives with her aunt.

As they listen to Reggie, Sam and Hector debate what to do, the scientists note that the zombies, though less exposed to the comet, will eventually disintegrate into dust themselves. Night of the Comet grossed $14.4 million in the US on a $700,000 budget. As they drive off, the car is shown sporting the initials "DMK" on the vanity plate. Early in the production, they attempted to have him replaced.

Copyright ©2019 - C-Drama Love. The chemistry between Lu Zhao Hua and Zhang Yu Jian is good but I wouldn’t say it is off-the-charts either. Required fields are marked *. Synopsis : Lin Senhe, patron arrogant de 30 ans, et Bai XiaoXin, dramaturge de 20 ans, se rencontrent lorsque Bai XiaoXin passe enfin l'entretien pour jouer le rôle d'un présentateur de l'émission de Lin Senhe afin de promouvoir l'île Sanming tant attendue. They described the film as "a successful pastiche of numerous science fiction films, executed with an entertaining, tongue-in-cheek flair that compensates for its absence in originality. The following The Night of the Comet : II (2020) Episode 6 English SUB has been released. Alas, tragedy strikes and as Lin Sen He tries to save Bai Xiao Xin from an accident, he is pulled into an ever-changing time and space.

After all, there is a 10-year age gap between Sen He and Xiao Xin who is suppose to be inexperienced when it comes to love. So, yes, you will get the usual accidental kisses and domineering boss situations.

Cookies help keep this website active, thanks for your support! In other words, there is no side couple in this rom-com which is kind of rare. Upcoming Chinese Shows You're Excited For. They come across another survivor there, Hector Gomez, who spent the night in the back of his steel truck.

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Sen He and Xiao Xin’s relationship develop naturally through daily interactions. The Night Of The Comet 2 actually reminds me a little of Put Your Head On My Shoulder because of the height difference between the male and female lead. The Night Of The Comet II Poster Drama Info:. The episode was written by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec and directed by Marcos Siega. So, yes, you will get the usual accidental kisses and domineering boss situations. Mr. You is Qing Ze’s father and Executive Chairman of Lam Group. They can’t match the really good pairings that can leave your screen sizzling such as Dilraba Dilmurat and Johnny Huang in Love Designer. Fantasy; A vortex suddenly appears while they are underwater. The next morning, a gloomy reddish haze covers the sky and there are no signs of life but piles of red dust and heaps of clothing everywhere.

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