pharsalia translation

Caesar’s strategy, involved vast labour, to link the opposing heights, with an immense earthen rampart. When Caesar thought the battlefield drenched enough in. in that carnage, that of Domitius, the stubborn warrior, whom fate led from defeat to defeat, never absent when. If it is granted to men’s minds to foreknow misfortune, what wonder those whose last day loomed quaked with, intense fear! when shipwrecked to seek help from another crew. to a generation, and prevent the birth of unborn nations. rapid strokes driving the tall ships through the water. His, hand was severed by a downward blow, but still, gripped the side stiffening as the blood left it. the destruction of the nations. As a southerly, filling the swelling sails, drove the fleet on, ploughing the open sea, the mariners gazed ahead over. to burst the gates of the treasury, Saturn’s temple, Metellus stubbornly hastened there, slipped through, the ranks of Caesar’s men and before the lock was, shattered, stood before the gates. The right wing of the host was entrusted, to you, Domitius Ahenobarbus, a brave but ill-starred, captain. Would that the Romans might have found such sleep, blessed, by such a night. When Pompey rode. and her towers were razed, we fled to this foreign shore, and owe our security to our fragile walls; our only, claim to fame is our loyalty. The riches of many kings and of Pompey lies there, to be claimed by its new lords: soldiers, make haste, to outrun the fugitives; or all the wealth Pharsalia, brings you the vanquished will seize.’ What ditch, or rampart could impede his men, seeking the spoils, of war and wickedness? The standards too, could barely be plucked from the soil, their great. Each soldier wielded his usual weapons, all alike after. held the left, with the first legion, the readiest for war, and the fourth. nor the armies who opposed him, content to see them rivals. Forget the camp, you will find another in that place from which their. [C. Martindale, "Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies", University of London 23 (1976) 47]. This height, seemed to him ripe for fortification, providing a secure, site to pitch camp. Caesar, your wicked prayers to the gods prevail over mine: we, shall fight. followed by noble Gauls and blonde Britons! patricians would have sanctioned such. A baleful Sun rose from Ocean, slow to answer the summons, of the eternal law, driving his steeds more fiercely than ever, against the revolution of the sky, urging his course backwards, though the heavens whirled him on, and ready to suffer eclipse, and the loss of his light, drawing cloud to him, not to feed his. abundantly. where the Phasis cleaves the Colchians’ rich fields, where the Halys flows that doomed Croesus, where, the Tanais falling from the Riphaean heights, bounds, Asia on the one side and Europe on the other, granting, the names of two worlds to its banks, separating them, and with its winding adding now to one continent now, the other; and where the Black Sea gathers the flow, from the Maeotian Lake, so that men deny that Cadiz, is the only outlet to the Ocean, and Hercules’ Pillars, are robbed of their uniqueness. Most of the Greek fleet. Would that Pharsalia’s plain might have been content, with the blood of foreigners, theirs the gore that stained. more eagerly to his fate, his mind prepared for ruin. There they could see fathers’, and brothers’ faces opposite, weapons at their side, yet, chose to hold position. Ah, if on his return to Rome he had merely. Growing near his outworks, spared by earlier wars. When the army made for Thessaly’s, fields, the whole sky opposed their march, hurling, meteors against them, columns of flame, whirlwinds, sucking up water and trees together, blinding their. Now the cavalryman lengthens, his spurs and checks the reins and bridle. a passion for war, but was what we see endlessly, the battle between power and freedom. A banquet is held; Pothinus, Ptolemy's cynical and bloodthirsty chief minister, plots an assassination of Caesar but is killed in his surprise attack on the palace. The Romans now deployed the wings, in open, order; the space between the vessels allowing, entrance to the enemy ships. while serpents slithered and twined about their trunks. Even now, though men fear the victorious tyrant’s spear. Finally, in another break with Golden Age literary techniques, Lucan is fond of discontinuity.

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