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Misty is a character in "Hatchet" and "Hatchet II". Aware of Crowley's existence, she holds him responsible for the deaths of her father and brother. What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast. Elliot Winslow is a Deputy. Rose Laura Ortiz. Abbott mentions he is a veteran from the Korean War. As a result of the curse, Victor was born horribly disfigured, and Lena died the moment she laid eyes on him. Thomas began an affair with her nurse Lena. After the boat sinks, Victor begins killing the tourists one by one. Cleatus is one of the hunters who comes on Reverend Zombie's expedition. Shawn is the inexperienced tour guide, and has a brother named Justin. Co-pilot Craig Borden Adam Green. Reverend Zombie is a tour guide. In Hatchet III Victor revives and attacks Marybeth, but is pushed onto a large chainsaw and torn to pieces. After the plane's engine explodes, she tries to save Zach, but he is blown from the plane and killed. Marybeth Danielle Harris. The group later comes to a bush where they hear movement, though it ends up being a raccoon. However, fellow survivor Marybeth Dunston tells the group the story of Victor Crowley, scaring the group as they were right by the old Crowley house. Hatchet is the first film in the Hatchet series. She convinces her boyfriend Alex and her best friend Rose to accompany her to Louisiana, where she attempts to interview Andrew Yong. The Sabrina Show's flamboyant makeup artist. Due to the violent nature of his death, Victor became a ghost eternally reliving the night, searching for his father and killing anyone he sees, becoming a local legend, and only able to die when part of the family of those that killed him gave him his father. ... Marybeth Dunstan (as Tamara Feldman) Deon Richmond. She deceives Andrew into believing he will receive a million dollars to return to the swamp for The Sabrina Show, and survives the plane crash as she was passed out from medication. She is killed by Victor Crowley in the swamp when he rips off her arm and pierces it through the bottom of her body and out the top. Later, Marcus is killed when Victor Crowley rips his arms from his body and smashes his head against a gravestone. Before Victor's birth, Thomas lived with his wife Shyann. Jack's knowledge that Victor was real came from an encounter between them when both were children; Jack rescued Victor from a group of bullies and tried returning his doll, only for Victor to tear out Jack's eye. Ten years after the events of the original movie, Victor Crowley is … Zombie believes that Victor has been appeased, but he kills Zombie, only to be decapitated by Marybeth. This table shows the recurring characters and the actors who have portrayed them throughout the franchise. Del told Sue to run as he was also being killed, but Sue froze in fear and ended up getting pushed to the ground while Victor hacked her limbs from her body. After the tour boat crashes, Ben and the others make their way to land only to find themselves at Victor Crowley's house. In 1964, Del House took his girlfriend Sue to Honey Island Swamp, where he proposed to her. Marybeth arrives with his father's ashes, throwing them on Victor. Misty has become a favorite among fans of the series. He brutally kills Jim, slicing his body in half with the hatchet. Uncle Bob is a family friend of the Dubstons. For the fourth film in the series, see, "List of Hatchet (film series) characters", Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Jim Permatteo and his wife Shannon are tourists on the Scare Boat. Hatchet II is the second film in the Hatchet series. He survives the plane crash, and discovers his coworker who he had been sleeping with, Casey, is pregnant with his baby. Victor's father tried hacking down the door with a hatchet, but because Victor was pressed up against the other side of the door, he hit him in the face with the hatchet, killing him. Hatchet is an American horror franchise that consists of three slasher films. His best friend, Marcus, convinces Ben to go on a vacation to New Orleans for Mardi Gras with other friends.

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