the silent enemy star trek

He received a letter from "the Natalie from Pensacola", who thought that their long distance relationship wouldn't work – after all, they are 100 light years apart. They then go back to warp. He is surprised to see that it has pineapple inside, and he reveals it to be his favorite, to smiles all around. T'Pol traces the anomalous reading to Launch Bay 2, to a device tapped into internal sensors and comm channels. Phlox recalls from Reed's medical records that he has been taking regular injections to counter an allergy to bromelin, a plant enzyme found in, among other things, pineapple. His frustration growing, Archer wonders aloud to T'Pol why there are so many hostile aliens in deep space. The relays were rated for handling such power, and if a surge were to occur, the inverters to the cannons were designed to cut in at the first sign of overload. During the test a massive unexpected power surge destroys a huge chunk of the moon and overloads the relays on several decks.

Mrs. Reed says that the Reeds have been Navy men for generations. Archer swallows his pride and agrees. Unfortunately, he gets no reply. But the mystery ship returns and this time it's a lot more hostile; Enterprise is severely damaged. Your password must include at least 8 characters with a combination of upper/lower case, number and symbol. 4:31m WATCH: Script to Screen - "Tribunal" 3:07m Star Trek Supports Black Lives Matter. Dinner and a show. When Archer tells them he is an armory officer, Mr. Reed says that Malcolm's grandfather would be pleased – he was an ordnance officer in the Royal Navy. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. But the invaders quickly leave the ship, and when their shuttle docks with its mothership, the aliens fire again and jump to warp. "Medically speaking, there's no accounting for taste. Archer heads there with a security team. But you did your jobs pretty damn well yesterday. Sato can't make contact with Echo Two, and T'Pol finds out that it has been destroyed – along with Echo One. Captain Archer hails the vessel, but it ominously refuses to respond and just warps away. Heeding T'Pol's suggestion to take a more direct approach, Hoshi sits with Reed in the Mess Hall and casually prompts him for what he likes to eat — causing Reed to think she's asking him for a date. Tensions run high as the crew scrambles to restore impulse power and then warp, and also to arm the phase cannons. He gets even more agitated when his hand receives a rather nasty shock while touching the relays; he had ordered that they were to be depolarized. The vessel then warps away, leaving Captain Archer to surmise, "Was it something I said?" As she realizes this, she takes her meal somewhere else, leaving an embarrassed Reed behind in the mess hall. Archer therefore speaks into a visual interface, assuming the aliens can see him, and angrily announces that humans don't give up easily. Prepare to surrender your vessel. Not interesting? Sometime after the discussion about risk with Archer, Tucker goes to see Reed in the armory. "Why don't you save time and tell me what isn't down?! After an attack by a mysterious ship, Archers orders Enterprise's return to Jupiter to install phase cannons; Hoshi makes plans for Malcolm's birthday. ", "Don't get too used to drinking on duty.

Archer then decides that there's little point in returning to Earth. "This time, we won't be leaving before we're ready." So Archer turns his attention to a more pressing concern — doing something special for Lt. Malcolm Reed's upcoming birthday. Asking him about Reed's favorite food, he notes that he likes eggs, cooked any way, pancakes, sausages, and bacon. "Not even a microbe? Meanwhile, Ensign Sato is asked to find out what Lieutenant Reed's favorite food is for a birthday dinner. The crew of Enterprise is installing a subspace amplifier when an unidentified ship drops out of warp. ", Concept art for the aliens in this episode, allergy; apple juice; Archie; armory; armory team; astronauts; bacon; beam emitter; B-deck; beer; bread; bromelain; catfish; C-deck; Chef; chief engineer; chopstick; cook; cooking; D-deck; DNA; Denobulan; dilithium alignment; drive plasma; dust mite; Duvall; Earth; Echo One; Echo Two; E-deck; eggs; Embarcadero; enchilada; encryption code; engineering; enzyme; EPS grid; evasive maneuvers; fish; galley; generation; gigajoule; grav-plating; halibut; helium; hot plate; hull plating; hydrogen; impulse drive; Indian food; internal sensor; Jupiter Station; Klaang; Kota Bharu; launch bay; long range scan; mahi-mahi; Malaysia; Malcolm Reed's spinster aunts; Maureen; medical file; medical record; megajoule; mess hall; meter; microbe; microns; microscope; moon; Mount McKinley; nacelle; Natalie; oak; ocean; octopus; omelette; ordnance officer; pan; pancake; peanut butter; Pensacola; phase cannon; phase cannon port; phase-modulated energy weapon; phase modulator; phase-pistol; pineapple; pizza; plant; plasma; plasma leak; plasma recoil; plasma relay; polarized hull plating; pollen; primary coil; protein concentrate; Qo'noS; ravioli; ready room; Reed family; restaurant; rocket; Royal Navy; salad; San Francisco; sausage; scallops; scope; scrambled eggs; sea bass; sentient species; Shenandoah; spacedock; structural integrity; subspace amplifier; subspace transceiver array; suction cup; survival training; Surak-class; swordfish; targeting scanner; taste bud; toast; Tucker's mother; translator; tropical grass; visual sensor; Vulcan; Vulcan (planet); Vulcan High Command; Vulcan ship; warp-capable species; warp drive; water; waveguide; welder. Looking for some great streaming picks? Meanwhile, Hoshi pursues her "secret mission" by speaking with Reed's best friend, his sister and various other relatives, all to no avail. By nature I love brevity: There's some good stuff here. Reed reluctantly agrees. Mayweather suggests contacting the Vulcan High Command for help, but both subspace amplifiers have been destroyed. Shortly thereafter, it returns and does substantial damage to the title ship. ", "You know, they say long distance relationships never work. Sato guesses that perhaps Enterprise's signal didn't make sense to the alien ship, but T'Pol thinks that they simply didn't understand their motives. She says that Malcolm isn't the easiest person to get to know, something that Sato is discovering. He detects at least fifteen bio-signs, but T'Pol doesn't recognize the species.

He does, and the resulting blast disables the aliens' shielding. The 25 Best Console Launch Games (Since 2000), To Boldly Play: The Best and Worst Star Trek Videogames. Archer, T'Pol, and Tucker assess the damage caused by the alien's attack. Captain Archer hails them, but the vessel returns to warp. Ending the conversation, Archer finds Sato and asks her to find out instead. Smiling, Reed dishes out some cake to them. But Archer orders the ship to turn around anyway. Reed managed to get some scans when the vessel fired, as their shielding dropped for just a few seconds. Malcolm Reed then detects an alien ship. As it vents plasma, the alien ship turns and leaves. He explains that they could bypass the EPS grid, and have the cannons draw power directly from the impulse engines. Winrich Kolbe served as director for the episode. When Archer warns them to stop what they're doing, they give him a glance and then ignore him; he fires his phase-pistol at one of them, but there is no effect.

It's September 2nd. The phase cannons do more, however, completely obliterating the mountain and causing a power surge on Enterprise that rocks the ship. No contact is made and the ship disappears as suddenly as it came. The aliens walk away impassively, and the guards pursue while Archer contacts Sickbay. It has taken just 48 hours to get the phase cannons working, and Archer congratulates the engineering team in his log. Despite the objection of Reed and Tucker who think they can do it themselves, he orders Enterprise to return to Jupiter station to install phase cannons. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He opens the case, and reveals a birthday cake to Reed, who cuts open the cake. Captain Archer, Ensign Sato, and Commander Tucker present Malcolm Reed with his pineapple birthday cake. Despite stating that medical records are confidential, Phlox appears to leave Reed's file on the display when he leaves. Commander Tucker and Reed ask to be allowed to complete the work themselves, but Archer disagrees, though he gives them permission to begin the procedure. Remembering the massive firepower from the former power surge, Archer orders Reed to recreate the surge and fire on the ship again, despite the damage it will cause to Enterprise. Enterprise NX-01 launches Echo Two, a subspace amplifier. Just as she is leaving, Phlox shouts out "bromelain! We're not here to make enemies.

Archer tells Mayweather to resume their previous course. We don't give up easily. "How on Earth did you know?" The Enterprise crew is in the process of deploying the second in a series of subspace amplifiers that will allow better communications with home, when an unidentified ship drops out of warp. She has spoken to Malcolm's sister, his best friend, his uncle Archie, and his two spinster aunts, but all they know is that Malcolm "occasionally eats".

", "Pineapple? Confident their foe has retreated for good, Archer decides not to resume course for home. The two aliens walk off, and Archer sends his team after them. "Damn! The bridge crew watches as the aliens turn and flee at impulse, one of their engines leaking plasma. (16 Jan 2002). But the mystery ship returns and this time it's a lot more hostile; Enterprise is severely damaged. Reed immediately fires two spatial torpedoes, which punch a significant hole in their ship. You think they said, 'Gee, I'd love to go to the moon today, but it seems a little risky'?" A West Wing Special to Benefit When We All Vote. This episode establishes that Malcolm Reed was born on September 2.

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