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All of the songs that Rapunzel sings are in a major key, which makes the music happy and pleasing on the ears, whereas Mother Gothel's music is always in a minor key, making it sound dark, and unfriendly. [5] They next appear on a prison ship alongside other criminals that Rapunzel and Eugene have faced in the past. In "Destinies Collide", Eugene learns that his father is King Edmund, who sent him away to avoid being corrupted by the Moonstone opal's power, with his ancestors serving as mystical guardians to protect the world from the opal's power, becomes a kind and responsible Captain of the Guard. Tangled characters. They act completely aloof and do not seem to realize that they are in danger. The reason for this? Media. 16 images of the Tangled cast of characters. Maximus is interchangeably voiced by Frank Welker and Dee Bradley Baker in all forms of media. In the TV show, he's able to take his changed life a step further by eventually becoming the official Captain of the Royal Guard. P>, The satyr is a drunken old man who is dressed up as a " Of a layer would appear, and whose red nose and betrayed the level of alcohol in the blood. The fact that her hair glows helps her and Flynn escape a watery death. voiced by Zachary Levi and 5 others. Due to their influence, the Stabbingtons indirectly teach Eugene to be much more selfless.[8]. It turns out that. [42], In the season three premiere, it is revealed that Cassandra is the biological daughter of Mother Gothel, having presumably been unintended. In the present, he sent out a search party to look for Rapunzel after the Separatists of Saporia take over the kingdom. In "Plus Est en Vous", when he's about to be axed by his. One night, the infant was stolen by Mother Gothel and King Frederic sent out his guards, but were unsuccessful. [20] Frederic begins to regret his actions against his daughter when she compares him to Mother Gothel, made worse by the fact that he still has the sundrop flower. [49] Zhan Tiri has Cass retrieve the Graphtic Scroll to learn the true power of the Sundrop and Moonstone. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, (based upon the fairy tale "Rapunzel" by) (as the Brothers Grimm) &, (based upon the fairy tale "Rapunzel" by) (as the Brothers Grimm), Young Rapunzel / Her talents include cooking, painting, chess, pottery, candle making, sewing, ballet, ventriloquy, playing the guitar and. He memorizes it, but then destroys the translation key that Cassandra needs. Two early ones are in the premiere when she notices her hair glowing after coming into contact with the black rocks, and when she notices her hair suddenly grew back. In "Flynnpostor", he solemnly closes his eyes when the Baron attempts to drown him and he fails to break free from the handcuffs keeping him tied to a pole. Rapunzel is a young princess, Kidnapped and barely remembering his family of origin. Flynn initially keeps referring to him as a "frog", probably not out of genuine mistake but more to annoy Pascal, as Flynn didn't like him at first. In "Rapunzel's Return", a flashback reveals that he and his guards where close to capturing Mother Gothel after she had kidnapped Rapunzel, but lost her. [45] She later learns the truth and discovers that the Enchanted Girl is the evil demon sorceress Zhan Tiri. Malicious, drunk and full of life, it is the ideal gaming companion, whether it is for chess or to play the doll rehearsal (what patience!). Like Msgr. He is forced to face off against his former warriors Adira, Hector and Quirin with Eugene by his side. He's basically still himself, but suddenly a. Rapunzel has her hair braided and decorated with flowers when she finally reaches Corona. [23] Lord Demanitus, taking on the form of Vigor, explains how his former disciples turned on him to summon Zhan Tiri. Official Sites They are captured by Anthony the Weasel, who works for the Baron, but Eugene and Lance arrive and rescue them, with Angry and Red rescuing them back in return. In the series, she joins a competition on a whim, seeing it as a fun way to spend a Saturday. [48] Zhan Tiri is mentioned throughout all of season one and two, though she only makes a semi-appearance in one episode. [10] In "Queen for a Day", Varian discovers that Quirin has been lying to King Frederic about the rocks, he decides to create a concoction to combat the rocks. Returning home to find his father encased inside the amber and feeling that Rapunzel has betrayed him, Varian swears revenge on her and everyone. Taking on a dark sinister look with glowing blue hair, Cass turns on her friends. He doesn't have this in the film when he's confronting the Stabbingtons in prison, due to his anger there being fueled by fear and anxiety, but he still maintains enough control to get the information he needs. lamently admits she doesn't know what Cassandra is going through, despite the fact that it was Cassandra's choice to turn against her and attempt to kill her, not to mention she suffered far more under Gothel's abuse yet still remained unambiguously kind, whereas Cassandra was at least taken in by a loving adoptive father but still undergoed a. Since then, he has fallen in love with her and has changed his ways to be by her side by protecting her at all costs until he eventually weds her. He is small, green and scaly and has large red eyes, even though pascal is small he thinks he is tough, he may be small but plays a huge role in Rapunzels life. (voice) (uncredited), production department manager: character elements (as Kristen Kolada), production department manager: environmental assets (as Audrey Ellen Geiger), production supervisor: marketing and publicity, sound designer / supervising sound editor, first assistant sound editor / foley editor, digital camera operator: Walt Disney Studio, visual effects artist: Walt Disney Animation Studios, look development assistant technical director, lighter/compositor / visual effects artist, lighting assistant technical director / stereo compositor, senior technical director: color & lighting, lighting assistant technical director (uncredited) / shot finaling assistant technical director (uncredited), layout finaling assistant technical director, animation research library (as Meghan Veltri), animation supervisor / character designer / directing animator: "Rapunzel", animation research library: Tracy Leach (as Tracy Ann Leach), character technical director: hair simulation, layout artist: Walt Disney Animation Studio, digital intermediate colorist (as Paul R. Bronkar), music recording crew / scoring technical support engineer, original songs recorder and mixer / score mixer / score recordist, composer: "Walt Disney Animation Studios Theme" (uncredited), assistant to vice president of production, executive assistant: Charouhas, Dawn Halloran, technology supporter: rendering/lighting tools, title designer: end titles (as Mary Meacham Hogg), senior software engineer: hair simulation development: simulation team, production assistant: layout and animation, primary dancer, reference actress (as Stephanie Davis), production assistant: Environments, Effects Animation, Lighting, senior software engineer / software engineer / software test engineer, storyboard artist: production (uncredited).

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