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Maybe your lapsed MMO guildmates catch up with one another while playing some newer, less demanding game. It’s not actually “mindless,” though you might think of it that way. The most common type is Role-play games. Maybe it’s You Don’t Know Jack, or maybe Mario Kart or Smash Bros. Maybe you keep an old N64 around with a copy of Mario Party 2 for when friends come by. This creates an experience that is more reaction than strategy based. The Newsmaker is the game you don’t actually play, but you like to read about. They ask you to keep a bunch of things organized, to delegate tasks, and to keep the books balanced. So do tough platformers like Super Meat Boy and Cuphead. Many games incorporate puzzle aspects but are not true puzzles. Maybe it’s how you keep in touch with the old crew from school, or the friend in the city you just left. Many others are Tetris-like or involve color matching skills. Maybe it’s a phone port of some involved RPG, like Final Fantasy Tactics or Legend of Grimrock. The Podcaster is what you play while you listen to podcasts (or rewatch an old TV show, or catch up on YouTube videos, etc.). Mountaintop games tend to be all-or-nothing affairs: they completely take over your gaming life until you either beat them or lose your will to keep playing, at which point they quickly fade away. Maybe there’s someone you’ve got a crush on, and they’ve got you playing an online game you otherwise would avoid. The game is garbage, you know it’s garbage, but you just keep playing hoping all that money you spent on it will actually be worth it at some point even though you know it probably won’t. Instead, I categorize games by how they fit into my life. For whatever reason, you’ve let yourself become addicted. Some people rotate in fresh Mainstays every few months, but usually people keep a Mainstay in their lives for years at a time. My own Faves have included Far Cry 2 and Half-Life 2, two mid-2000s games that I used to replay at least once a year. Simulation games are often aircraft simulations. The Palate Cleanser is usually a well-made, medium-length game. Some examples of such problematic games include Halo, Star Wars: Jedi Knight and Enter the Matrix. Some games are milder but may contain suggestive themes. This category includes games that cover the entire spectrum of ratings. The downside of the Ego Boost is that occasionally, your plan to dip in for a quick win won’t go as planned and you’ll find yourself losing match after match and ruining your evening in the process. Get informed about the major video game categories. Sometimes you just like a game, even though it’s not “good.” You’ve read the reviews, you’ve seen the people on message boards making fun of it, and you don’t care. You might occasionally delete The Bad Habit to keep yourself from playing it. Mountaintop games aren’t a light commitment, because they can very quickly go from gratifying to frustrating. All rights reserved. None of these are mutually exclusive. Unlike The Bad Habit, you aren’t playing this game compulsively or out of a sense of obligation. Computer and video games are generally categorized into genres. (You will never play it, and that’s fine.) One aspect of a game could work as an Ego Boost, while another could be a Bad Habit. Maybe you just like rubbernecking the latest reddit outrage. One person’s Mainstay could be another person’s Podcaster or Time-Waster. That’s why we want to help you. Or it could be the game you played for three hours, enjoyed, and have been “meaning to get back to” for like three years. Everyone plays games differently, meaning that different games will doubtless be categorized differently for different people. In fact, we’ve created a free five-part video series called “Recognizing Your Son’s Need for Respect” that will help you understand how showing respect, rather than shaming and badgering, will serve to motivate and guide your son. The Maybe-Someday is a fundamentally hopeful game. The Time Waster is ready to go at the drop of a hat. With technology evolving quickly, new and improved games are introduced regularly. They often come from indie studios, or maybe as pet projects for major publishers. You’re gonna play it, damn it, and you don’t mind if everyone says it sucks. Maybe it’s a building game like Minecraft or Dragon Quest Builders, or maybe it’s just the grinding portions of your Mainstay, like WoW or Destiny. There are eight major video game categories: Action games tend to have a large amount of violence due to their fast-paced nature. Action games may pit person against person or person against animal/alien. Maybe it’s controversial in a fascinating way. It’s your job, only better. You might occasionally delete The Bad Habit to keep yourself from playing it. Below is a list of the major types of video game, as they pertain to our everyday lives. Copyright © 1997 Bizymoms™. Most have nothing more to them other than the destruction of enemies; rarely they use excessive language. Therefore, you may see huge similarities between two video games, but what makes it different is simply the way it's played and how the gamer interacts with the game to play it. Why doesn’t my son listen to me? Those unsolved puzzles in The Witness can wait; you’ve got another level of this middling 2008 FPS to get through. Point is, this is the game you break out when there’s a crowd around. Here’s a complete list of all the different types of video games. Sometimes a Newsmaker is also a Spectator Sport, but not necessarily. Maybe it’s a narrative game like Life is Strange, or a puzzle game like Monument Valley or an interesting co-op game like A Way Out. Many times these games are combined with a role playing element and allow the character to initiate dialogue. The Socialite is a plenty fun game, but you’re really playing it because that’s where your friends are. Some examples are Pacman, Soul Caliber 2 and Frogger. The truth is, how you see your son and talk to him has a significant effect on how he thinks and acts. Some games in this category include Secret Weapons Over Normandy and SimCity. Home » Parenting » Technology Management » Types of Video Games. Examples of this genre are Starfox Adventures, Final Fantasy, Legend of Mana and Billy Hatcher. Whether it’s Street Fighter, Starcraft, or CSGO, you pick it up from time to time and find that while you’re a bit rusty, those old skills are still there. Some of the puzzle-incorporating games fall under Action or Role-Playing. These games are based on sporting activities such as football, basketball, rugby etc. This is the category that most “M” (mature-rated) games fall under which are inappropriate for children. It is almost always something you play on your phone. Arcade games can be almost anything from the violent Street Fighter to the classic Pacman. Most sports games also allow the gamer to sell or buy player, or even build up a player … Maybe you get everyone to download Spaceteam to their phones. Eventually, you’ll reinstall it. A common puzzle game is Tetris. You genuinely like it, and hey, whatever, maybe you even like some of its trashier or jankier aspects. You don’t actually play this game either; you watch it. Your Fave is the game you’ve played so many times that you know it by heart; if it were an LP, you’d have worn down the grooves. If you’re an engineer for your day job, something like Shenzhen I/O might just seem like more of the same. The Fave is the beloved classic game that you replay every so often. that a single game can fall into multiple categories. But you’re mostly playing for the party chat. You don’t hate this game or anything; it’s fine. Some games are milder but may contain suggestive themes. Maybe you like watching pro-level players stream their tournaments. They all take thinking and logic skills. Have you ever asked that question? Types of video games. The Newsmaker is one example of how you don’t have to play video games to be entertained by them. It’s possible (likely, even!) Types of video Games: Sports. Types of video games: As the video game industry has expanded and advanced through time with the help of technology and popularity, what has become evident is the appearing of different video game types or genres at a very rapid pace. At one time it might have been a Mainstay, but these days you’ve moved on to other things. In this games, the player has control over all the players in the team. Some games are like jobs. It’s not something you have to think too hard about, and a game can be interrupted if it turns out the dentist can see you more quickly than you’d expected. We are sorry that this was not useful for you! Playing it is like returning to a part of your past you’ve otherwise left behind. It’s the game you play every week if not every day. Some games are like your job. This is the game you bought during a Steam sale that you swear you’ll get to after you play all these other games. Violence is often not depicted. You’ll often go weeks or months in between sessions with The Traveler, but whenever you’re planning for a trip with a long flight, you’ll realize you’re excited to have an excuse to play it again. Maybe you fell out of the habit of playing, but still consider yourself part of the community. Video games that make use of these props look to encompass the strong board gaming tradition that pre-dates and often outsells video games - such as Settlers of Catan or Carcassone. Some examples of such problematic games include Halo, Star Wars: Jedi Knight and Enter the Matrix. But for others with those same jobs, those games might be appealing. Video games are defined based on their platform, which include arcade games, console games, and PC games. Every publisher these days wants their game to become your new Mainstay, but only the most extremely dedicated gamer can maintain more than one Mainstay at a time. I play action games, RPGs, puzzle games, adventure games, and games from pretty much every other genre. As the video game industry has expanded and advanced through time with the help of technology and popularity, what has become evident is the appearing of different video game types or genres at a very rapid pace. Everything you need to know about and expect during, the most important election of our lifetimes, XPG SPECTRIX DT50 RGB PC Memory: 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4. Video games are augmented with audio feedback from speakers or headphones, and optionally with other types of feedback systems including haptic technology. Like the name suggests, the Time Waster is the game that you break out whenever you have a few minutes to kill. You get to fly a jet or a helicopter. Many older arcade games have been updated and turned 3-D. Those categories are how I see things breaking down, but I’m sure there are several viable categories and sub-categories that I didn’t consider. Occasionally you just want a challenge. Action games tend to have a large amount of violence due to their fast-paced nature. Action Games I’m curious how the games you play fit into the categories I’ve outlined, as well as whether or not you might have some sub-categories of your own.

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