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If you like spooky movies, or scary stories of the unexplained, then you should consider watching this movie. Music video director Mark Pellington has given us a movie that not only interests genre fans, but actually pulls through on bringing you a big case of the creeps. The Mothman Prophecies is a 2002 American supernatural horror-mystery film directed by Mark Pellington, and starring Richard Gere and Laura Linney.Based on the 1975 book of the same name by parapsychologist and Fortean author John Keel, the screenplay was written by Richard Hatem.. [12], After the film was theatrically released on January 25, 2002, writer Brad Steiger observed Point Pleasant became a focal point for its promotion. Travelling or based outside United States? Knowing the background of this movie and listening to the author of the book it's based on is somewhat fundamental to understanding and knowing what this movie is based on (factual events). We wheeled around when we saw clearly what it was and I had a beer and a dog. One of my all time favorite movies, I don't care what anyone says; the transfer is excellent and the special features (making of, etc.) An unexplained scary mysterious story; based on true events, Reviewed in the United States on August 8, 2020. Instead, I got a Richard Gere collection with three of his movies that included Mothman Prophecies. Typically if it isn't action-packed or he isn't in the mood for something that is more of a slow burn, he will lose interest rapidly. If you haven't seen it, you owe it to yourself to purchase and watch this movie. Pittsburgh’s Allegheny County Airport serves as backdrop for the airfield scenes. The collapse of the Silver Bridge was actually filmed at the Kittanning Citizens Bridge in downtown Kittanning. [19], Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave it two stars out of four, calling it unfocused, but praised the direction by Mark Pellington "whose command of camera, pacing and the overall effect is so good, it deserves a better screenplay. I enjoy this movie so much and had been wanting to watch it recently. Richard Gere stars in this supernatural mystery as a Washington, D.C. reporter who gets lost while en route to Richmond and inexplicably ends up five hours off course in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, where he becomes involved with some of the locals who have recently experienced strange visions of a dark winged creature, the descriptions of which match the pictures drawn by Gere’s late wife before she died of a brain tumor. As the two sit on the back of an ambulance they were informed that 36 people have been killed, making Connie the "number 37" from her dream. It’s definitely up there in my favourite movies. And the question is how do you do special effects to an unexplained scary event like this? Cold answers John's questions, including ones he could not possibly know the answers to, convincing John that Cold is a supernatural being. The special effects are not that great, but they are not that bad, and will hold up fine over time. Rentals include 30 days to start watching this video and 48 hours to finish once started. New On Netflix: The Mothman Prophecies Share on ... and trying to decipher clues that point to some sort of imminent catastrophe. I do like a good supernatural film and when browsing my recommendations here on Amazon this caught my attention. [9] Road montages were filmed on Pennsylvania Route 28, and the Chicago scenes are completely shot in downtown Pittsburgh’s Mellon Square and Trinity Churchyard environs as well as the entrance to the Duquesne Club. John becomes obsessed with the being dubbed the Mothman. While John keeps Cold on the line, Officer Mills checks on Gordon. The direct does a good job, of building the story, the weirdness, the scariness. The high definition showing was clear and virtually devoid of any defects while the picture quality of the DVD is less than stellar. I've seen this film maybe 20 times, own it on DVD. As John reaches the Silver Bridge, a malfunctioning traffic light causes traffic congestion. John survives the crash unscathed, but Mary is hospitalized. Despite this relocation, several police officers from Point Pleasant appeared as extras. Based on the 1975 book by John Keel, The Mothman Prophecies is a mopey, meandering and completely ludicrous thriller undone even further by the fussy flourishes of director Mark Pellington (whose brash over-direction breathed some life into Arlington Road but seems indulgent and out of place here) — even X Files creator Chris Carter would have a tough time swallowing this bunch of hooey. I'm not a big fan of science fiction. Find books like The Mothman Prophecies from the world's largest community of readers. The only two movies I can remember liking were Blade Runner and the Mothman Prophecies. [6], In reality, 46 people died in the collapse of the Silver Bridge, not 36 as depicted in the film. The acting is GREAT and the production and filming are superior to most movies I've watch. [2], In contrast to Meehan, author Jason Horsley declared The Mothman Prophecies "probably the most effective depiction of demonic forces at work" in U.S. [18] At Metacritic, which assigns a weighted average out of 100 to critics' reviews, The Mothman Prophecies received a score of 52 based on 32 reviews. 1-month free trial! Reviewed in the United States on July 27, 2017. A couple of years ago my wife and I visited Point Pleasant in the hopes of getting some information about the mothman. This blu ray does not have English language. Washington Post columnist John Klein and his wife Mary are involved in an accident when Mary swerves to avoid a black, flying figure. It is only in German, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on February 1, 2020, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on February 5, 2019. I wont say anymore because I don`t want to spoil your viewing...but sightings of the legendary Mothman were very tied up with these events at the time! It has a lot of unusual cerebral elements. [17] In 2003, the film won the Best Sound Editing: Music in a Feature Film award from the society of the Motion Picture Sound Editors. Video availability outside of United States varies. The latter was the inspiration for the Mothman Prophecies movie starring Richard Gere. We're gonna need more mothballs, ma...this thing is huge! On Christmas Eve, Officer Mills calls and convinces him to ignore the phone call from "Mary", return to Point Pleasant, and join her. Only in the end of the movie can you see all the pieces of the puzzle. Or you could wait it out in case it gets released on Blu-Ray at some point in time. Excellent DVD for anyone interested in the paranormal. Officer Mills mentions to John that many strange things have been occurring in the past few weeks and that people report seeing a large winged creature like a giant moth with red eyes. [13] Marketing in television and posters emphasized claims it was "based on true events", despite the supernatural premise and Pellington's acknowledgement that the account was reframed as a fictional narrative. It was shot in Pittsburgh and Kittanning, Pennsylvania and was released to mixed reviews. This episode starts a string of supernatural calls to John's motel room. [24] It eventually went on to garner $35,746,370 in the U.S., and $19,411,169 in foreign markets for a worldwide total of $55,157,539. We both felt it was. The fact that it's based on truth still creeps me out and fascinates me. Whatever you believe it is still an amazing film....but don`t watch it just before you go to bed!!!! My husband hadn't seen it before so we watched it together and it actually held his attention. The sound track is even really good, adding to the suspense. It's pretty amazing to me that this actually happened and that people (LOTS of them) really saw the 'Mothman'. Lakeshore Records released a two-disc edition of the soundtrack. The hospital scenes were filmed at St. Frances Medical Center which is now the site of Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. One tells him that there will be a great tragedy on the Ohio River. Sign in to see videos available to you. Reviewed in the United States on July 16, 2014. However, when John learns the Governor plans to tour a chemical plant located on the Ohio River the following day, he becomes convinced the tragedy will occur there. "[20] The New York Times critic Elvis Mitchell judged it "hushed and smooth" but "little more than an adequate shard of winter-doldrums genre fare". The acting, editing, cinematography, writing, direction, and storyline are all unique and excellent. She did a terrific job in her role. [3] Horsley argued the film's Mothman arrives from a foreign dimension, but being without "physical existence", it is also a product of the minds of Point Pleasant's citizens, based on "formless and impersonal energy". I saw this movie at a theater back when it was a new release and I liked it. You get to eat in a school bus if you like and are invited to write all over the walls. Local police officer Connie Mills defuses the situation while Gordon explains that this is the third consecutive night John has knocked on his door at 2:30 AM asking to use a phone, much to John's disbelief. Soon afterwards, John receives a mysterious message that instructs him to await a call from his deceased wife Mary back in Georgetown, and he returns home. [6], The Mothman Prophecies opened at the U.S. box office on January 25, 2002, earning $11,208,851 in its first weekend failing to enter the top five grossing films.

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