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I hope he lands with team that can harness his gifts. And finally do they do the standing reach in shoes? I hope this didn’t come across as mean. What does this say about the most famous T-Rex in NBA history, Kevin Willis? This page features all the information related to the NBA Basketball player Robert Covington: his teams, jerseys, shoes, stats, championships won, career highs, highlights, awards, titles, links and more data... Related Links (external): He measured with a longer standing reach, still think Cody will kill him in athletic testing, running. Oladipo and B-Mac both have a reported max vertical of 42 BUT Cahd Ford teeted this: Oladipo 3.25 sec & McLemore 3.27 similar sprint scores. He is also pretty solid from the line at 74% and possesses a decent mid-range game.". I like him as a prospect. Team. In terms of character everyone agrees that Granger is the type of player and person an NBA team can feel comfortable investing money in. He's very smart on and off the court. If he’s locked onto his man or opponents make a lazy pass, he’ll snatch up steals with ease. He can’t make a layup... Yeah, but what about the playoffs?”. It’s no easy task stripping the ball from LeBron James or Kevin Durant in transition, and Covington often makes these kinds of plays: Similarly, Covington has the hand speed and coordination to swat the ball away on drives like this — a helpful weapon to have if he can’t keep all of his assignments held at the perimeter. I would’ve never guessed that Burke’s bigger than him. ... Covington provides much-needed strength and wingspan next to Tucker. Roberson also had a long Wingspan should help him seeing he plans on being a PF (or at least he went with the PF group). if someone is looking for him as a heavy rotation player, then defensively…thats a whole other story. Robert Covington didn’t do himself any favors in the playoffs. He likes to use his strength and footwork to back his man down towards the basket, finishing in a variety of ways (spin moves, around the hoop thanks to his wingspan. would’ve been 6’8.25 in Seth’s shoes. ", "What makes Granger an especially intriguing player for playoff teams who are picking in the 2nd half of the 1st round (15-30) is the fact that he is so versatile. The Sixers are finally making some hires. Even though his draft stock has dropped since his freshman year, I thought he was still in the second round mix. The weight of some of the prospects are really interesting to me. Granger does not take many bad shots, which is especially impressive if you consider that his team usually needs him to score in bundles to win. As a fellow star player at a small school, Covington joins Granger on the rare list of players that shoot a good percentage from the field - shooting 53% as well. Report: Sixers and VP of Strategy Sergi Oliva have parted ways, Report: Daryl Morey Steps Down as Houston Rockets GM. Not good. Nerlens Noel at 206lbs was a worry to me, what happens when he’s going against 260lbs NBA C’s. Height and wingspan should be viewed as relative to each other so there are inconsistencies with the ratio when you add shoes and round up. Canaan’s size is disappointing. He’s a disruptive nightmare for opponents, always lurking and ready to break up plays in a variety of ways. I meant no harm. 10 playoff games later, and many couldn’t see past his shortcomings. Great measurement for Steven Adams. He still could be but it’s not too promising that he wasn’t even invited. Please enter your email address. He doesn’t quite measure up physically to a player he’s been compared to, Shaun Livingston. Michael Shapiro . That’s ok. Everyone appreciates different players and values them in their own way. He has some defensive limitations, too. I didn’t see that coming. 3.) Tony mitchell is a supreme physical specimen. 7'1" Weight. Do not think we need the rest of the article, and these measurements will soon be public to everyone. He is smart and smooth, but very physical, and has fantastic footwork to go along with an excellent (and very quick) vertical leap. The defense he’s known for was subpar. Robert Covington plays against CJ McCollum in an NBA D-League game on January 3, ... “His length, his 7-2 wingspan allows him to do some things … He’s always looking for openings to attack the ball and pick at lapses in control: It’s Covington’s off-ball impact that makes him an elite defender overall, though. These same skills along with his good hands and the ability to elevate quickly off the floor also make him a very good rebounder as well, pulling down nine rebounds or more 17 times so far this season. From. Still cool to see what happened today. Fast, and can soar over most defenders as a finisher. Using DraftExpress's college scouting report of Granger, I'll breakdown how they are similar and also the differences that could prevent Covington from achieving the same success. He can put the ball on the floor and take the ball strong to the basket, finishing with contact if necessary. Add Diamond Shoe. The one good thing is that we have seen guys like John Henson get up to 220lbs plus when he was 21 years old so someone like Noel with a similar build could perhaps add weight in the next couple of years. His offensive game is limited, specifically in terms of his ball handling and ability to attack the rim, beat closeouts and make extra passes on the move. He doesn’t just throw himself into passing lanes to make a difference — he knows where to be. Adams and Tony Mitchell came out as the biggest winner to me. A player even having the same wingspan as his height isn’t that common and the T-Rex cases tend to be like Mason Plumlee where their wingspan is something like a quarter inch shorter. ", "Granger is a team player, he's extremely competitive and unselfish and only cares about one thing, and that's winning games. No player’s value should be determined by a sample size that small, especially when we have a bulk of evidence to prove just how good he is. His 206 to me would be a bad number, surprised Ford would rather focus on his measuring a tad taller than Anthony Davis as opposed to saying how this weight must raise some question marks. Covington has always had sceptics who haven’t been as high on his game, but they received all the vindication they needed from the playoffs. Well, not surprised Ford brought up, per se. KCP’s wingspan is better than advertised. Take the three plays in the clip below, for example. Few reasons why I HATE the measurements in shoes : In my book Plumlee is the biggest winner as I expected he would be 7’0″. His on-ball limitations were shown up against small, dynamic guards like Terry Rozier. / Links. • #33 • F. © 2020 XML Team Solutions, LLC. 89. Also, I am in complete agreement with the “measuring in shoes” debacle, it seems ridiculous to me. It’s not like the Spurs try to downplay his profile or anything. With a fast release, range, and solid efficiency, he easily fills his role as a shooter in an offense that needs space around Ben Simmons. Talking About Podcast: Who Should the Sixers Be Targeting in Free Agency with Matt Esposito of The Playgrounder | Out Now. You must be logged in to reply to this topic. Everyone was talking about Zeller’s short arms, but Olynyk far outdid him on that one. Pro Bounce 2018 Low Adidas Superstar Harden Vol. When looking back at the playoffs, I wrote about how his spells of questionable shot selection encouraged his shooting slumps. Defense is Covington's specialty, though, which shouldn’t have suffered so much criticism just because of a lacklustre playoffs. Addons. and will have great leaping ability to get to the rebound or block but he’ll take a pounding unless he can bulk up. Also, Shane Larkin’s lack of height and even worse wingspan doesn’t bode well for his stock at all IMO. Still think that kid will get bodied, his upper body strength seems to be majorly lacking. I can’t recall seeing a player with a wingspan a full inch shorter than his height without shoes like Olynyk. Duncan’s certainly an all-timer, a great legend but his shotblocking prowess doesn’t set him apart from centers like it does power forwards. Very surprised that McLemore measured in the same height as Bradley Beal with a shorter wingspan, I thought he was a bit taller than that. ", "Defensively, his team plays a lot of zone, but he shows excellent potential in this area in the rare opportunity he gets to guard the other team's star player. Livingston stood a 1.5 taller and had a 3.75 reach advantage. This hurts his slashing ability, as his first step isn't lightning quick as it is. He can score from anywhere on the floor, create his own shot, defend, rebound, block shots, come up with steals, and pass very well. I’m a bit disappointed Bazz couldn’t get his body fat further down, but that still looks to be a lot less than it was at UCLA. Houston Rockets. He weighed 15 pounds LESS than James Southerland for crying out loud. 20 Current Series 2 / Houston Rockets. And whether you’re snatching up property on Covington Island or getting as far away as possible, everyone can agree that there’s room for him to get better, from sharpening up his handle to controlling his shot selection. Ben McLemore measuring 6-3.5 w/o shoes bothers me WAY less than Nerlens measuring at 206 lbs. Fast, and can soar over most defenders as a finisher. He shot 36.9 from deep last season, putting pressure on defenses with a high volume of attempts (6.9 per game for 2.5 makes), including plenty coming a couple of steps beyond the arc. Also Noel’s athleticism will keep his draft stock high so I’d guess he’d still likely go top 3. He wasn’t rejected once but twice because after the initial list came out, three more players were added by the demand of general managers. Suggestions? 2.) But a full inch? Offense. 4 D.O.N. Despite his streaky shooting reputation, in terms of accuracy and attempts, Covington is clearly a positive floor spacer. Not good. The Sixers have a fierce interior defense with Joel Embiid at the heart of everything and a wealth of size around him (within five feet of the basket, they rank 3rd in opponent field goal percentage and 5th in attempts). Seeing that he is only 206! A bit of an in-betweener: doesn't pass enough for a small forward and isn't a true on-the-block post player. Robert Covington Thriving as Rockets Rim Protector in Small-Ball Era. Canaan’s size is disappointing. He’s 6’11 206 lbs. You will receive mail with link to set new password. He said Shabazz Muhammad was "much shorter" than expected. Just don’t act like a few flaws or one bad playoff run are the be all and end all. That will help his cause since he is a bit of a combo or scoring point. Robert Covington News © 2019 Sports Phenoms, Inc., All Rights Reserved | Both 2nd round sleepers. thought he would be another .75 inches taller. As I’ve mentioned, defending on the ball isn’t his best asset. His on-ball limitations were shown up against small, dynamic guards like Terry Rozier. Was he like 6’10 without shoes with a winspan of 6’8? Yeah 7’6 is 1.5 inches lower than what Nate Robinson’s standing reach was at (of course no one believes he’s 5’9 but still). His postseason was bad and there’s no way around it. I could see him playing at 270 without losing any of his athleticism. Jamaal Franklin and Allen Crabbe with near 7 foot wingspans to go along with legit SG size. His 3-point shot, labelled by many as “streaky” at the best of times, was off to the tune of 31.3%. What kind of body fat% did you expect? Wow. And finally, how he knows George Hill only has an open passing window to the corner from his drive, so Covington waits nearer the baseline and snags a steal: The impact Covington provides as a help defender around the rim can’t be overlooked either. ", "Offensively, he has a wide variety of skills he can use to score, although none of them can be considered too polished right now. Now let the conversations and predictions begin!!! Needs much more muscle mass to compete in the paint and would benefit from more back-to-the-basket moves. He could definitely have been a first round pick after his freshman season. Wow looks like Colton Iverson measured well, 6’10.5 w/o shoes 7’0 with.

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