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On board, expect a sleeping bag rather than blanket. The service also has a waiter service restaurant car, but the Man in Seat 61 clarifies that it's not exactly Orient Express level. Travel by night and book your Sleeper Trains with Save A Train! If you’re looking for a sleeper train service, you’ll want to consider the Nightjet. You can travel comfortably by night and arrive well rested in the heart of a new city. This journey has an air of the Grand Tour about it — leaving the city … This iconic service operated until the World War II, stopping off at cities across Eastern Europe before terminating in Russia. It's just ordinary comfort to get from A to B and it's great fun being with your friends," he says. It's pretty luxurious and comes with a high price tag. The lounge car is open all night, perfect for midnight feasting, and passengers can also make use of a station lounge at departure station London Paddington. There are several night train routes in Italy that'll transport you around this boot-shaped country. This famous routing runs six times per week. Nightjet trains are omnipresent in Austria. How about being lulled to sleep by the steady rocking of a train as it trundles down a track? In more recent years, thanks to the ease and price of air travel, there have been far fewer trains whisking sleeping passengers from country to country through the night. The sleeper compartments on board SJ trains look pretty inviting. We’ve gathered together the best sleeper trains in Europe for you. The routing also starts very near Malmo, which is a lovely city to visit and the third largest in Sweden. You won’t be sorry! Trenhotel is Renfe's night service that connects cities like Madrid, Lisbon, Barcelona, Ferrol, Irún and... Caledonian Sleeper. But things are changing -- for one, sleeper train travel comes hand-in-hand with connotations of romance and adventure -- and we live in an era where collecting experiences is covetable travel currency. It takes over 17 hours and there's no food available, so another service where it's worth stocking up before you jump on board. On board, there's a restaurant car and you can opt for the economy seat, a double sleeper, single sleeper or a double/single sleeper with private bathroom. At night, beds are freshly made with pillows, duvets or blankets. Top Sleeper Train 1: Milan To Palermo. Denmark is a unique mix of Scandinavian influence and mainland European culture and is not to be missed. Facilities-wise there's a restaurant/bistro and bar. This is true whether it’s your first visit or your hundredth. Enjoy street art and great coffee while you ponder the graffitied remains of the Berlin Wall. There's a variety of sleeper options on Russian Railways overnight trains. The current German capital is known for its hip nightclubs and its absolute dedication to hipster culture. Save A Train, The Cheapest Train Tickets Website In The World,,, How To Make A Train Adventure Even More Budget-Friendly, 5 Most Unforgettable Nature Reserves In Europe, 7 Most Affordable Places To Travel In Europe, 7 Best Cities For Outdoor Activities In Europe, 7 Off The Beaten Path Destinations In Europe. Worth noting -- food's included but you've got to pay extra for drinks. Of course, Paris is the city of lights and one of the most romantic cities in the world, so it should absolutely score a spot on your European vacation. Smith says passengers should remember that not all sleeper trains need to be the pinnacle of luxury. However, if you’re looking to get some serious shut-eye, you can opt to split a three-person cabin with friends – or even strangers, and the ticket will cost under 50 euro. While there are multiple nonstop options available for this train, you may want to consider going via a route that gives you changes. List of sleeper trains in Europe Eurostar ski train. Yes, taking a night train in Europe will save you the cost of a hotel room and allow you to relax throughout the journey without having to worry about driving on crowded streets and motorways. ÖBB has even taken over retired routes and operates train services -- such as a Berlin, Germany to Zurich, Switzerland sleeper -- that don't even start in Austria. Orient Express exhibit: Height of glamor, romance on rails. Hurtling through the snowy scenes is an unforgettable experience and the double-decker views offer incredible views -- you might even spot the Northern Lights. Sleeper trains can also be a real money saver as they’re your hotel for the night too. A perfect way to start your holiday on the slopes, Eurostar ski trains run a weekly Friday night sleeper service between December and March. (Germany - Sweden) The Berlin Night Express is the only direct train connecting Germany and Sweden. Trenhotel is Renfe's night service that connects cities like Madrid, Lisbon, Barcelona, Ferrol, Irún and Hendaya. Sleeping cars have a washbasin, or an en suite if you book the deluxe version. Europe's other top sleeper services Europe is a particular treasure trove when it comes to night trains, with services such as the Caledonian Sleeper, Berlin Night Express and the Red Arrow, so we've compiled a specific list of the continent's other top sleeper trains. Whether sipping coffee in Napoli or celebrating Harry Potter in Edinburgh, she’s always thrilled to meet new people and see new things. Depending on the route you pick, you can head to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen, Fort William, Perth or Aviemore. You can travel by train from Paris's city lights to the South of. This trip sees a vast swath of Italy, as it takes you from Milan all the way to the tip of the country’s boot. Most of the time, couchettes are pretty economical and worth paying a little more for as they provide more privacy and security. There's a premium cabin option, which gives you maximum privacy and access to a shower. Don’t forget the spectacular views of the Alps you’ll be able to experience either. There's a perfect beach for every week of the year. If you’ve ever dreamed of experiencing the Italian countryside, this sleeper train is one of the best ways to do so. For the first part it's a Polish restaurant car. Welcome on board the sleeper train service. It's got an en suite shower and toilet, flat-screen-TV and a hot breakfast included. These will be shown on your ticket, so make sure you always have a matching ID to prove your identity with you whilst you travel. Or close your eyes in Madrid and reopen them in Lisbon? You can either take our photos and text and give us credit with a link to this blog post. While you have a plethora of options available to you, such as the train hotel or overnight sleeper trains long Prague, Poland, Lisbon or even Moscow, do yourself a favor and hit these six top sleeper trains in Europe instead.

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