quest for camelot garrett

And there was no place for me.

Thank you!

T … Devon Company Credits : [dancing with Garret at their knighting ceremony]. Like every tree stands on its own,/ Reaching for the the sky, I stand alone./ I share my world with no one else./ All by myself, I stand alone/ I've seen your world/ With these very eyes./ Don't come any closer,/ Don't even try./ I've felt all the pain,/ Heard all the lies,/ But in my world, there's no comprimise./ Like every tree stands on its own,/ Reaching for the the sky, I stand alone./ I share my world with no one else./ All by myself, I stand alone. For reminding me why I'm a hermit. : Kayley Oh. Garrett : You *saved* my life! I have seen it. Kayley Oh, I get it. Kayley [singing] 

I'm Sorry, it just means he knows where Excalibur is! : : | Kayley What?


| Is it a gaggle or a pride? I love Kayley and Garrett, but I think the ending to their story ties everything up too neatly. It's all my fault that you were hurt. : : I don't belong in that world. He first met Kayley in the forbidden forest after she accidently destroyed his net while she was being chased by the army of minions, to his chagrin since it took him six weeks to make a net. | No, I just want you to be quiet. You know, big castle, lots of flags... Kayley Technical Specs, [coming to step in front of him as she speaks], [dancing with Garret at their knighting ceremony], Movies and Girl Cartoons with Brunette Leads. Quest for Camelot (1998) Bryan White as Garrett. I know it’s a children’s movie, but this story attempts to add some more depth. : [Shushes her gently]  Oh, no.

[softly]  But we'll deliver the sword together.

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