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Your skin offers some protection from static electricity, but when it’s open (as in surgery), that protection disappears. The reason you feel so good on that sandy beach is you are receiving a surge of healing electrons from the ground. In fact, influenza viruses that we claim today as new strains existed long before our time. The same goes for operating rooms. Steven Kaali, MD, projected that “years of testing will be in order before such an IN VITRO (blood removed for treatment) device can be made ready for widespread use” (LONGEVITY, Dec. 1992, page 14.). When your charge reaches 3,000 to 5,000 volts and you touch a metal object, ZAP… this is static discharge, the sudden outflow of built-up electrical energy from your body. How to Boost Productivity and Sustainability During Office Renovations, Hot Desking and Hoteling: Strategies for Employers and Mobile Workers, White Glove Security Enhances Bottom Line Real Estate Value, 5 Steps to Decide on a New Access Control System. Why can't they find something that can end their research? Many of these metabolic/electric processes are occurring at the speed of light, just like the electrical current in a wire flows immediately to a light bulb when you flip the switch. If you want an in-depth discussion about Earth’s electrical surface potential, read this article by Gaetan Chavalier, PhD. But the Earth’s electrons are free to move. Electrotherapy equipment has historically included: Some important people in the history of electrotherapy include; In 1856 Guillaume Duchenne announced that alternating was superior to direct current for electrotherapeutic triggering of muscle contractions. It may very well be a deficiency of electrons – at least, this may be one of the most significant factors. In 1968, he invented PYRO-ENERGEN, the first and only electrostatic therapy machine that effectively eradicates viral diseases, cancer, and diseases of unknown cause. Sealed or painted concrete, wood, asphalt, and typical insulators like plastic or rubber soles will not allow electrons to pass through. The higher the conductivity between you and the Earth, the more likely you’re going to be grounded. All subjects with abnormal cortisol levels normalized, indicating the grounding reduced the stress in their bodies. If these things can make us live happily without any defects, side effects, or maladies, then God may agree with the idea, too. Another option, specifically if the office space is carpeted, is the use of anti-static carpet sprays. Although grounding does not eliminate dangerous exposure to EMFs, your risk for adverse health effects from them is drastically reduced. In fact, 200 to 300 of the world’s most elite athletes have been using Earthing as part of their training regimen for the last five years because they feel it offers them a competitive edge, including many professional football players. These mats use cushioned foam to help discharge and prevent static electricity. Is Your Eight-Year-Old Being Turned into a Communist? Pets are designed to be in contact with the Earth as well, but now they live above ground in houses, as we do. Those electrons that enter the bottom of your foot can move anywhere in your body. Subsequently, his original modalities and protocols have been extensively peer reviewed, refined, simplified and made universally affordable (under $75 for BOTH devices including batteries when self-made). We believe that there must be something wrong going on in the world. This occurs until you equalize with the Earth. You’ve probably got a tangle of wires behind the wall, as well as wires running under the floor if you’re in an upstairs bedroom. Previous article by Joseph Mercola: Why Your Brain Craves Music. I am also suffering from patm since 9 years with having very foul smell. A study of rats showed that grounding decreased their blood glucose levels, as well as lowering their triglycerides and body weight by 10 percent. candida albican digestive disorder, make electro static, you become sensitive intolerant to a lot of things because your intestines are fragile , your organs are tired, there is a lot of symptoms to  candida albican that explain the patm and i think telepathy is involve because people scratch their face exactly where i would do but im more used to it, i once scratched my ear and a girl did the same roght in my face it wasnt because of patm its like she can feel how i feel but its my fault cant explain telepathy but thats reality. It is just like a ghost. [4], A 2016 review found that, "in evidence of no effectiveness," clinicians should not offer electrotherapy for the treatment of neck pain or associated disorders. Researchers induced inflammation by repetitive and intensive use of a muscle group, and then measured both subjective pain experience and objective markers of inflammation in study participants. We are beginning to understand, with the help of scientists like Clint Ober and James Oschman, that the Earth is our greatest source of healing because it supplies us with an unlimited flow of electrons. Better sleep and less pain are probably the most immediately appreciated benefits when people begin Earthing. There are no known side effects since milliampere currents are much lower than those in FDA approved TENS, CES and muscle stimulators which have been in daily use for many years. Reduce inflammation, and you reduce disease. Also, did you know that typhoon or hurricane or cyclone produces oxygen with static electricity? Same here, I run very hot, that is probably why i have hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) , my feet and hands sweat a lot. As of 2004, there is insufficient evidence to draw conclusions about any intervention for rotator cuff pathology, including electrotherapy;[10] During the 1940s, however, the U.S. War Department, investigating the application of electrical stimulation not just to retard and prevent atrophy but to restore muscle mass and strength, employed what was termed galvanic exercise on the atrophied hands of patients who had an ulnar nerve lesion from surgery upon a wound. The amount of static electricity that I generate is not normal. There are a number of ways to do this. Its 0 to 36V user adjustable biphasic output minimizes electrode site irritation. We just made it in electronics way just like home appliances, so that you can use it as one of your appliances. In a public lecture (Oct. 19, 1991) the writer’s opinion proposed this theoretical do-it-yourself method for accomplishing HIV “neutralization” IN VIVO. John Wesley promoted electrical treatment as a universal panacea in 1747 but was rejected by mainstream medicine. It is really about time for all of us to realize that something must be going wrong in the field of medical science as well as in governments. Find out what causes asthma, and how to take control of your symptoms. Please message me. It’s a gel material and it stores electrons. DR. ROBERT BECK Second, you spend a third of your life lying there. Even water is influenced by the Earth’s electrical energy. 1-70. You cannot see static electricity. Southward goes the wind, then turns to the north; it turns and turns again; then back to its circling goes the wind. Try up to  50+. God created natural healing applying the technology of static electricity. The pioneer scientist and inventor of this remarkable device is Dr. Robert C. Beck, D.Sc. Also read more articles on using frequencies to eradicate viruses: healing with electricity, killing viruses with electricity, OPENING TIMES:                 Monday to Friday are: Mornings: 8am to 1 pm Afternoons: 4pm to 7pm       We close weekends and Wednesday afternoons. Investigators determined that static electricity from a vacuum cleaner ignited combustible dust. So, how do you basically “get grounded”? Moreover, alternating current could produce strong muscle contractions regardless of the condition of the muscle, whereas DC-induced contractions were strong if the muscle was strong, and weak if the muscle was weak. Check out these four natural remedies to nix spring allergies. [11], There is limited, low quality evidence for a slight benefit of noxious-level electrotherapy in the treatment of epicondylitis. [19] Earlier reviews found that, because of low-quality evidence, it was unclear whether electrotherapy increases healing rates of pressure ulcers. We disclaim all responsibility for the professional qualifications and licensing of, and services provided by, any physician or other health providers posting on or otherwise referred to on this Site and/or any Third Party Site. [16] A 2016 Cochrane review found that supporting evidence for electrotherapy as a treatment for complex regional pain syndrome is "absent or unclear. This is why your dog or cat will crawl under the porch and lie on the bare earth if he isn’t feeling well. No one can say that eyes have not had enough seeing, ears their fill of hearing. How about the 5th floor, or the 25th? A generation goes, a generation comes, yet the earth stands firm forever. [13] However, a 2008 review found it to be ineffective in healing long-bone fractures. If you need convincing, you can watch your own body’s electrical charge wax and wane by availing yourself of a voltmeter, as Clint Ober demonstrates in the above interview. Thanks for being in touch. Until Edison's harnessing of electricity, humans' only sources of EMF exposure were the earth's static magnetic field (which causes a compass needle to … doses or it will be detected and shown when you test for it. Using neutralization approximately 8 to 20 minutes per day for about three or four weeks should, according to Dr. Beck, effectively immobilize well over 95% of any HIV and simultaneously any other electrosensitive viruses in blood. I am also often shocked by metal and sometimes I even have the ability to shock other people when I touch them. and that electrotherapy has limited effect on neck pain as measured by clinical results. It is appreciated, i have taken arginine (amino acid)that clean the amonia from the system and i took like 4 pills once and I felt. White blood cell count was extremely elevated in the ungrounded group, but not elevated at all in the grounded group. Oral Hypoglycemics: Grounding is shown to reduce blood glucose levels. As I said earlier, the closer you can get to being grounded 24 hours a day, the more benefits you’ll see.

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