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The 2016 film proved that bigger is not always better, and follows a woman, who after a car crash is held in a shelter with two men who claim that the outside world is severely affected by a chemical attack. The Wolfman (2010) (10/16) Taking it back to the beginning. Love Crimes (1992) Happy Death Day 2 U (2019) (10/12), The following are available with the Starz premium add-on:Leavenworth: Series Premiere (10/20) Halloween draws nearer and nearer each day, and time lumbers forward as steadily as Michael Myers (though, unfortunately, Hulu doesn’t have any of the Halloween films). Stigmata (1999) (10/1) Whether it’s your first time watching the movie or first time in awhile, Saw will probably entertain you in some way. What Horror films will you be watching this Halloween? The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Season 9 Guy’s Grocery Games: Season 11 Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. Tell us in the comments below! Cold Pursuit (2019) (10/5) Dead Heat (2002) is about a mother who gets her son a highly coveted doll. The Skeleton Key (2005) (10/1) Antiviral comes from the mind of Brandon Cronenberg, son of body horror maestro David Cronenberg. After the kids unintentionally release a platoon of demons and spirits, things get bloody and weird in a hurry. Not for the faint-hearted, A Quiet Place is one of the scariest films of 2018. Blade (1998) Miami Group Murder (2018) Creepy neighbors make for one of cinema’s sturdiest sources of tension and suspense and director Robert Zemeckis knows how to wring some fresh scares out of the setup. Blade: Trinity (2004) The Peacemaker (1997) Remember, you can always take a look yourself on Hulu, and if you spot something that you think we should have mentioned, please tell us in the comments below. Gary Gulman: The Great Depresh: Special (10/5) After dropping seven movies between 2004 and 2010, the series is returning this fall with its latest (last?) The Dude Perfect Show: Seasons 1-2 Anticipated Hulu Originals will also premiere this coming month. Be Cool (2005) Catherine the Great: Series Premiere (10/21) Here are the best thrillers and action movies to get your heart racing, classic movies when you want a blast from the past, sad movies when you need a good cry, and funny movies on Hulu when you need a good laugh. Constantine (2005) Hellraiser IV: Bloodline (1996) Play it Again, Sam (1972) It was only later she makes the chilling discovery that a girl her husband was having an affair with killed herself. School Ties (1992) Like father, like son. Sam Raimi’s lo-fi splatter masterpiece about of group of kids whose weekend at a cabin in the woods retains most of its charm even today. Little Monsters (2019) A family moves into the house and the family’s son begins communicating with the spirit of a former orphanage resident. Fixer Upper: Behind the Design: Season 1 Step Up 3 (2010) (10/18) Snakes on a Plane (2006) Blue Jasmine (2013) Sam Raimi’s lo-fi splatter masterpiece about of group of kids whose weekend at a cabin in the woods retains most of its charm even today. Editor’s note: This article is regularly updated for relevance. What’s on Hulu is not endorsed, moderated, owned by or affiliated with Hulu or any of its partners in any capacity. joint after a seven year hiatus. This is more of a refresher recommendation. Trading Mom (1994) Field of Dreams (1989) (10/11) Blade 2 (2002) With Halloween edging ever-so-closer you might want to know what Horror films are currently available on Hulu in anticipation for the spooky night. Hulu wants to get its viewers in the Halloween mood -- the streamer will add a slate of horror movies to its collection once October hits. Saw 2 (2005) While Kevin is spending less and less time with his wife, she is becoming increasingly more distressed; claiming to see frightening demonic visions. Rear Window (1954) (10/11) The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle (2000) (10/1) If you’re blood-averse, The Orphanage is a great option. Horror’s favorite son continues to terrorize people after 30 years. Luckily, Whats on Hulu is here to help, below we have listed our Top 5 Horror movies ready to watch right now. This is a sneaky good creepfest about a woman slowly losing her mind (or is she?) But the movie is also fun, especially if you watch it with friends. Watchmen: Series Premiere (10/20) All Rights Reserved. Alien Encounters: Season 2-3 It’s set in a world where celebrities can sell their viruses to their fans. The Untouchables (1987) (10/18) comes from the mind of Brandon Cronenberg, son of body horror maestro David Cronenberg. Start a Free Trial to watch Hauntings & Supernatural shows on Hulu. Basketball Wives LA: Seasons 1-5 That theme has been present in most Into the Dark installments over the past year, most prominently in Flesh & Blood (November), Down (February), Treehouse (March), and I’m Just Fucking With You (April). Little Black Book (2004) over the disappearance of her neighbor. Wes Craven Presents: Dracula 2000 (2000) Get a jump on the spooky season with these picks that will thrill and chill, enthrall and possibly appall. Murder in the Heartland: Season 1 The gift quickly turns into a curse when the doll, inhabited by the spirit of a murderer, begins a killing spree that covers seven movies and a remake The blend of absurdity and horror that separates Chucky from other horror icons.

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