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Recording information: Recorded and mixed at Tico-Tico Studio, Kemi, In October '91. 22. Sentenced was a Finnish gothic metal band that played melodic death metal in their early years. 12. DEAD MOON RISING "The Coffin - The Complete Discography" includes all releases and finished songs of the band's career - 16 CD + 2 DVD + a 115-page booklet with liner notes, all lyrics etc. 25. 10. The Finnish heavy metal band Sentenced released its debut album, Shadows of the Past, in the early '90s on a small French label; dissatisfied with their somewhat commonplace black-metal sound, they hired… Read Full Biography. And: THIS IS IT. On 13 November 2009 Sentenced released a box set of 16 CDs and 2 DVDs chronicling their entire career in a coffin-shaped box.

VENGEANCE IS MINE Rest now, brother - in your music and our hearts you will live forever. Main reason for this break is that guitarist DANCE ON THE GRAVES (lil’ siztah)

The single "Killing Me, Killing You" demonstrated the band's turn away from melodic death metal. Due to the wide demand for the tickets, the band will play another gig to please the fans who were left without a ticket for the actual Funeral. Sentenced is doing European Tour with Lacuna Coil. Paljon ryyppäävinä, mustiin pukeutuvina tuppisuina tunnetut miehet avaavat sanalliset arkkunsa ja kertovat, mitä oli soittaa yhtyeessä nimeltä Sentenced. They recorded two demo tapes: When Death Joins Us... in 1990 and Rotting Ways to Misery in 1991. Wacken Open Air festival in Germany. Music and lyrics by Sentenced. ("Buried Alive -ltd 2dvd+2cd") and normal version which has 2 dvd's ("Buried Alive 2dvd"). Sentenced on ehdolla kolmessa eri kategoriassa (vuoden levy, vuoden bändi, vuoden kansitaide) Finnish Metal Awards 2005 äänestyksessä. We will contact to Albums include … and a children choir… but not to worry: as far as I understand anything SENTENCED will rest in peace. DANCE ON THE GRAVES (lil’ siztah) 2. 6. May Today Become the Day DISCOGRAPHY:

6. NEPENTHE Offers and contact info's will not be published. It's now one in a life time opportunity 1. DROWN TOGETHER

If you don't think that you've Routasydän is now on sale cd includes all Kärpät supporting songs from Jamppa Tuominen to Sentenced. After line-up changes in 1989, they changed their name and style.

This album will be our last one. 1. INTERVIEWS: Produced by Sentenced. 12. If so, you'll need to disable it when using this site, as it spams the websites you visit with fake requests. spins before fully ”opening” to the listener. (Required), You can request being unbanned by clicking. About 25000-30000 people was gathered to party and to listen Sentenced to play "Routasydän", supporting song for the team. The title of the new album is ”The Funeral Album”, and with it we, SENTENCED, are coming to the end of our road. THE SUICIDER/EXCUSE ME WHILE I KILL MYSELF 8. The man on the producer chair was Mastering and mixing is going to be done in early February '02 at Finnvox studios. 14. Not to mention all the music-videos we have done during the years. They released the single "No One There" which peaked The Finnish Charts at Number 1 following that with an extensive USA tour alongside Killswitch Engage, Dark Tranquillity and In Flames. 10. It will be available in early october at Kärpät Fan-shop. The expected duration of the concert on Friday is 90-100 minutes. 3. Overall

He is buried in the Kirkkosaari cemetery in his hometown Muhos. 6.

Hope you enjoy! "BURIED ALIVE" -dvd will be available as limited edition which will include 2 dvd's and 2cd's Ruumiinvalvojaisiksi nimetty tilaisuus järjestetään Teatrialla varsinaisia Also 2 cd live album will be released ("Buried Alive 2cd"). Where Waters Fall Frozen DVD Disc Two: THE EXTRAS

kind of studio where they can record new songs while reharsing and check out immidiately 11.

6. Sentenced has withdrawn to a "creative" break. "We haven't worked on too many new songs yet as a band, but I know that Miika [Tenkula, guitarist], Sami [Lopakka, guitarist] and Ville [Laihiala, singer] have written lots of new material [on their own]. Check out whole chart at 2. There will not be a re-union, come-back, or any other pathetic and soap-operish circus that seems to be in fashion these days. Album continues on 1st position on the Finnish album chart. rewarding album session I have ever gone through. The next Sentenced album to be released was Crimson in 2000. FUNERAL INTRO: ADAGIO I will say however, that everyone will walk away as friends. 9. You can pre-order the merchandise now. Sentenced made supporting song for Oulun Kärpät! few albums, but there are also songs that are based more on emotion and

Sentenced started out as a pure death metal band, but during their first five years band’s musical progression was quite rapid as they continuously developed their style with every new release. 9. Official homepage of Finnish metal band. Producer is Hiili Hiilesmaa who has also produced our done anything to warrant a ban, this is most likely the case. The trophy was handed out to the band's former members at the Century Media 20th anniversary party at the Tavastia club in Helsinki on 14 August 2008, where Poisonblack and labelmates Norther and Kivimetsän Druidi played exclusive gigs to properly celebrate this special event. work and those will be added later.

As you can see pages has got new outlook and there is some 4. Vengeance Is Mine Cover art of the year: Sentenced - The Funeral Album.

The "Down" album gained great reviews in music-magazines all over the world, and was named Album of the month in German magazines such as Rock Hard and Metal Hammer. album should be available everywhere again very soon. Recordings should be over before Christmas and new album should come out in April 2005. 8. 11. NEPENTHE

The decision was made during 2004. “HOME SOIL FUNERAL PROCESSION“:

Pohjoispohjalaisten teinipoikien uhosta alkava tarina on täynnä poskettomia käänteitä ja syvää tragiikkaa.

BROKEN The additional concert, ‘The Wake' as the band calls it, will be at Club Teatria, Oulu, on Friday, September 30th, 2005 – the night before the Funeral. Consider Us Dead "The cold white light" is in 45th position in German Top100 album chart. Äänestys löytyy osoitteesta: Vesa Ranta released a photo book Agony Walk – On the Road with Sentenced in September 2019.

Check out European tour dates from here. You can order the single from Finland, for example from Spinefarm or RECORDED AND FILMED AIKA MULTAA MUISTOT (everything is nothing) 7. We’d better put this out in the open before you hear it somewhere else. April. hautajaisia edeltävänä iltana perjantaina 30. syyskuuta. 8.

Song is called "Routasydän" and its first ever Sentenced song in Finnish. BROKEN Sentenced was a Finnish metal band that played melodic death metal in their early years. In 1995, Sentenced released their 'break through' album, Amok, which is considered by many to be their best work. 5. END OF THE ROAD, DVD Disc Two: THE EXTRAS

Some tour dates / places are already confirmed, you can find them from Tours -page, more gigs will be added when confirmed.

Also a vinyl version of the album will be published. First edition from forthcoming album "The Cold White Light" will be Special Digi-Pak Hardbox, which will include something special. The band went on a European Tour with Lacuna coil. In 2011 a tribute CD was released by a couple of Russian bands. it's really nice to be able to perform all the songs with real instruments. 9. the tour as soon as shows are confirmed. The list of European tour dates is not final, more dates will be added to

Single is released only in Finland but you can buy it also at Rock Hard Festival (2005-05-15 Gelsenkirchen,GER). NOOSE Overview ↓ Biography ↓ Discography ↓ Songs ↓ They recorded two demo tapes: When Death Joins Us... in 1990 and Rotting Ways to Misery in 1991.

4. End Of The Road. The reasons are many, and I don’t feel any need to go into details here. THE RAIN COMES FALLING DOWN Once the album is released, there will be an undefined number of farewell shows. THE WAY I WANNA GO 3. Despair-Ridden Hearts 8. Sentenced mourn the loss of Miika Tenkula, a dear friend, a truly remarkable artist and musician, and the very soul of what used to be Sentenced. Contains band information, discography, biography, resent news, picture gallery, press releases.

Firstofall we made a demo song that NEVERLASTING The show will be filmed and recorded, and released later as a live-DVD. CROSS MY HEART AND HOPE TO DIE Preorder DVD (Includes a unique A4-sized Sentenced photo for the quickest pre-orders! So now there is total of 11 songs named, other ones which were already published are Neverlasting, Aika multaa muistot (Everything is nothing), Excuse me while I kill myself, Losing my faith, Wither, Blood & Tears, Man in the bottle. Sentenced has recorded supporting song for Oulun Kärpät, ice hockey team in Oulu. "Ever-Frost" single went straight to 1st position on Official Finnish Single Chart staying there for 6 straight weeks. We don’t have any upcoming events for this artist right now. NORTHERN LIGHTS

SUN WON’T SHINE At that time, their musical style was fast, typical European death metal. Keyboard player Antti Pikkarainen from band called The RMS will join Sentenced 2. Release date of the album is not known yet but the band hopes that it comes out as soon as possible. White Light" CDs. WHERE WATERS FALL FROZEN

Check out new "No One There" video here (Soneraplaza Kaista).

Album covers to the next album have been under work for some time now and designer is Sentenced's drummer Vesa Ranta. SUN WON’T SHINE poikkeuksellisesti jo klo 8. MAY TODAY BECOME THE DAY Recordings of the news album has finished and mixing of the album starts tomorrow (Feb. 4th) at Finnvox-studios, Helsinki. QSTOCK festival at Oulu and 31.7-2.8.

Some changes has been made considering recording places and chedule.

They will be sold by at least Levykauppa Äx in Oulu and the following internet site: The site works also in English and it is possible to order tickets also from outside Finland through their service. Sentenced won three awards in Finnish Metal Awards 2005. "Routasydän" will be published on CD that contains also previous supporting songs of Kärpät. 7.

They performed farewell gigs during the spring and summer and ended with a final show on 1 October 2005 in their hometown Oulu. Sentenced will play in Tuska-festival at 11.7. Funeral shirts will be available only from Club Teatria gigs (30.9 and 1.10). 5. Her Last 5 Minutes Release dates, some gigs confirmed, new site almost ready, Mixing and mastering done, album name published, Mixing starts tomorrow, video-director chosen, Recordings starts next week, studio diary coming, Vesa Ranta designs covers to next album, changes to recording places. The limit for the Gold album in Finland is 15 000 copies sold. In autumn, the band released the Love & Death CD. Ville Laihiala, Sami Lopakka And Taneli Jarva You requested a very large number of pages in a very short time, causing problems for our server (this can happen if you hit 'refresh' over and over). Sentenced will be touring USA in September with Dark Tranquillity, In Flames and Killswitch Engage. FAREWELL 10.

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