doa in banking terms

Coupons after the initial, long coupon are every six months. An example of this kind of abuse might be a property purchased by X for $50,000 and one year later sold to a partnership involving X for $100,000. Construction lenders usually require contractors to obtain and carry liability insurance to protect against claims resulting from the contractor’s operations. Letter of credit rightA right to payment or performance under a letter of credit whether or not the beneficiary has demanded or is at the time entitled to demand payment or performance. Level factor amortizationPerhaps the best method of accounting for MBS premiums and discounts is the change in factor or level factor amortization method. London Interbank Bid Rate (LIBID)The rate that a bank is willing to pay to acquire funds in the international interbank market.

Alternatively, liens may be established by courts or by statutes. A life estate allows the grantor the right to own or possess real estate until his or her death. One of the three primary components of liquidity risk along with contingency risk and market liquidity risk. Sometimes called a nonrevolving line of credit. Lockboxes are utilized to accelerate deposits to the bank by eliminating internal processing by the payee organization.

The bank need not maintain a separate post office box for each lockbox customer. Most often used when inventory or equipment lenders are secured by collateral located in premises leased by the borrower. Lender’s loss payable clauseA provision in a hazard insurance contract stipulating that in the event of a loss, proceeds will be paid to a secured party. LeverageThe amount of the owners’ or stockholders’ money relative to the money that lenders, suppliers and others have contributed to the firm. Legal riskThe risk to earnings or capital arising from unenforceable contracts, lawsuits, adverse judgments, or nonconformance with laws, rules, and regulations. Long-term, noncancelable leases, called capital leases, must be carried on the lessee’s balance sheet as liabilities under GAAP. Life estate deedA document used to convey title in real estate from one party to another but only upon the death of the grantor. In those cases, a lender will take a leasehold mortgage covering the borrower’s interest in both the leased land and the building. For example, the purchase of an interest rate future is a commitment to take delivery of securities at an agreed-on price on some future date. In addition to DOA, Den of Assassins may be short for other acronyms. Liquidity risk(1) For a financial institution, the risk that not enough cash will be generated from either assets or liabilities to meet cash requirements. What does DOA mean? A standby letter of credit is a bank promise to pay the third party in the event of some defined failure by the bank’s customer, usually, but not always, a failure to pay. (2) The difference or spread paid for liquidity. Banking Terms; Banking Terms.

Some states limit late charges. Letter stockStock that bears a restrictive legend on the certificate that limits the owner's ability to sell. Instead, it can sort mail received in a common box. Title is not conveyed to the buyer until the final payment is made.

In addition to DOA, Den of Assassins may be short for other acronyms. The alternative amortization method is called the effective interest method.

Once the information is analyzed and returned in the form of a disclosure statement, the lender must make the information available to the public at its home office and, if requested, at any branch location. Liability managers increase or decrease the amount of funds obtained by the bank as necessary to provide whatever funding is needed at any given time. (2) A secured lending control arrangement. In a typical leveraged buyout, the buyer intends to repay the finance debt from funds gained from either the sale of assets owned by the acquired company or from profits earned by the acquired company. Limited guarantyA guaranty agreement that includes a statement that limits the guarantor's liability to the bank to a defined amount. Definitions of key terms and phrases used in commercial, retail and investment banking and bank regulation Also called prudential liquidity risk, funding risk or stand-by liquidity risk. See liquidity contingency risk and liquidity option risk. Looking for online definition of DOA or what DOA stands for? Late chargesCharges that are assessed for late payments of principal or interest on a loan. Liquidity franchise riskThe risk arising from the implied obligation of a bank to continue making new loans or other new business related cash flows in order to preserve its business franchise even though it may be having funding difficulties. 18th Annual Most Powerful Women in Banking, In a year of upheaval for the industry — and the country — these executives are rising to the moment and bringing others along with them. To calculate the LTV ratio, the total amount of the borrower's obligations to the bank is divided by the total calculated value for the collateral.

DOA = Den of Assassins Looking for general definition of DOA? For example, a prohibition against prepayment of a loan. Call option risk includes the rights of line of credit borrowers to draw down on their committed lines of credit. Liability sensitiveDescribes an entity's position when an increase in interest rates will hurt the entity and a decrease in interest rates will help the entity. Long bondThe term used to describe the most recent 30-year bond issue. Thus, while some bank financing is often involved, some form of junior debt is needed. 'Date Of Birth' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. A post office box that is established by a bank to receive checks for its cash management customers. See 12b-1 fee, back-end load and front-end load. Leveraged leasesA form of lease financing in which the lessor/owner supplies only a portion of the cost of acquiring the leased property as equity. Limited partnershipA partnership with at least one general partner and at least one, often more, limited partner(s). DOA = Dispatch of Army Looking for general definition of DOA?

Also, an expression used to describe a mutual fund that imposes sales charges on investors. See smoothing. Leveraged buyoutCorporate acquisitions in which the acquiring company borrows most or all of the funds needed to finance the purchase. The ratio of owners' money to other peoples' money. Over time, the shortening of the remaining lives of the assets provides a steady source of liquidity or cash flow. This is the personal property version of the standard mortgagee clause. Last in, first out (LIFO)One of the methods for accounting for business inventory permitted by generally accepted accounting principals (GAAP). Under USPAP, a limited appraisal may be performed when the appraiser invokes a USPAP provision that it calls the departure provision. LookbackThe interval of time, or lag, between the date when an index value is established and the date when the payment rate and/or accrual rate is changed. Under liability management, bankers make loans and loan commitments to meet market conditions without concern for funding. One of six risks defined by the Federal Reserve and one of nine risks defined by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). Only relevant to firms reporting inventory on a LIFO basis.

Generally, limited liability companies offer owners the same advantages of the more familiar S corporations but have fewer restrictions. Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARMS): Also known as variable-rate mortgages.

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